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#3 – Free talk in German

Updating with some older meetings now! 😀

Our third meeting was in Koskikeskus! We went to the café and donut shop called Arnold’s for practicing free talk/smalltalk in German with Maija and Kaisa 🙂

Arnold's #1

While we were starting off easily with introducing ourselves again (this time in German only hehe) we went on to talk about more cultural topics like Christmas and childhood right after. It was so interesting to hear about Christmas traditions/rituals in Finland/Tampere! 😀 It made me look forward to the Christmas season here 🙂


While talking, I found out (about my own mother tongue, right XD) that there were two phrases to describe ACTIONS (keep that in mind, it doesn’t always work out, but for ACTIONS, they do!!!) pretty easily in the past and the future:


Ich gehe _________(insert infinitive). = I am going to ___________ (inf).

Example: Ich gehe jetzt schlafen. = I am going to sleep now. (Requires the action of moving, initiating a process; you’re using the present tense but since you are not asleep or in bed yet, it has a futuristic meaning – same as in English, right? 😉 )


Ich war _______ (inf). = I was ___________ (inf).

Example: Ich war einkaufen. = I was shopping. (Also only applicable for actions/processes. Shopping requires moving around, selecting your stuff, paying, etc. – you see the ACTIONS in there? :D)

Maybe, some of you got something out of this post, it might help and come in handy when you are talking about everyday life in a smalltalk! I’d be glad if it helped! 😀 See you next entry! ♥

Theresa ♥

Learning German, Day 3!


So me and Tom decided to head down to Koskikeskus shopping centre to learn some German and to perfect his English! Also because he was on the hunt for a hat (Hut in German!)

So we wandered around the shops discussing how expensive Finnish clothing shops are and naming objects in German and English. This lead to us having a giggle fit because Tom was thinking on German and English words which are the same- which lead to him pointing at a shop sign and saying is was a schild-  shield in English.

After failing to find a suitable hat we decided to go to the ground floor where there’s a supermarket and go over food/ drink products in German. Here are some we found.

Bread – Brot

Milk – Milch

Beer – Bier

Butter – Butter

Chicken – Huhn

Pork – Schweinefleisch

Mushroom – Pilz


All in all it was a good lesson. Next time we’re going to talk more about common sayings and Tom is going to look up some websites to help. I’m realising how hard it is now to teach your own language. It’s difficult because something you just know and then trying to explain it is very frustrating and hard.