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Making some Tacos dorados.

As It has been stated before, We truly love food. So this time I brought the ingredients to make some “Tacos Dorados” at Maria’s place. I bought “Mazeca” a brand of corn flour used to make “Tortillas”, Lettuce, cheesee, chicken breasts, cream and Potatoes.

First I show Jacqueline, Maria and Nedas how to prepare the dough. Latter, we form medium size balls with the dough, just big enough to get a tortilla out of them. The process is simple, in Mexico we use a metallic press that squishes the doug, but here we had to improvise.

We use instead a plastic bag and common plate, with the bottom part of the plate we push the balls down until we got a round shape. Later, I show them how to cook  the tortillas on the pan.

While we cook the tortillas, We boil on the side, some potatoes and chicken, later on Nedas, Jacky and Maria help me peal and mash the potatoes and pull the chicken.

The next step was putting the mash potatoes and pulled chicken into the cooked tortillas, roll them and deep fried them in oil.

At the end when we got to serve the food we decorated the tacos with the cream, the cheese and the lettuce. (One mistake I made was forgetting the salsa.) But in the end, it is the best recreation of the dish we could have made by ourselves with the ingredients I found here in Finland.

I believe that they  enjoy the tacos a lot, they even got a little bit creative and started mixing the chicken with the mash potatoes. While we cook, I show them some of my favourite tunes in spanish. It was a nice evening, and I hope that in the future they try to recreate the recipe by themselves back in their countries.



Mexican dinner.

We met at my tutor’s apartment. Our lesson related to Mexican food. We decided to prepare together rice with chicken and special special Mexican sauce (mole). I have never heard about mole before. The lesson seemed to be nice culinary experience. During that lesson I gained an ability to prepare a typical Mexican dinner (I hope to find mole in Poland). What is more, I realised how complex it is to prepare the sauce by yourself. It contains so many ingredients, that it seems to be much easier and cheaper to buy a carton box of mole instead of preparing it by yourself. It was very instructive to have a chance to cook a Mexican meal with a guidance of Sheli. Without that experience it seems to me that I would have never got to know what mole is. I really appreciate this type of lessons.

Mexican dinner.

Continuing the new style of education Sheli invited me for a Mexican dinner. We were preparing together typical Mexican sandwiches called molletes. I have heard about them a lot of times, and eventually I had a chance to acquire the process of cooking them. After that session I gained new cooking skills. I know how to make molletes, which ingredients I need to buy, and how they should be served. I perceive it as a very tasty dish, though the preparations are time consuming. I believe this method of teaching is more beneficial since you can put the theory into practice. Even though Sheli described me the way how to cook this particular meal, it was much easier to memorize the recipe while cooking them. I did not expect to have a possibility to cook together with a Mexican girl. It was new experience for me.