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Chinese-Finnish Trigger Meeting

This time we decided to meet at school and get busy with the three triggers. Checking out the introduction video was very helpful but we still had some hard time to choose fitting triggers for us. This is going to be the last time we meet studying, next meeting will be at pre-Christmas party next week. I think this course has been very interesting and I do recommend it to anyone interested in other cultures and languages. For us this has been more of a cultural learning than lingual one, but we have gotten along well and found interesting new things. Trigger-wise we found out most of the “easiest” level triggers were from topics we had already discussed without any planning, which was fun. Getting a new friend and sharing every-day life topics is always an adventure.

Finnish-Chinese Meeting at Luckiefun’s

This time we went out to enjoy some Chinese food (and also food from other countries around Asia) at Luckiefun’s that Lu picked out for us. It was a great choice, the place was very beautiful and the food delicious. So delicious we pretty much had to roll out from there.

Even though we have some age difference it’s always interesting to found out our lives and the way we grew up is not so different after all. We spend quite a lot time discussing about social politics in here and in China, which was very intriguing.

We were supposed to take photos, but we were too busy chatting away and enjoying the food, that we kind of forgot.  I guess that tells how much fun we had!


We continue our Fin/Rus meetings

So, Moi.

I want to write about our two meetings which were 25 February and 8 March. It was the same meeting for places but different about the contents. Both meetings were in Café and we decided to study there because it’s so cozy and warm area also we can take breaks for talk speaking about our everyday life, cultural and so on.

On our first meetings we studied Finnish books about Moomy. I have known new information which was the reason for formed the Finnish story about Moomy. It’s really interesting because at glance it’s the story for children but it’s not so the true reason is more serious. Of course its interesting find so simple talk behind most important things.

Our second meeting was yesterday. Ranja learn about Business and she borrowed some books from the library for study. I think that we’ve decided spend our time the equal. For one we studied some Russian dictionary and Business grammar and for other some rules about Finnish verbs and also we translatied them. I like spent our meetings in Cafe. Also I’ve tried the new Finnish sweets like yestearday I’ve ate the Cheesecake produce in Finland and ii was a little bit differentt from Russian but so tasty. And after our study we had a little time for disscus about things such as finnish habbits, families. It was great time.

I am waiting for our next meetings 🙂

First French-Finnish meeting

I met today (8th March) with Joona for our first meeting. We decided to meet up at my flat and our meeting lasted about two hours. 1h during which I was learning Finnish and 1h to teach French.

For the learning session, I had two main objectives; I wanted to learn about negative sentences in past tense, with some new verbs and vocabulary as well as help me with my Finnish language exercises. It was great to have him to teach me all of these because now I feel more comfortable speaking in the past tense and I understand the grammar a lot better. Furthermore, having him to help me with my homework was really nice as he explained me the lessons with his own words and helped me understand the exercises.


– For the teaching session, Joona wanted to learn the basics at first. We started by the alphabet. That was a really fun moment because even if it is almost the same as in Finnish, the pronunciation is a lot different. I enjoyed teaching it to Joona! We helped ourselves with the “alphabet song”. In addition, I taught him the numbers until ten and used pictures that “explained” the pronunciation using phonetics. It was really useful!

At the end of our 2h, Joona showed me a video of a stand up comedian making fun of the Nordic countries, and explaining how Finland is different from the other Northern countries. It was a really nice moment and I learned something about Finnish culture!

This was a great session because we started by setting goals for this meeting and we managed to do everything we wanted to 🙂 Really looking forward to our next meeting next week!


1st – Meeting for the First Time

9th of March at Soko’s 4th Floor Café.

On our first meeting I met up with Kaisa and Tiiu at a café. They are both Finnish students while I’m from Portugal, here through the Erasmus + Programme. Concerning the café, I actually didn’t know about it before we planned the meeting since I thought all Sokos had was the supermarket downstairs and then clothing shops and the such on its other floors, but it was a nice spot and the munkki I ate was deliciously sweet due to the raspberry filling.

Since I didn’t know them before this course, we spent this meeting talking about each other, starting with what we study and even branching out into our household and siblings. It was really nice to have this initial “chill time” before assessing what we knew before hand, I mentioned how I do have Finnish language classes, but that outside of them, due to lack of practice, I end up not retaining much, and I already knew from when we talked over the preliminary plans that they didn’t know any Portuguese. It was interesting to note how specific sounds like “ão” come hard to them, much like the Finnish way to say the “y” letter is a tad odd for me. But in the following meeting will be able to assess this more thoroughly since we’ll have subjects/themes.

Seventh Meeting – Help! I have a Finnish test!

We met at TAMK library this time. I have Finnish test and I need to study so Janica and Getuar will help me 🙂

We talked about colours and adjetives. Most of the words were not new for me but I needed to learn it by heart

This meeting was pretty fun, because we sat in a computer to write all the words and we “played a game”. The game was that Getuar wrote a color in English and I had to say it in Finnish and Janica had to say it in Spanish, so it was kind of a Memory Game. I didn’t remember most of them but Janica has a very good memory and said almost all the colours by heart! It was a very fun way to review our knowledge!

We did a similar thing with the adjectives to describe things. Here are some of the adjectives we talked about:
Finnish, Spanish, English:

Uusi, nuevo, new.
Vanha, viejo, old.
Nuori, joven, Young.
Iso, grande, big.
Pieni, chico/pequeño, small.
Pitkä, alto, tall.
Lyhyt, corto/pequeño, short.
Kallis, caro, expensive.
Halpa, barato, cheap.
Kuuma, caliente, hot.
Kylmä, frío, cold.
Kaunis, linda/hermosa/bonita, beautiful.
Komea, lindo/hermoso/bonito, handsome.
Onnellinen, feliz, happy.
Surullinen, triste, sad.
Hyvä, bueno/bien, good.
Paha/Huono, malo, bad.

Thank you Janica and Getuar for yor help! We also had a very fun time!


#10 German-Finnish: Last meeting

Actually I can not realise that this was already my last meeting with Paula, the time was running so fast and I still could continuing to meet up and learn languages. On the other side I already see some success in my Finnish skills, the more often I try now to translate easy things I just said in English and after these months it is easier to express my thoughts in Finnish. I am not that “afraid” of the language anymore, sometimes I even think it is easy (but only in a few contexts!). I am so much quicker in finding vocabulary because I repeated it a lot of times.

For the last meeting we wanted to meet in the favorite café of Paula, Ravintola Kahvila in Tammela. As we arrived we realised that it is closed every monday, the same for the cat café next to it. So we went to the vegetarian restaurant “Gopal” next to there. I can highly recommend this place because it is very cheap for good quality food and you can choose what you want to eat from an open buffet and you pay by weight, so if you are not so hungry, you just take a small portion.

Yummy vegetarian snakcs at "Gopal"
Yummy vegetarian snacks at “Gopal”

On the walls was an interesting language written so I asked:

Mitä kieltä se on? – Which language is that? / Welche Sprache ist das?

Then I asked Paula to teach me the past tense because I think that is important for small talk:

minä oli, sinä olit, hän oli, me olimme, te olitte, he olivat – I was, you were, he was,…

minulla oli, sinulla oli, hänellä oli, meillä oli, teillä oli, heillä oli – I had, you had,…

–> Minulla oli kiva vikonluppo – I had a nice weekend / Ich hatte ein schönes Wochenende

And the negative form of the past:

minä en ollut (no, not beer – olut! ;)). sinä et ollut, hän ei ollut
me emme olleet, te ette olleet, he eivät olleet  – I haven’t been / Ich war nicht…

minulla ei ollut, sinulla ei ollut, hänellä ei ollut, meillä ei ollut, teillä ei ollut, heillä ei ollut
– I didn’t have/ I hadn’t / Ich hatte nicht

–> En ole rakastanut häntä – I didn’t love him. Ich habe ihn nicht geliebt.

Thank you Paula again and thanks to the organisors of the each one teach one course!

Sinä olet paras opettaja – You are the best teacher. Du bist die beste Lehrerin!

#9 what a view

Hello everyone!

There has come the time where I can express myself about this Each One Teach one experience.
I was pretty happy to have as student my friend Ugo because we get along very well together. This class was a good opportunity for me and for us to discuss about our origins, country culture, language and we tried to share as much things as possible

I learned a lot about Ugo’s life in France, we spent a lot of time googling the places we live, and spend our time. He saw my city, my house and I saw his. Being able to exchange our culture differencies has been very interesting and I do believe that everybody part of the each one teach one experience will bring home a little piece of another culture.

My language skills has improved a lot and now I can even understand the meaning of some expressions directly related to the young generation. Basically if I decide to travel back in France I will be able to be understood and discuss very everybody. Most part of the time we were talking in French so I can improve my knowledge but Ugo is now able to chat a little bit in German. I think that could be helpful someday for him if he meets some German or Austrian people somewhere around the globe.

I do believe that everyone really enjoyed their experiences in this class. For us it was another good opportunity to meet, chat and share about life in English of course, but also in French and German.

The last meeting we had was in Sokos Sky Bar in Tampere, a wonderful place where I really invite you to go at least once before you leave. It is quite expensive to have a drink there but the view is priceless because the bar is located on the 25th floor of the hotel.


Our last meeting will be a good opportunity to test what we have learned so far, nothing will be too much complicated though! It will most likely be a final recap of everything we learned so far. We will post it in a few days and give you guys the grades 😉
Stay tuned !