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Third one

Our third meeting was at the main campus, inside the restaurant (Campus Ravita). We met 4pm Friday afternoon. For me it was just normal, because I do projects for the Proakatemia during weekends also.

First we ate and discussed about last week.  I can see that that more than one week break is not good, because there is too much things to tell and it takes so loooong time before we can move to real learning.

After our last meeting Emmi did Quizlet about our lessons. This time she showed me how to use it ;). Quizlet is an app where we can test yourself and listen pronunciations.


Emmi had done some plans AGAIN for our lecture (she is our angel). Her idea for third meeting was to study weekdays, question words, werbs and We studied weekdays and personal pronouns. We were quite fast and we had time, so at the end we created some question sentences.

See you next time.


Buenas tardes!

Second meeting at Proakatemia, place where I study.

Emmi have prepared a list what we could study this time, even we didn`t asked her to do anything. I really appreciate her way to make thing happen.

First we had our cup of coffee and then we went to one big room with flapboard. We started with small and used sentences. Diego wrote those sentences in spanish to us and Ella wrote same sentences in finnish to Diego. Together we practiced pronunciation.

Second we studied numbers and third colors. We used same method, because it was effective. One hour went really fast and we decided that next meeting will be one and half or two hours.

Below you can see SOME words 😉


My name is Minttu = Mi dombe es Minttu

What is your name? = Cual es tu nombre?
Good morning = Buenos dias
Good afteroon = Buenas tardes
Good evening / night = Buenas noches
Bye bye = chau (nos vemos)
Bye, see you tomorrow = chau nos vemos manana
Huomenna / aamu = manana (manjana)
Tervetuloa = Bienvenido
Minun asuntooni = A mi casa
One = Uno
Two = Dos
Three = Tres
Neljä = Cuatro
Five = Cinco
Six = Seis
Seven = Siete
Eight = Ocho
Nine = Nueve
Ten = Diez
Eleven = Once
Twelve = Dose
Thirteen = Trece
Fourteen = Catorce
Fifteen = Quince
Sixten = Dieziseis
Seventeen =Diezisiete
Eighteen = Dieziocho
Nineteen = Diezinueve
Twenty = Veinte
100 = Cien
1000 = Mil
Million = Millon (mijon)
White = Blanco
Black = Negro
Red = Rojo (roho)
Yellow = Amarillo (amadijo)
Green = Verde
Blue = Azul (athul)
Orange = Naranja (naranha)
Brown = Marron 
Gray = Gris
Pink = Rosado


Enjoy picture of us 😀

Chau, nos vemos. -Minttu

Now it starts


In my group we have four people. Here we are:

Three finnish girls

  • Ella (left up corner)
  • Emilia (left down corner)
  • Minttu (it`s me, up right)

One spanish guy

  • Diego (right down corner)

We had our first meeting last Wednesday at Pala Cafe (nice coffee place inside Finlayson area). First we talked about our goals for this course. Our expectations were pretty different. One of us wanted to be spanish master after 10 meetings and some of us game to learn basics. Luckily it took just five minutes and we had a clear view how are we going to move ahead.

Diego already knows some basic words in finnish, but he wants to learn more our simple language. Emilia knows few words in spanish, but me and Ella are true beginners.

We had just one hour time to meet so we needed to move on really quickly. We made  our schedule  for next three months (let`s see how much it changes during this time).  Time flied and two of us needed to go, so we decided to share our personal plans to each other by using One Drive and read those before our next meeting. Looking forward to see you next time.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-30 at 17.42.24

Blueberry pie baking day

This meeting was our sixth, somehow I have forgotten to write about it..

Anyways, this was really nice day, we made some blueberry pie together! We used my recipe, which was in Finnish so Jisoo had to learn some product names.
I taught Jisoo some Finnish berry names, and she also tried to pronounce letter “r”! It takes long time for Finnish people to learn as kids, so she learned really fast, all thought we still need to work on it a bit I think.. 😀
I also helped Jisoo to do her Finnish language homework, and it was nice way to study together. I taught many words and also how to make sentences.