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At Leivon Leipomo

My and Yuki’s group got Marius as a third member. The more the merrier. 🙂

Our first meeting was placed in Leivon Leipomo at Kissanmaa. We did some origamis (crane birds, frogs and samurai hats) using proper japanese paper that Yuki brought with her. During folding (and me drinking breakfast tea) we wrote down some vocabulary.

paperi = a paper = kami
taittaa =  to fold = oru
kääntää ympäri = to turn around = uragaesu
sakset = a scissors = hasami
kurki = a crane bird = tsuru
sammakko = a frog = kaeru
kettu = a fox = kitsume
muki = a mug = koppu/yunomihunaja = honey = hachimitsu
mäki = a hill = oka
silmä = an eye = me

Hearing difference between a/ä and  r/l caused some problems. Also double consonant and vocal were difficult to hear.

Next time we will teach and learn some basic vocabulary at least in Finnish and Japanese. Our meeting place will be at the Pyynikki observation tower cafe.

Our sweet sensei of origami :3