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Pyynikki Brewhouse Chinese-Finnish -meeting

This was our second meeting with Chinese-Finnish-group and we decided to go to a Finnish restaurant. It was quite hard to find typical Finnish cuisine with variety on the menu, but after asking around I got a recommended Pyynikin Brewhouse. Located right next to Koskikeskus mall in a beautiful old brick building it serves local beers and dishes named after locations here in Tampere. I ordered Kaleva chicken skewers and they were tasty. I think this was a good introduction to Finnish restaurant culture and behavior.

Kaleva chicken skewer (kanavarras) with baked potato (uuniperuna) filled with cream cheese

We both love food and eating, so it was very easy to discuss about the topic and we will continue eating through cultures and learning the basics.

1. Meeting: Plevna, local food and getting to know each other

Hello everyone! 🙂

My name is Helena, I am 23 and I am from Germany. Like some others here, I am in Tampere until December for an exchange. I am so lucky I get the chance to stay here with you all and that I met Pauliina! Pauliina is from Finland and we are a pair at the Each One Teach One course.

For the first meeting, Pauliina and I just wanted to get to know each other. But while doing that – Not missing the chance to taste some local food already!

So we went to Plevna – A very nice restaurant in the Finlayson area. It is a brewery and a restaurant and they have many different beers from tap as well as a large selection of german and finnish food. And – what a surprise – There was a finnish and a german menue!

Perfect for our purpose and we enjoyed a craft beer and Pauliina had some very tipical german Currywurst. I had a finnish dish called “Plevnan Pyttipannu”. A very delicious mix of potatoes, sausage and a cream sauce. While enjoying these big portions of nice food, we thought about all the different things we could do while taking part in this course and we came up with many ideas. If you follow this blog, you will definitely get some more impressions ;-).

It is so nice to meet Pauliina. She told me a lot about different Finnish food. About different eating habits, about food she likes to cook and food she does not like. And some different drinking habits in Finland. What different beers and types of liqueur there is. And so did I. I tried to give her some ideas about dishes in Germany. All these little talks and hints just showed me that there is so much to discover and eat and drink and do in Finland – And I am happy to get to know this with her.