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Third meeting :) Welcome to Lapinkaari


I invited my team mate to my dormitory, Lapinkaari. It was the first time we met at someone’s house.

I prepared some Korean traditional home food, which are rice with soi sauce and sesami oil, and seaweed soup. These food are really common.

We always eat seaweed soup on birthday. Because seaweed is very good to the health of the mother, the mother after the birth of their child ate seaweed soup. So eating seaweed soup on your birthday morning is tradition of Korea.



And I got a lot of Korean cookies from my boyfriend. It’s much amount I cannot eat alone,  and I want them to experience Korean snack taste and culture:D

Red one is a chocolate pie, very old sweets. Especially the soldiers eat a lot. Sometimes we fail to prepare the cake for someone, we amass this cookies as cake. (Actually I don’t like this sweets)

Fernando and Tuija didn’t like Korean sausage(gold one). They said its taste is weird. I think its taste is not suitable for foreign, but they really like another sweet cookies!

Korean cookies
Korean cookies

After eating earlier dinner, we talked about wild animal and education. Because Tuija’s uncle is hunter, she knew well about finnish wild animal.  She told to us about wild deer and moose. In Korea,  Hunting wild animals is illegal, because of the lack of wild animals.  So first time I listend about hunting deer and moose, I was really surprised. I’ve never watched and done hunting. If I have the opportunity to watch hunting, It will  be perfect experience for me.

Also, we talked about our own contry’s education. In face, USA’s is almost same with Korean, except price. University tuition fee of USA is famous for their high price. Actually Korean fee is also expensive, but we can’t compare to USA.

So Finnish education is really different including education method, curriculum, welfare, and tuition fee.  I always envy finnish students.

It was so nice time to spend time together. I can’t believe that only about 1 month remains.