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Grande Finale – Meeting #10 (Finnish – English)

The last meeting for the last English-Finnish unit came very quickly. As quickly as the semester abroad began, it is almost over as quickly.

In the last meeting we combined comfort and learning.

In order to repeat and consolidate some of the learning words, we decided on a fun game, similar to Activity. A person must explain, draw, or represent a concept panthomim. The other had to guess as quickly as possible. Not only in English, but also in Finnish. Terms such as numbers, months, animals, buildings or colors could be used. Not every term was easy to guess and sometimes took a little more time.

After our final game we enjoyed a dinner in a restaurant and looked back on the instructive time we spent together.

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First meeting, first laughs!

It’s time for our first lesson!

Danh and me met online in a zoom meeting on Saturday 12.09. It was our first official meeting and it lasted 1,5 h, each of us was teaching for about 45 minutes .

Danh is in Vietnam so the only possibility of meeting for us is through Zoom. The first lesson was really exciting! In italian we went through the alphabet and some basic words and expressions. In Vietnamese we went through the alphabet and the different sounds that are formed with more letters. Vietnamese is hard!

The pronunciation for Danh in italian is quite easy, he’s very good at it. For me it was a bit more challenging because the sounds in Vietnamese are very different than in any other language that I speak. I am still very motivated and aiming for an A2 level!

We will meet every week and also go through the things we did on our own at home. It was really fun to have this first lesson with Danh and I am looking forward to learning more and getting better!








– Sara Di Giovanni

First Finnish-Russian meeting

It was our second first meeting already, before our official first meeting me, Ilona and Maksim cought up in the university to see each other and discuss what are our expectations of the course, what do we want to learn and where do we want to meet. We decided to meet in the Public House Huurre. It was a bit hard for me to find the place, but with help of Google Maps I managed to meet my new friends.

When we met we ordered food and drinks and had time to know each other better, trying to use Russian and Finnish words. I was surprised with my level of Finnish it was better than I expected it to be!   I’ve learnt how to katso a menu, tilaa hampurilainen and of course say kippis! After that we decided to play a board game Alias. It’s a word explaining game, we modified rules a bit so we could study through playing: we just tried to use only Finnish and Russian for explaining words and I have to admit it was really good practice. Sometimes it was difficult to explain something, but this feeling that we all learning and we have nearly the same level of language we want to know made us more confident in speaking. During this game I learnt quite a few words:

Repairing – remontti – ремонт
Blood – veri – кровь
Self service – itsehuolto – самообслуживание
Bathrobe – kylpytakki – халат
Tiger – tiikeri – тигр
Chair – tuoli – стул

So I can definitely say that it was super productive and I had real fun! I believe that this is the best way to learn language. Se oli ihana guys! See you next week 😉

Last meeting, Kalevala book.

Everything has beginning and the end. Well, our meetings come to the end.
That 12 meeting was a really nice summary of all. We spend time together with reach discussions about whole our course Each One Teach One. That time also Leila teach me some finish phrases and words, but not only she also present finish literature.
What is interesting that closer to the end we start to understand each other better our vocabulary come more reach. We improve our cultural knowledge now it’s wide, a new view for studying, world and life.
During that meeting, we were more talking about languages. How many languages exist in Finland. Some of them are not using anymore. Language in Finland: Suomi(Finnish), Swedish like official one, but North part use Sami.
There are also several official minority languages: three variants of Sami, Romani, Finnish Sign Language, and Karelian.
We reach together from where come finish language and Leila present me a very important book for finish culture and finish people. Finish bible “Kalevala”  The Kalevala or The Kalewala is a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lonnorot  from Karelian   and Finish oral folklore  and mythology.

51CXP4J8KNLIt is regarded as the national epic of Karelia and Finland and is one of the most significant works of Finish litterature. The Kalevala played an instrumental role in the development of the Finish national identity, the intensification of Finlnds  language strife and the growing sense of nationality that ultimately led to Finlands independence from Russia  in 1917.
For me, it was the first time to try this type of course and write a blog. I was a scared; but finally it better and easy, than I was suspect. That was a great time.
Thank You so much for everyone who was reading my posts, who help me during my studying; thanks TAMK for this amazing possibilities to study in Tampere and try new studying system.
Best Regards

I hope one day to back again to Tampere, during summer time.