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#8 Making Tteokbboki and curry

[8] 16.4 Sun, 12:00-15:30 Making Tteokbboki and curry


We went to Jieun’s home for lunch. Jieun had gotten a parcel from her boyfriend and she wanted to share one of it for us, especially for Guillaume to experience Korean foods. Tteokbboki is a simple cuisine which uses ricecake and Gochujang(Korean red pepper sauce). And Hyunsoo and me took noodle, eggs and cheese to make it better. Guillaume cooked French curry in his way putting some coconut milk in it. Both of them were awesome and I was nearly crying to have them. We tried Mammi there, too. I got some piece of Mammi from my other friends and wanted Guillaume, Hyunsoo and Jieun to taste it for Easter. We ate it with milk but we thought we needed some other ingredient to feel it in real Finnish way. After that, we had a bus in 40 min to leave and took some rest. Hyunsoo, Jieun and me chatted for a while and Guillaume not being there for some time just appeared and said that he had fell asleep because Jieun’s bed was nicely warm to do that due to her electric blanket. We laughed to see him look so excited with it.

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#6 Korean foods by Hyunsoo

[6] 11.3 Sat, 14:00-19:00 Korean foods by Hyunsoo


Waiting for Guillaume


Hyunsoo taught us about Korean foods. Even though I knew all of them, I really wanted to try them because it had been already 3 months to live in Tampere. All of us missed Korean food and that situation was so fun. It looked hard to explain the type of Korean food in English because it doesn’t have proper words for this kind of food but Hyunsoo explained them in the best way. So we can feel the whole food in the PPT. In the PPT, there were three main parts; main dish, side dish and desserts.

Main dish was composed rice, rice soup, rice cake soup and soup with dumpling. And side dish was more that those because Korean people eat numerous side dishes at once mainly with the rice. 국(Guk, common soup), 탕(Tang, stiff soup), 찌개 (jjigae, stew), 구이 (gui, grilled dish) 전(Jeon, pancake), 국수(Guksu, noodle), 찜(jjim, steamed dish), 조림(jorim, food boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings), 나물(namul, vegetables), 튀김(tuigim, friew food), 젓갈(jeotgal, salted seafood), 김치(Kimchi, Korean traditional cabbage cuisine). They made me drool over a lot and even now writing this I got hungry. And for the traditional desserts, Hyunsoo introduced 떡(tteok, ricecake), 엿(yeot, taffy), and 화채(Hwachae, fruit salad). She showed us also the most famous food like Kimchi, Bulgogi and Bibimbap. The last things were Korean drinks such as soju and makgeoli followed by her favorite foods 삼겹살, 막창, 곱창 which are specific part of meat. She also prepared a lot of video but there was the most impressive one to us where a foreign guy ate all Korean foods with satisfied face. His eyes were always glittering when he saw the foods.


You should try Korean BBQ someday if you read this now!!


Eighth Meeting – Cooking Class!!

Cooking Class
time & place :
16th April, 12:00-15:30, My home

We planned to cook, and we decided to meet soon as we couldn’t see much each other, also after this time. End of April, and beginning of May was super busy with so many assignments and exams! This was the last meeting before May, however, we decorated our fantastic April very well!

Korean Food & Guillaume Style Curry
  We gathered in my house, luckily none of my roommates were in my house, thus we enjoyed the empty free house. Korean girls cooked stir-fried rice cakes and he cooked curry with coconut milk for us. During cooking and eating, we Koreans talked about Korean food a lot, and he again taught us about French politics 🙂 I like this topic, so it was really interesting for me.
The curry was so good even I don’t like neither curry nor coconut! And he also enjoyed the stir-fried rice cakes but they were a bit spicy for him so he had to drink a lot of water. We talked about the new champion in league of legends, talked about our writings and future meetings. After eating, I washed dishes, and he went to my bed and found out that my bed was super warm! He asked me why and I answered it’s because of the electrical heating mat! He said he was shocked because he never considered that, I think he would buy it someday haha. This day was funny and enjoyable day and we will meet next time for my last lecture after the busy week.

Sixth Meeting – Korean Food

Korean Food!!
time & place :
11th March, 14:00-19:00, y-campus in TAMK

We finally met, it had been for a month! At the very first time, we talked about our travelings to the Europe and showed pictures. Especially, I visited Paris, which has his house, so I showed him a lot of pictures. Before going to Paris, he helped me a lot to arrange an itinery for Paris. Thanks to him, I could visit Disney land!! It was an awesome experience, that I never forget. For exampe, I bought a key rings which I never buy usually. (I don’t like to pay for souvenirs). Then he talked about his trip to Helsinki, and recommended a museum which looked nice! Anyway, this day was Soo’s day, so she prepared a presentation about Korean Food! (Most exciting part)

So Fantastic Korean Food
Thanks for Soo preparing the lecture. It was about Korean traditional food. In this lecture, I realized how much I love Korean food and felt sad because I can’t eat them here in Finland. I had a real fun because she prepared many good videos and they were so funny. Those were about a famous tie man with his first experience about Korean food. He always said “oh, it’s really good!”. Some of them are really good, but I know some of them are not good.. haha. Guillaume really liked him, I think he wants to subscribe him XD. And videos of a British guy who was a student in Korea, he introduced many Korean food to British people and recorded their reactions. I was glad that they enjoyed almost every food except our traditional alcohol. (It was weird because I like it very much!) Mostly, they were crazy about Korean barbeque so I felt someday I want to cook it for him! However, this day, I learned that many global people love Korean food as I do especially Korean barbeque. This is really awesome so I want to cook for him someday, and of course, for us to.

The last meeting with Emmiina

Farewell Party



It was our last meeting in Toas city where I live. I invited Emmiina to my place and we had Korean dinner together with my two Korean and three Finnish friends:)

Even Emmiina came earlier than me ….. so I brought her to my room and she gave me a gift with beautiful card! It was a muumi cup!!! that I really wanted to have ㅜㅜI was so touched ..and felt so sorry that I couldn’t prepare anything for her. ….ㅠㅠ


IMG_1222    IMG_1242

We were planning to make Korean Chicken and Korean potato pancake! Because Emmiina is always interested in food so I invited her early when we start to cook! Then she can watch how it works 🙂 We made Korean food with traditional ways. So it would be interesting for Finnish friends !

They said it’s so tasty and so different way of cooking 🙂


It is always nice to hear that Korean food is awesome! I’m very proud of that Korea has good food for everyone all over the world and many Finnish friends want to learn Korean language. We had great time with cooking and eating!

Also because it was very good weather, we went for a picnic ! with a bottle of wine and vodka which I bought from Russia in the ferry 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 IMG_1240

We enjoyed the sunny weather with a glass of alcohol.!!! wit a lot of photos ♥

We also studied until our last meeting !!!!!!! We studied about month and weekdays !



January = Tammikuu

February = Helmikuu

March = Maaliskuu

April = Huhtikku

May = Toukokuu

June= KesäKuu

July = Heinäkuu

August = elokuu

September = suuskuu

October = lokakuu

November= marraskuu

December = joulukuu

Monday = Maanantai

Tuesday = Tiistai

Wednesday = Keskiviikko

Thursday = Torstai

Friday = Perjantai

Saturday = lauantai

Sunday = Sunnuntai



I enjoyed EOTO a lot! It was my best choice in Finland! I’m so lucky that I met a perfect friend through EOTO and She is coming to Korea next year as an exchange student

So I’m so thank u, EOTO! You made my days in Finland really!

Thanks Emmiina having a lot of good time with me and teach me Finnish language ^^

See u, Kiitos!




Korean cooking

After our Austrian cooking session we met at lunchtime and prepared a typical Korean menu. I was really curious about these meeting because I’ve never tasted Korean food.

We made 떡볶이 (dduk bok ki) as main dish and 호떡 (ho dduk) as desert.
떡볶이 is made from soft rice cake, vegetables and red pepper sauce. Koreans usually use a lot of these spicy sauce but the girls showed consideration and didn’t use too much 😉 So it was perfect for me!

Korean cooking

호떡 is a pancake filled with brown sugar and cinnamon. It was really tricky to make them because the dough was so sticky. But the taste was fantastic! Thanks to Eunhye and Mi Hyeon for that great lunch, I really enjoyed it!

After eating we talked about the ingredients of 떡볶이 and 호떡 and other typical Korean dishes. I taught them the German alphabet. We were listening the ABCD-song so it was easy for them to keep it in their mind.

Cooking Korean food

Our second meeting, we cooked Korean food! We started with grocery store shopping, then we went to my home and began to cook! We made kimbap(Korean sushi) and kimchi. It was really fun and interesting! Jisoo taught me how to cook rice properly and I also learned the real way of making kimchi. Even though we didn’t have all the ingredients, it turned out really nice.
korean food
We also had time to study. I learned Korean numbers.
From one to ten: il, e, sam, sa, u, yoog, chil, pal, gu, sib!
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand: bag, chun, man.

And some sentences:
Sa lang he! -I love you.
Po ko sipu/siputsu! I miss/missed you.

Jisoo had birthdays earlier so we celebrated that as well. I learned how to wish happy birthday in Korean.
Saeng il chuck ha hae yo!

Meeting #6

During our sixth meeting, we cooked Korean food at my apartment. I can’t recall the name of the spicy chicken Yeaeun cooked for us, but Haley made some pan-cooked bulgogi. Both were very delicious, and I even liked the chicken though I usually can’t handle spicy foods. It was interesting to get to try Korean food for a change! We also ended up talking about Japanese cuisine, and what our favourite foods are in each culture. I really hope to have time to taste some Spanish cooking too, if Mariona has time to make some.

After eating, we talked a bit about the previous vocabulary, but everyone was a bit tired during the meeting so it ended up being more about just relaxing and chatting.

Cooking together!


22th March, we had our 4th meeting with Ssong and Inga in Inga&Olha’s house.  this was a my first time visited her house . she cooked borshch, and me and Ssong cooked 불고기 볶음밥 and 된장찌개(doenjang jigae), which  is general sub-meal in Korea. especially doenjang jigae is sold every restaurant in Korean street. doenjang (된장)is one of representative  ‘jjang’ in Korea made by beans.

Doenjangwithbeans  doenjang (된장)

we put a word jjang(장) which are made by same method such as 고추장, 간장..etc. this is made by fermenting method.(you can easily imagine, if you imagine yogurt)  so in traditional house they have a lot of jangdokdae(장독대), pot making jang for long time. and general food culture is eating rice with 5 or 7 sub-meals. so sometimes sub-meal is a little bit salty, since it is for eating with rice.

images IMG_5954

IMG_1401bulgogi (불고기)

DOENJANG-JIGAEdoenjjang jigae(된장찌개)

< image by google seaching>

empty bowls show how it was delicious! 🙂 received_78874935456600820150322_184208cooking Olha *-*


9th meeting! Cooking some combo food + bad words!


This is our ninth meeting on 9th of December. We decided to yet again, to make some delicious food. During our earlier meetings, we really wanted to try out some Korean traditional food made from ddeok 떡 (boiled rice cakes). So this time we went to the asian market bought some ddeok. The original dish is called Tteokbokki (떡볶이) but we decided to make a variation of it with ramyun so it became RaBokki and it was sooo good. A sweet taste because all the bacon soaked the spices!

Yooree and Shinhyun also taught me new vocabulary:

씨발 짜증나.. fuck, so annoying..
뭐라고?! 너 지금 나한테 씨발이라고 했어?
What did you say?! Did you say ‘ssibal’ to me now?

존나 짜증나  fucking annoying

호갱 foolish customer/buyer (fool that gets easily ripped off by sellers)
호구 fool (worse than babo)

양파 좀 / 가져다 줘 bring me onion
그것 좀 줘 give me that

무임승차 good for nothing\ freerider
존나 무임승차 fucking freerider