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Third Meeting – Let’s Learn Korean!

Let’s Learn Korean!
time & place :
4th Febrary, 17:00-20:00, y-campus in TAMK

After Guillaume’s great and long lecture, finally Korean class began. Soo printed some basics of Korean languages. There were our basic consonants and vowels. Soo, Daye and I together taught Guillaume how to write Korean languages. I didn’t want to make him know all Koreans , instead, I wanted him to write his name in Korean words. We taught basics like those :

‘ㄴ’ =  ‘n’ , ‘ㅏ’ = ‘a’  = > ‘나’ = ‘na’
‘ㄷ’ =  ‘d’ , ‘ㅗ’ = ‘o’ = >  ‘도’ = ‘do’

Some words like above were easy for him as the prononciations are the same as alphabets, however, most of words prononciation are different from English, so he had hard time to understand that. However, he was a really good student, and finally he wrote his name in Korean, and the famous Korean singer group ‘Big Bang’ which he likes a lot. It was enjoyable to watch him enjoying 🙂 It was not easy for us to teach Korean language, as we don’t remember how we learned it.. So it was quite confusing for us, that I forgot to say that Korean language can write down any prononciations, so we export our language to the global..!

Although we made effort to give him a good lecture, we didn’t prepare any professional documents like him, we planned to make presentations like him and explain them 🙂 These meetings so far were so enjoyable!

Studying in Cafe Europa

Our fourth meeting was studying and drinking ice tea in Cafe Europa.
I learned for example good sentences to order in cafe or restaurant.

Can I have ice tea. – Ice tea ju se yo.

I will choose burger and ice tea. – Burger lang ice tea hal ge yo.

Thank you. – Go ma wo yo./Gam sa hab ni da.

I’m sorry. – Jei so hab ni da.

Colour – Sak
Red-Bbal gang
Orange-Ju hawang
Yellow-No lang
Green-Cho lok
Blue-Pa lang
Navy blue-Nam sak
Purple-Bo la