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8th Meething : Second hand shop in Lielahti


I went to Lielahti to visit Tuija’s second hand shop table. To go Lielahti, it takes 20~25 minutes by bus. I’ve never heard about Lielahti, but when I visited there first, It looks better than Lapinkarri town:D. There are big market streets and sports stuff shops. Tuija lent table to sell her and sister’s stuff which they don’t use. It costs about 30 euro per week and cheaper than citycenter’s second hand shop. Maybe because it is little far from center. Her table was clean and full of many clothes and shoes. I hope Tuija sell every stuff which she want to sell.

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After visiting Lielahti, I went to railway station, VR. I was in trouble with train ticket. I bought ticket online and payed it, but the tickets was not delivered.  Now it is solved. But it is quied difficult to get tickets and refund even if Tuija helped me. But anyway really thanksful to Tuija and I can go Rovaniemi now:D

Sightseeing tour 26.11.

Today we went to Lielahti by bus. It was a little sightseeing tour. I have a rented table at Jonnan kirppis (second hand shop). I organized the table and the stuff which im selling and at the same we looked what do they have there. Now we have visited quite many second hand shops =) http://www.kirppikset.info/kirppikset/jonnan-kirppis


Here is a picture of my table. Go and make some shopping during this week =)

When we went back to the Centre we took a different bus to see also another part of town. Pispala is a nice and a little bit different part of Tampere, cause there is a lot of old houses. There you can see Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi (the two lakes that surrounds Tampere). So it is really beautiful place and different experience to go there than just visit in the centre. While we travelled by bus Hui told me about public traffic in Korean. The busses are little bit shorter, so there doesn’t fit so much people in. And if we think in Finland, that during rush hour, the traffic is bad, we should go to Korean! There the traffic is way bigger and the busses and subways are really full.

After this sightseeing tour we went to the railway station. We needed to solve one ticket problem. It wasn’t so simple thing as I thought and we discussed with to person and even still the problem is not solved completely. Even for me as a Finnish person solving these kind of things is not easy. I can only imagine how it is like for foreign people! But I hope and think that it is going to be okay and if not, then we can take another visit to the railway station 😀

So this meeting was a little bit different, but still really nice and important =)