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#10 Goodbye party

[10] 16.5 Tue 19:00-21:00 Goodbye party


We came to TAMK to memorize our moments at TAMK. This would be our last time for each one teach one. It is sad that we have to say goodbye to each other now but I believe someday we can meet somewhere and keep in touch on Facebook. We are already good friends and I will miss each member of our group. I was so lucky to get this chance to meet this people and learn more things from them than just the culture and language. I won’t forget these precious moments with Guillaume, Hyunsoo and Jieun. I had really comfortable classes thanks to Hyunsoo and Jieun and I got more affection to France by Guillaume so much. He was our best teacher and also best student with regard to France. I will think of his passion to classes and K-pops as well.

#9 Korean playing culture by Jieun

[9] 12.5 Fri 14:00-16:00 Korean playing culture by Jieun


We didn’t have much time to meet again now because Hyunsoo would leave 17th of May and the rest of us also in 2 or 3 more weeks. I felt our time disappeared in an instant. This time Jieun brought Korean room culture to hang out. I didn’t realize that Korea is full of entertaining places like these much before she taught them. She prepared a bundle of rooms Korea has commonly.

PC room : consisting of hundreds of computers with cheap price and foods we can enjoy.

Singer room : similar to garaoke but more focused on fun and various scale from small to large.

Comicbook café : plenty of comicbooks to read under limited time that we paid.

Escape room : we need to escape from the room using some tools prepared in the room

Multi room : Nintendo wii, X box and playstation for playing

Public sauna : hot sauna, ice sauna, common area with TV, restaurant, game place and hot bath

Pet café : café with dogs, cats, sheep, raccoon, even turtle of some amphibian

Making café : many themes to make rings, pottery, cakes, cellphone case and so on

Counseling café : we can take some tests or counsel in cozy atmosphere

She also introduced Korean holidays designated as national holidays especially New Year’s Day, and Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day). In lunar New Year’s Day we eat tteokguk(ricecake soup Hyunsoo taught us before) and it is considered that we get one year older by eating it and Korean call it sebae to bow older people in that day. In Chuseok, we also have special foods called songpyeon, which is a half-moon shaped ricecake with the smell of pine and Ganggangsullae, Korean traditional play for that day. Actually it is not common these days so I just knew that Ganggangsullae is for Chuseok. I got new information even of Korea thanks to her.

#8 Making Tteokbboki and curry

[8] 16.4 Sun, 12:00-15:30 Making Tteokbboki and curry


We went to Jieun’s home for lunch. Jieun had gotten a parcel from her boyfriend and she wanted to share one of it for us, especially for Guillaume to experience Korean foods. Tteokbboki is a simple cuisine which uses ricecake and Gochujang(Korean red pepper sauce). And Hyunsoo and me took noodle, eggs and cheese to make it better. Guillaume cooked French curry in his way putting some coconut milk in it. Both of them were awesome and I was nearly crying to have them. We tried Mammi there, too. I got some piece of Mammi from my other friends and wanted Guillaume, Hyunsoo and Jieun to taste it for Easter. We ate it with milk but we thought we needed some other ingredient to feel it in real Finnish way. After that, we had a bus in 40 min to leave and took some rest. Hyunsoo, Jieun and me chatted for a while and Guillaume not being there for some time just appeared and said that he had fell asleep because Jieun’s bed was nicely warm to do that due to her electric blanket. We laughed to see him look so excited with it.

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#7 Eating out at Plevna

[7] 12.4 Wed, 19:00-22:00 Eating out at Plevna


We met to have dinner to feel the Finnish restaurant. We got together a month after the last class so we talked about many things of our daily life. Guillaume’s family had come and he gave us madeleine(French desserts) which he had asked his parents for us. It was really delicious and I appreciated his kindness. And France and Korea would have an election to get a president each so we had a chat about it. Whereas Korea’s election is held only once for one president, France has a special form of election. In France, they have two-time of election. If they have a candidate getting more than half of votes, he or she would be a president. However if not, they have one more election between the two most supported candidates and one of them would be a president. It sounded like a survival. Anyway we had some foods that had potatoes, hams and eggs with some sauce. Surely with some beers except me who don’t like drinking that much. Each dish was much and heavy so we couldn’t make them finished and kept having a conversation for more hours.

#6 Korean foods by Hyunsoo

[6] 11.3 Sat, 14:00-19:00 Korean foods by Hyunsoo


Waiting for Guillaume


Hyunsoo taught us about Korean foods. Even though I knew all of them, I really wanted to try them because it had been already 3 months to live in Tampere. All of us missed Korean food and that situation was so fun. It looked hard to explain the type of Korean food in English because it doesn’t have proper words for this kind of food but Hyunsoo explained them in the best way. So we can feel the whole food in the PPT. In the PPT, there were three main parts; main dish, side dish and desserts.

Main dish was composed rice, rice soup, rice cake soup and soup with dumpling. And side dish was more that those because Korean people eat numerous side dishes at once mainly with the rice. 국(Guk, common soup), 탕(Tang, stiff soup), 찌개 (jjigae, stew), 구이 (gui, grilled dish) 전(Jeon, pancake), 국수(Guksu, noodle), 찜(jjim, steamed dish), 조림(jorim, food boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings), 나물(namul, vegetables), 튀김(tuigim, friew food), 젓갈(jeotgal, salted seafood), 김치(Kimchi, Korean traditional cabbage cuisine). They made me drool over a lot and even now writing this I got hungry. And for the traditional desserts, Hyunsoo introduced 떡(tteok, ricecake), 엿(yeot, taffy), and 화채(Hwachae, fruit salad). She showed us also the most famous food like Kimchi, Bulgogi and Bibimbap. The last things were Korean drinks such as soju and makgeoli followed by her favorite foods 삼겹살, 막창, 곱창 which are specific part of meat. She also prepared a lot of video but there was the most impressive one to us where a foreign guy ate all Korean foods with satisfied face. His eyes were always glittering when he saw the foods.


You should try Korean BBQ someday if you read this now!!


#5 Korean cities to travel by Daye

[5] 19.2 Sun, 14:00-19:00 Korean cities to travel by Daye


I had prepared a PPT admiring Guillaume’s special presentation. It was not as good as his but I picked some cities that many Korean go to travel to introduce them to him. Actually looking for some nice videos which can show spectacular views of Korea, I had thought that we don’t have many professional ones in English compared to France. I chose 22 cities and guided him with brief explanation including some festivals held in each city. Thanks to Hyunsoo and Jieun, my lecture had been completed well. It had quite many places and videos that my laptop went out sadly. Anyway I was so happy that Guillaume said to thank me for the PPT.


We had really long lecture today, sometimes it happens to be in a small talk far from the subject for a while. However, the obvious thing is that all the time we took there was fun. 😀

#4 Having lunch and taking short quiz

[4] 19.2 Sun, 12:00-14:00 Having lunch and taking short quizreceived_10211999640768780

Actually I missed some buses and it took so long to get the Fazer café which was our meeting place because sadly I lived a place having rare bus and it was on Sunday. (Moreover, I had burned my whole pot so I should solve that problem related to the ventilation of the kitchen:<) For those reasons, I went there late and missed quite many parts of it. Fazer café was crowded with many people and it had many food which smelled so nice. We had time to remind of what we had learned last time and talked about Lapland where Hyunsoo, Jieun and me went between these two lectures. And also about Paris as Jieun wanted to go to Paris in a few days. It was interesting to listen to it.

#3 Learning basic French and Korean

4.2 Sat, 17:00-20:00 Learning basic French and Korean

After Guillaume’s perfect lecture, we had time to learn French and Korean from each other. For me, French is hard from the first time. I cannot read any word written in French in a right way. He explained that French often ignores the last letter of the word for convenience in some cases like it has some successive consonant. However, he tried to make us understand each things and gave us many basic expression which are useful for us. Even after the class, he sent a video to help us learn French. And three of us taught Hangeul(Korean alphabet) to Guillaume. It is composed of basic 14 consonants and 10 vowels and we use them combining different ways like ㄱ+ㅏ+ㅇ=강, ㄴ+ㅏ=나. After practicing those, we also practiced some simple expressions and words.

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Here is the short list of what I learned from this class

Bonjour = Hello

Je m’appelle Daye = My name is Daye

Comment t’appelles tu? Comment vous appelez vous? = What is your name? (familiar/respectful)

Ravi de te rencontrer = Nice to meet you

Merci = Thank you

Pardon = sorry

Au revoir = Goodbye

Il fait froid = It’s cold

Il fait chaud = It’s hot

C’est na nuageux = It’s cloudy

Il pleut = It’s raining

1=un 2=deux 3=trois 4=quatre 5=cinq 6=six 7=sept 8=huit 9=neuf 10=dix

#1 First meeting for Ice breaking

25.1 Wed, 16:00-18:00 First meeting and Ice breaking


Actually this was the first time that we met together. There were Guillaume, Jieun and me. And we just noticed that Hyunsoo would join our group. After the formal meeting for Each One Teach One class, we went to the cafeteria in TAMK and had time to know each other more than only introduction.

Guillaume seemed very interested in Asia and he can even speak some Japanese already. He introduced himself as a big fan of K-pop and he knew plenty of songs and singers more than Jieun and me. We talked about basic things about each culture and Finnish life here. For example, fashion, weather, politics and so on. Guillaume also showed us the video of Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba showing his nice philoshophy.

Hyunsoo, Jieun and me already knew each other. Hyunsoo came from the same university in Korea as mine and we had had dinner together in TOAS city with other friends. Jieun is also the same and we were friends from 3 years ago. I felt so comfortable by the reason that I was already familiar to them and and he was a lot greater than I expected. I looked forward to other meeting following later.