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Movie Day

This Sunday we decided that it was time for us to chill out a little bit, so we met at Anni’s appartment to watch a movie.

We thought that we could watch something that ilustrates our cultural background so we decided we could watch pixar’s Coco, because it’s almost Halloween and in Mexico that means it’s almost El Dia de los Muertos, which is the festivity represented in the movie.

Prepared for the movie

Before the movie we talked about a little bit of cinema vocabulary like genres of movies, cameras, actors. Soon we found out that it’s difficult to find a movie in spanish with english subtitles because normally it’s the other way around so we struggled a bit with that.

During the movie we made a list of vocabulary based on family because it’s the main focus of the film and we also did this fill the gap thing with the main theme of the movie “Recuérdame”.  All in all, it was a good day and it was great to see these movie with mexican people that can explain to you how they celebrate this day.


We love food, sorry. “Bavarian evening at @TAMK

This time Jacqueline invited us to an event she was hosting with some other German girls at the Catering Studio. This time the girls didn’t prepared the dishes but another student from TAMK did. They had a menu on the wall and although I wanted to tried the “Schnitzel” I went with the salad “Kartoffelsalat” once more. We spend the evening talking about our plans for Christmas and when did we planned to go back to our countries.

Futhermore, we meet with some Maria and Jacqueline friends that we met on Oktoberfest and we learn how to play a German game called “Kniffel”. the point of the game was to collect the same numbers or a set of combination similar to the ones in Poker.

You could only roll the dice 3 times and you can keep the ones you thing are good enough to score a good combination.

  We also had the opportunity to see Jacky with her “Dirndl” on, this attire is mostly use in celebrations in Germany  or big gatherings like Oktoberfest.

Meeting #10: Last Meeting & Places to Visit

Marie and I met at City Toas for our last meeting on Monday 1st of May.


We liked each other culture so we decided that it would be nice to get to know each of our countries a little bit better. Getting to show (and learn) places to visit on the other persons country sounded fantastic. So each one of us made a list of the most turistic places (and the best places we belive there are) and try to show the other person those places, with pictures and also explainin about the culture of the place and what you can expect to find there. I liked this meeting, it was fun, we learned even more about the French/Mexican culture and i think that even though France is quite far from Mexico,  I will return some day to visit the places Marie told me about.

These are some of those places she talked to me about:

There ara a lot of famous places in France, so she divided them in regions:

First of all, they have Paris, the capital. There is a lot of things to visit: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, etc

Then on the first region on the North West is “Bretagne” (in blue)

  • There is Saint-Malo with “le Mont Saint Michel”
  • You also have some cities as Brest, Deauville, La Baule, they can go in these cities for a week-end, taste some oysters, molds, delicious fishes.

The second region, South West, is composed by Bordeaux and Bayonne (in red)

  • The surfers go there to enjoy the waves.
  • In Bordeaux, you can also visit famous vineyards. And if you go to Bayonne during the summer, you have the feria, everyone is partying in the streets dressed in white and red.

The third one is in the South East called “La Côte d’Azur” (in yellow)

  • It has some famous places as Marseille, Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Nice.
  • It’s where we go when you want to enjoy the sun in France.

The last one, represented by a star in the map is les Alpes, a famous place for the ski with Val d’Isere, Courchevel or Megève.


Meeting #7: Talking about typical French Food

So yesterday, Sunday 23th of April Marie and I gather for our 7th meeting.

We decided -since we both liked each others´ typical foods- to learn a little bit more about the Mexican and French food, respectively.

This is what i learned about french people and their food tastes: for the French people, the food is very important. It’s a moment when we are with your family or your friends, when we share our life with the others and they enjoy to eat. They usually start with a starter, after with the main course, after that we are forced to have cheese, because it’s a tradition in France, and at the end a good desert. Obviously, they also have a glass of wine with them every diner.

Marie talked about the typical dishes they eat all around the year:

  1. The first one is the most amazing one and it’s almost the same than the dish we cooked on our session #6. It’s LA TARTIFLETTE. It’s just potatoes, bacon, onions and a loooooot of cheese! This plate came from Savoie who is actually the region in France when you are going to practicing ski.
  2. The second one is LE COQ AU VIN. It’s very simple: a cock marinated in wine with onions, carrots and mushroom.
  3. After, they have LE POT AU FEU. You have to take some vegetables and a little piece of meat. You put everything in a big pot with a lot of water and cook it little by little.
  4. This is the most famous one in Bretagne, a region in the North-East. It’s LA CREPE.
  5. They also have LE CASSOULET. This is actually white beans, duck confit and sausage. It came from the South of France.
  6. The last one is maybe the most traditional plate from France: LE BOEUF BOURGUIGNON. You just have to cook beef inside Bourgogne’s wine. Give some vegetables and potatoes with it and that’s it.

Maybe i´ll try to cook some of this dishes when i get back home in Mexico… They sure sound delicious!!!!

Meeting #6: Mexican Tacos

So yesterday (April 16th) Marie and I met at my place to cook some tacos!

It was an easy recipe what i tried to teach Marie, because in Tampere we do not have all we need to make proper tacos. I actually was attonished by finding some real tortillas in Sokos.

We cooked some meat with choped onion in a pan.


Meanwhile we made some “GUACAMOLE”. Guacamole is made in very different ways in Mexico, but i went for the easiest recipe. We choped avocados, tomatoes and onions. Then we mixed everything.  We also cutted a chilli in small slices -but we left it aside in case it was to spicy for Marie, good news… IT WAS NOT!!


Then everything was ready. I warmed a couple of tortillas , but them in the dishes, and then served some meat on top. Then, i told Marie that what we commonly do in Mexico is eat tacos with our bare hands, we add some guacamole and if we have, sauce, and then we  take the tortilla by the sides and bite!!


Truth be told, it is a little bit hard at first to get the trick on how to eat tacos. The first time someone tries to, normally spills all the content of the taco in the plate. By her second taco Marie was doing a lot better and she even put some chilli slice in it!!!!



Meeting #3: Body Parts and Animals Names

We met on Wednesday 15 in a place to eat waffles for our third meeting.


Acording to the plan proposed we were suppoused to study numbers and colors, but we had already seen them in other sesions, so we decided to start with body parts.

It was fun, we had a really nice time, and we got astonished about how much some words are pretty much alike (or at least they have a very similar pronunciation). And even though it is not so simple to remember the words that are a lot different we enjoyed the time we spent and had fun trying to pronunce the words properly.


We also decided to learn how to say that something hurts or that you feel ill, this is what we learned:

        ENGLISH                                     FRENCH                           SPANISH

  • Sick                                            Malade                            Enfermo
  • Headache                            Mal à la tête               Dolor de cabeza
  • Throw up                                  Vomir                               Vomitar
  • Flu                                                Toux                                    Tos
  • Pain                                       Douleur/mal                        Dolor
  • I have pain in/on …        Je mal à la/ou…       Tengo dolor de/en…

After we finished with the body parts we realised we still had some time free, so we decided to look up for some animal pictures and start saying their names. It was a good oportunity to learn new vocabulary and see some really cute animal pics!!! These are some of the animals’ names we translated:

          ENGLISH                    FRENCH                   SPANISH

  • Dog                              Chien                          Perro
  • Cat                               Chat                            Gato
  • Fish                           Poisson                         Pez
  • Rabbit                      Lapain                        Conejo
  • Lion                              Lion                           León
  • Horse                        Cheval                        Caballo
  • Ants                          Fourmis                    Hormigas
  • Spider                      Araignée                      Araña
  • Mosquitoes           Moustique                Mosquitos
  • Fox                             Renard                         Zorro
  • Monkey                      Singe                  Chango-mono
  • Cow                             Vache                           Vaca
  • Pig                              Cochon                 Puerco-Cerdo
  • Bird                            Oiseaux                     Pájaros
  • Wolf                              Loup                           Lobo
  • Frog                         Grenouille                     Rana
  • Giraffe                         Girafe                         Jirafa
  • Sheep                       Mouton                     Borrego
  • Tiger                            Tigre                             Tigre
  • Mouse                        Souris                          Ratón
  • Duck                          Carand                          Pato
  • Bear                             Ours                              Oso
  • Owl                          Chouette                       Búho
  • Eagle                           Aigle                            Águila
  • Dolphin                  Dauphin                        Delfín
  • Hen-Cook-Chicken    Poule-Coq/Poulet    Gallina-Gallo-Pollo

Mexican Food Party

Today we decided to meet at the K-market where we bought Mexican food supplies for our Mexican dinner: Guacamole and Quesadillas. After buying all the supplies where we headed to TOAS city.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 12.18.50The starter was guacamole here for Fernanda used a couple avocados, lime and onions and squished it all together. It was so delicious during the time of preparing we talked about the Mexican food culture the Mexican food staples are mostly tortillas a long with beans, rice, tomato’s, chili peppers and different kind of meat as chorizo and Mexicans love spicy food sadly the peppers we bought weren’t spicy at all :).

Different to Germans, Mexicans eat much later then we are. In Germany it is considerate unhealthy to eat after 8 or 9pm were Mexicans not even start to eat their dinner :).

As German are known for there beer Mexicans are for tequila maybe when we are lucky we meet Fernanda’s sister in may and she can bring some yummy original Mexican food and maybe a tequila with her ;).

After our starter we or more Fernanda prepared for us Quesadillas one with meat and one vegetarian variant for me witIMG_2247h rice. For that we but cheese in to the middle of the tortillas and heated it up that the cheese was melting then we put the meat or rice with the rest of the guacamole and tomatoes in it. During our dinner we talked about random interest as other students from the residence joint us in the kitchen. After long and funny talks we talked
shortly about our next meeting at the mall and when the best time is for us to watch a hockey game. 🙂

Meeting #12: Adiós Amigos

After 4 months in a foreign country were we have lived through a bunch of new and crazy, fun and sad, mentionable and better not mentioned situations and experiences we finally stepped on one of our last milestones. The last meeting of each one teach one has come. And what place would be better as location as the bar we had met the first time, even before each one teach one began – Ravintola Mallashovi. During our time here in Tampere this bar has become to one of our favorite places in the city. With its charme, calmness, variety of pub games and cheap drinks it had owned the german title “Stammkneipe”.
And so we went there on this Thursday evening. Talking about the time here, playing games and thinking about our meetings we had. For myself it was really astonishing, how fast the time passed from our first meeting at the football game until today. We also came to some conclusions. One of it was that Spanish is definitely easier to learn and teach than German. Not only grammar and vocabulary are quite difficult but pronunciation as well. You also have think of the fact that spoken German differs a lot, depending on the area were you want to travel to and the several dialects are often very hard to understand. I think that´s something, someone who really wants to learn it has to consider. Another point was the documentation of our meetings. I think it would have helped if we had something like an agenda in the beginning of every meeting that somehow could have given a line for us on which we could a bit orientate. On the other side that maybe would have destroyed our free and collaborative working attitude. Last but not least some words to the planning of the meetings. I guess we all have made the experience that especially in the end of the semester the time for the meetings got less and less. Since everyone was much clamped to his tasks, exams and presentations for university. The arrangement of the last meetings we had was always kind of stressful because it was hard to figure out a good date. So as a conclusion of that we would say, it would have been better if we had started earlier and much more frequent. Netherless we managend it and brought it to an appropriate end. The rest of the evening we spent playing darts – a game that can get very dangerous if you play it with Oscar 😀 (insider joke) and also one game that we all will miss very much cause we don´t have it in Germany – Tablecurling.
So that was my each one teach one experience. And as difficult it is for an author to find a good ending line for his book it is difficult for me to find one for this blog. I just want to thank the whole each one teach one – team because you make it possible for us to get these extraordinary experience. And I also want to thank my team, which in this time here became my friends. I will miss you all guys and I really hope to see you again!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel , only read  a single page of it .”
Augustinus Aurelius

Meeting #11: Breaking Bad – A little subtitle marathon

breaking-badAs the title reveals, our 11. Meeting was supposed to be a movienight. We thought quite long about what movie or series we should choose, because we all had our favorites but we also had to consider that it had to have German and also Spanish subtitles. In the end we decided for Breaking Bad, although some of us had already seen the whole series, me included. But still it was very fun to watch it again. For me this was a very good way to use what we have achieved and learned during our last sessions, because it combined the reading and translating while following the subtitles in Spanish and it also led us very often to questioning for new vocabulary. Of course we couldn´t just read the subtitles and understand all, but with the help of the English voice over we were able to connect it. So I would say at least basic phrases and questioning, as well as some other phrases were no problem for us.not-mexico-vs-mexico-breaking-bad

On the other side I think it was for Oscar quite complicated, because the written German in the subtitle was often a very “high” even difficult form. But still he was able to connect a lot and we helped him out if some phrases sounded strange to him. One good example was when the protagonist, Walther White, gets the diagnosis he has cancer. In English the spoken sentence was like:”… I am sorry to tell you but you have lung cancer” and in German :”… Es tut mir leid Ihnen das mitteilen zu müssen, aber Sie haben Lungenkrebs.” The strange thing in this is that the German word „Krebs“ means „cancer“ in English, but also „crab“. Things like that are always quite strange and sometimes funny when you notice them.  After the first episodes we just continued and I guess we watched approximately 6 episodes of the first season. I really liked that way of learning, because I used it a lot to learn English before. For me it is a very good way and should be much more used in schools since it is a very easy and also interactive and motivational learning technique. I will really try to continue with it when I am back home, maybe I even try some other languages.

Meeting #10: Comida Mexicana… und deutscher Apfelkuchen

What is there better to explore another culture than to wander through the cooking books and search for some delicious sounding meals?

Considering that we wanted to do a cooking evening since the beginning, but until now we just managed to visit restaurants, we decided to finally just do it, because also our time is running out slowly but static. We met at Oscars places and searched for recipes, both of Mexican and German food. Since we all loved the fajitas at “Pancho Villa” we decided to pick it as our main dish, whereas our dessert should be a traditional German cake – Der Apfelkuchen (Apple pie). During our search we also learned some new vocabulary that we noted down, like:

Apple – manzana
Pie – pastel
Dough – pasteles
Salad – lechuga
Beans – frijoles
to bake – hornear
to cook – cocinar

On the other side we translated words from English into German. After that we went to shop the ingredients and after that started to cook. We talked about cooking and also eating culture in our countries. How important it is to have dinner with your family, at least on one day in the week – for instance in Germany. The dinner was very nice and the dessert formed a glorious finish to our senses of taste.

If I now look back to the learning outcomes for today and also the last sessions we had, I have to say that the most positive point out of it was probably the very free learning situation. We talked about the stuff we were interested in and also the exchange between our both cultures was very great and open minded. One thing that we maybe could concentrate more is grammar, but I think it is difficult to teach this properly in such a short time. But we should try to talk more about that, too.

Buenas noches!

PS: here is the pie recipe!
6 medium apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup heavy cream
1 prepared pie crust

Press the pie crust into the bottom of a big pie plate. Crimp the edges (if you are feeling fancy) or simply smooth the edges until they are relatively smooth. Whisk together the dry ingredients and sprinkle over the apples in a large mixing bowl. Stir to coat all the pieces and then place the apples into the pie crust. Pour the cream over the apples and bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 55-60 minutes. Cool completely before serving. Enjoy!