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[Finnish/French] – Third meeting at my place

During our third meeting we talked a lot about our previous week because it was the holidays and I spent one week in Lapland and one week in France. Therefore we talked about what we did and the difference in terms of holidays  in Finland and France.

Until high school we have holidays every 2 months : 10 days in October which are called “la Toussaint” next we have 2 weeks for Christmas, then winter holiday when we usually go skiing, in April 2 weeks and then summer holidays in July and August.

The first week of February I had the chance to go to Lapland it was one of the best trip I have ever done. As Nina has never gone there I told her and Getuar what I have seen and done like husky safari, nothern lights, breathtaking landscapes… I showed them some pictures as well.

After we hanged out arounf and played cards together. Nina taught them some games like Risti7 and regular Seiska which was quite similar to one of a game we have in France. I taught them “la bataille corse” and “le speed”. To my mind they appreciate these games because they bith required rapidity.

Our final trip to Lapland!

We decided to go to Lapland together as our final trip for our Each One Teach One course. It’s a little bit sad to say goodbye to each other, we really treasure the rest of time we had.


We took a train from Tampere passing by Oulu, the scenery along the way was beautiful, and the snow became thicker and thicker. Finally, we reached Rovaniemi. Then we headed to our cozy and warm cottage by bus. After having a short break, we went to the Santa Claus Village. We looked around the village and visited the reindeers and huskies. After that we decided to send some postcard to each other from the Santa Claus Post Office, and I also wrote to my Chinese friends with my best wishes.

Now I have already received the postcard!!! It’s cute with a reindeer stamper.


I really love the apartment that we rented, it’s very warm and comfortable. So, on our second day, we walked through the forest near our cottage, enjoyed the cold weather and did a reindeer sleigh ride! Then we went back to our little cottage and enjoy BBQ together!

It was an awesome experience to walk through thick snow, and saw the sunrise and sunset in a short time. It was soooo beautiful!

img_1565  img_1567  img_1562

It was a wonderful trip, we really had a great time together. I will stay in Tampere for two semesters, but Khassy will leave before Christmas. But we promised to visit each other in the future, maybe I go to Germany or Khassy come to China. Hope to see you soon, I have already miss you and I believe I will never forget the wonderful time with you guys together!!!

02/12/2016 – 7th meeting Hungarian/French

For this 7th meeting at the beginning of January, we met in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This meeting was only with Tamas in the Santa Claus’ Village.

Tamas was also with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend so it was quite interesting to discuss with more Hungarian people. We went to see the reindeers together and after that, when talked at the campfire place. We discussed about how they live together in Hungary and about their habits. We also talked about my habits in France so Tamas’ brother and his girlfriend discovered how I live.

I just learnt few words about Lapland today:

 – Reindeers: rénszarvasok
– Santa Claus: Mikulás
– Sled dogs: szán kutyák
– Habits: szokások
– Snow: hó
– Lapland: Lappföld


#6 the real Finland

Hello everyone!

Ugo and I went to Lapland for a week and as expected that was a great time!

Not only because we were together but also because we visited one of the most beautiful

place on earth.

It was really amazing to see so much snow everywhere with no sign of civilization.

So many activities were made this week like visiting husky farm or doing some ski-doo.

Here is a picture of me doing riding my baby.


As well we spoke almost entirely in French that was good for me and I really feel

confortable with it. I also learned few new ways of speaking like all the winter words.

This has been a very good opportunity for me to speak and improving my accent.

See you soon,


Last week Georg and I went to Lapland. We took the train from Tampere to Rovaniemi and rented a car. Altogether we drove 1600km with our car in 5 days. During our trip we spent the whole time together. So there were lots of opportunities to learn some German. We spoke about how to get the driving licence (Führerschein) in our countries and the difference in our school systems. Altogether we were 10 people. To prepare dinner, we had to form teams out of two. So every team was responsible to cook dinner at one of the five days. Georg and I decided to make pasta. We thought that would be easy and won’t take too much time. To make our pasta a bit more special we did not use a dip from the super market. We made our own one out of meat and all kind of vegetables. Our plan not to cook too long did not really work. At the end we needed more than two hours to finish our dinner. It is really a lot of work to cook for 10 people, even though it is “just” pasta. 😀
Lapland is one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever seen. It’s just nature, frozen lakes, and long roads without any civilization for hundreds of kilometers. We did some hiking in natural parks, a husky and a snow mobile ride. We also went to Levi. Unfortunately we arrived there on Monday, just one day after the world cup slalom of skiers. Georg was not really happy about that haha 😀
Here are some pictures of our trip to Lapland. Enjoy!