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10th and last EOTO meeting

Our last meeting took place yet again, in Lapinkaari. We decided to have our farewells accompanied by comedy so comedy movie it is! Yooree gave us two options, either Korean movie ‘Sunny’ that is a story about old friends or ‘Thieves’ which is basically the same as ocean 11 but better and more colorful. We chose the latter. 

 <– Kim Soo Hyun as Zampano

The Thieves is a heist movie that mixes together romance, comedy, and tons of action to create a highly enjoyable film with hot, mega stars from HK, China and S. Korea. Also, it was absolutely delightful surprise to see major hottie, Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun as Zampano in the movie. Ooh myyy…

It was so awesome to meet these two great girls! I already knew Yooree because I’m her tutor but still, I am so happy to get close with both of the girls! We’ve already joked that we need to have our next EOTO class in Korea next summer when I come there for my exchange year.

Thanks for the course, it was awesome!

Last official lesson (Lesson #10)

Motivation and Curiosity are two words that best describe both of us. We are both highly motivated and this is why learning comes easy. We both like languages so it’s not a coincidence why we are doing yet another project together. Or did it.

No, it’s not done. We will just stop writing blogs about it. As agreed we met ten times and produced ten blogs about our experiences but we will continue meeting and learning from each other. Just no more blog posts about the meetings.

When checking other blogs we have both noticed that there is one major difference between our learning style and the way other pairs/groups do their work. We met exclusively at TAMK, while others were more creative and have chosen many different locations. One explanation could be that we both live in Tampere for more than a year and all we are more or less familiar with locations in and around Tampere.

Our last lesson took place outside TAMK. I have given Yuliya a task to check as many as possible different verbs, expressions and phrases about shopping. We went on hunt for new shoes. We have visited Koskikeskus: KOO Kenkä, Skopunkten, then went to Anttila, and ended in Plevna (not a shoe shop). 🙂

Yuliya had a chance to ask for brown or black shoes, her shoe size, price, availability and so on. We have practiced talking about prices, and repeating some grammar (especially Partitive – numbers + singular Partitive).

I have also repeated a lot of numbers.

But then it happened. After exhaustive shopping we ended up in Plevna. A beer, two beers… And you probably know the effect of alcohol on short-term memory. In order to prevent this nuisance we have ordered some food.

We have finished the language course and the first course in style.

Plevna_Lesson 10


Sincerely yours (С уважением),
Sebastjan (Себастьян)