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Session 5: Sports Football and Skiing

After our third lesson, we found our rhythm and way how to improve our languages skills in the best way. Therefore, we followed the plan and we divided also this lessons into two parts. This topic is for me extremely interesting because I am a huge sports fan. Maria is not so into sports but we have been together at two ice hockey games already, but this sport is not so popular in Austria and in Spain too.

The first part was for Maria. In Austria winter sport and especially skiing is extremely important for us. Therefore, I made again a little power point presentation for Maria. With some important vocabularies which were related to the Austrian culture and skiing. Moreover, I brought some Stroh over from Austria. This alcohol during the winter is extremely popular in Austria. When you make a break, and go to a cottage you order a tee with Stroh.

Furthermore, I explained Maria skiing. Maria has never done it before so we did some exercises. That was extremely fun. From my point of view this lesson for Maria was quite a success. Maria got a feeling about the Austrian Skiing Culture and she also got to knew some important phrases which was her goal at the beginning of the course.

The second part was a bit more interactive because I like really much sport it was important for me that I can speak about it in Spanish. So, we tried to talk the whole lesson in Spanish. We went throw different sports like tennis, volleyball and swimming. I got to know a lot of vocabulary. This time Maria tried to write down my mistakes and in the end, we went throw them. This was extremely helpful for me. During the lesson, we found out that I make the mistakes again and again so we tried out a new way.

Furthermore, I wrote the vocabularies down which I don’t know. This was a long list concerning this topic. So, I will have to study a lot for the next lesson to remember all this for me important vocabulary.

Final thoughts

Finally our last exams are over and also this amazing course will come to an end very soon. It was an amazing opportunity to learn some German from my buddy Georg. He always tried hard to share his mother tongue with me. Sure my skills are not that good to have a conversation. But hey, I can order a beer in German (most important skill!), introduce myself, know the colours, numbers, some adjectives, and a bunch of German nouns with their article! I also learned how to shop and got to know the Austrian culture much better. I had the chance to participate in a typical Austrian dinner with Georg and some other Austrians. We always had great fun in our meetings. Each One Teach One is a perfect opportunity to get to know someone better, to learn about his culture and to improve one’s language skills. We also found some interesting spots for a nice chat or to chill out, like the coffee place just behind Lapinkaari.

In our meeting we decided that everyone of us has to prepare a little exam. So we can proof our skills and have to go through the stuff we have learned in this course.

This time our meeting took place in the library of TAMK. We went through my little note book with all the german words I have learned. We talked about when we met the first time. Georg had already forgotten it, even though it is a really funny story. (It’s all about girls, girls , girls hahahaha)

So see you next week. We will upload our final exams on the blog, which will also be our 10th and last blog entry.
Enjoy the rest of your time in Tampere! It was an amazing time and a pleasure to meet you all!

best regards,