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Hang was there, in the exclusive TOAS building only for exchange students. And somehow it turned out to be Tabea’s current accommodation. SURPRISE :DD

It had really nice view firstly, then came a very cozy kitchen. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there in the kitchen. People gathered around cooking and having conversations. Tabea told me that sometimes whenever you felt lonely, you could just go to the kitchen and then your mood would boost immediately. During our meetup, we encountered many interesting people from many cultural backgrounds. It was nice exchanging ideas with them.

For this meetup, we discussed first Oktoberfest and some of its misunderstandings #justtoletyouknow. Tabea explained to us the real Lederhosen & Dirndl and then showed us some pictures of different German traditional customs for men and women. We were excited to acknowledge the purpose of bow positions of the Dirndl pinafore. I bet you will be amazed at how bow position works! JUST TRUST ME!

It shows your relationship status. SO next time, if you ever wear it, make sure you get the purpose behind.

Then we moved on discussing time in German and Finnish. Wow there posed some similarities here. For instance, 1:30 in English is half past 1. However, in German and in Finnish, 1:30 is half past 2. We also made a table for easier learning process when comparing 3 languages together. I have to thank Tabea for all of the tables she has made so far, they are so organized and easy to understand.

The next next topic was learning courtesy in German and in Finnish. We also made a table to compare both languages for further analysis. This time showed many differences between two languages.

Finnish dessert and Japanese food


I post my 10th post of Each One Teach One. On December 5, we gathered in the kitchen of Lapinkaari 3rd floor. On that day, we cooked Finnish and Japanese food and ate together.

The Finnish food that Mari made it in her house and brought it here is dessert called “Marjarahka”. We decided to look forward to eat it after we ate a Japanese food and chilled it in a refrigerator.

A Japanese food is “curry and rice”. The curry has the image of the Indian food, but the Japanese curry is different in a kind. The Japanese curry is milder than the Indian curry. Cause the Indian curry use many kind of spice, but the Japanese curry rice is less than Indian’s spice. Therefore the Indian curry has more strong and many kind of smell. It is the point that different from Japanese curry. I love both!

The curry is common at home in Japan and eaten often in a house. In my home, we eat once a week! In addition, we can easily cook it because much curry roux is sold. So on that day, we could make it in about 30 minutes.


I had Mari cut vegetables!


We boiled rice while stewing curry.


Finally, this is the Japanese curry and rice!


We ate it deliciously! 🙂

During a meal, we talked about an entrance examination of the Finnish university. I felt that generally structure of an entrance examination of the Finnish university resembled Japan. After that, Mari told me about the Finnish animals. The animal that left the biggest impression on me is “Moose”. Moose often collides with a car on a road and is strong animal so as to break a car. Moose is so big so I wanna really see it!


In addition, Mari showed me the photograph of the Finnish food that Mari usually make. This is “munkki”! It was looks really tasty!


After having finished eating Japanese curry and rice, we ate “Marjarahka” which Mari made it and brought. “Marjarahka” is made from blueberries, strawberries, maitorahka, whipped cream and sugar! It was very delicious!!! I love it cause sweetness is just for me!

On that day, we spent a wonderful time. I could make Japanese food together and eat Finnish dessert, so I was so happy!!!

And this time might be the last as official meeting of Each One Teach One. I am very grateful for that I could learn Finnish language and culture and teach Japanese language and culture and also meet wonderful partner, Mari and Joonas.  However, we can continue still EOTO by I leave from Tampere.

Thank you Each One Teach One and my best partner Mari and Joonas!


Kiitos ja Hyvää Joulua! 😀

9th meeting! Cooking some combo food + bad words!


This is our ninth meeting on 9th of December. We decided to yet again, to make some delicious food. During our earlier meetings, we really wanted to try out some Korean traditional food made from ddeok 떡 (boiled rice cakes). So this time we went to the asian market bought some ddeok. The original dish is called Tteokbokki (떡볶이) but we decided to make a variation of it with ramyun so it became RaBokki and it was sooo good. A sweet taste because all the bacon soaked the spices!

Yooree and Shinhyun also taught me new vocabulary:

씨발 짜증나.. fuck, so annoying..
뭐라고?! 너 지금 나한테 씨발이라고 했어?
What did you say?! Did you say ‘ssibal’ to me now?

존나 짜증나  fucking annoying

호갱 foolish customer/buyer (fool that gets easily ripped off by sellers)
호구 fool (worse than babo)

양파 좀 / 가져다 줘 bring me onion
그것 좀 줘 give me that

무임승차 good for nothing\ freerider
존나 무임승차 fucking freerider


Lesson start!!!

On October 6, Mari and Jongsoo and I learned Finnish and Japanese! We chose the Lapinkaari where we studied. Because of Lapinkaari is the place that Jongsoo and I live in! I take the Finnish class, but I’m beginner, Mari and Jongsoo are also Japanese beginners.

Firstly I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo. The contents, which I told, are the “hiragana” which is like the Japanese alphabet. I made a list to be easy to understand the “hiragana” and taught pronunciation. Because Japanese was different from English, it seemed to be difficult for Mari and Jongsoo who learned for the first time. This time I told only these, because I wanted to take time for teaching the “hiragana” on that day.


After I told that, I had them practice writing a hiragana letter. I had them write the name of the Jongsoo and Mari as word and the name of an airplane or the bus and so on! I was surprised because they could wrote “hiragana” very well!! That’s great!!


Secondly, Jongsoo and I learned Finnish from Mari. Because the Finnish alphabet resembled English very much, it was easy to understand! However, I practiced pronunciation many times because some pronunciation like “ä” and “y” was difficult! After that, Jongsoo and I learned the  numerical expression from Mari. The numerical expression of Finnish was the same as Japanese, so it was extremely easy to understand.


Because Mari is good at teaching, so I’m very happy!! I want to learn Finnish steadily from now on!

Sauna night!

For our fourth meeting Georg and I went to the public sauna in Lapinkaari. It was the first time for me and it was absolutely worth it. The water in the lake was just 5 degrees while the sauna was heated up to 120 degrees! We spend more than two hours doing sauna and swimming turns. On this day it was so cold, that your hair began to freeze when you went out from the water. For me it was the first time in a “real” sauna. You feel really good afterwards and I am sure that we will do it again.


During our meeting we spoke a lot about the last 2,5 months we have already spent here. A lot of things have happened and we came to the point that we have one of the best times in our lives here in Tampere.

This time Georg teached me no vocabulary. Instead he teached me some sentences related to sauna.

Die Sauna ist sehr heiß = The sauna is really hot

Der See ist kalt = The lake is cold

Draußen ist es finster = It is dark outside

Mir ist kalt = I am cold

Mir ist heiß = I am hot

Ich brauche ein Handtuch = I need a towel

After sauna we were really hungry and went to a pizza place. We ordered some beer and had a really tasty pizza. It was a perfect way to end the day and our meeting.


See you soon,