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Meeting #9: Vapriiki – Museums day

“Let´s go to the museum!”
“… it will be fun – they said …”
“… you see a lot of great stuff – they said …”

… and in fact – that all was true!
For me it already was the second time I have visited the Vapriiki museum here in Tampere but still there were some things to explore.

Together we went through the different exhibitions like the icehockey and Tampere history exhibition, but also rooms with stuffed wild animals and historic pieces of Finnish technonlogy.
Today’s aim was it to get to know the flora and fauna better and to learn the right vocabulary – such as names of them. So we went through the rooms, picked an animal and named it in our language. After that we talked a bit about it – what special abilities does it have, what colour is its fur and what kind of animal is it… We learned a lot of new words and also something about the animals and nature in Mexico. As Oscar explained before, Mexico not only consists of deserts. So there are not only reptiles living there but also a great amount of different ape species, wild cats, wolves, coyotes and even pelicans.

The whole trip was a very interesting way to learn new things, because it was a very visual way and also a very calm area where we were able to concentrate on our stuff. Maybe that was one thing that sometimes bothered our meetings a bit before, since we often connected it with events.

After playing a lot with the woodcutting simulator in the end, we went on our way back home.

Meeting #8: Name´s Bond … James Bond!

DSC_7241Finally! After years of waiting for the 4th movie of Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming´s iconic figure James Bond, he returns a last time to fight against “Spectre”.
We all were really looking forward to see this movie so we just had to watch it together. It was also yet another cool place to do one of our meetings. So after having something to eat at Fynlaisons, where we repeated the stuff of our last lessons, it was time to enjoy some classical british action.

But even the intro of this movie led us directly back to our topic, to learn more about Mexico, its  culture and language. It starts in Mexico City at one of its most famous and also somehow for us European guys a bit creepy celebration days. Día de los Muertos – The day of the Dead. Followed by an amazing haze in a helicopter through the city. I won´t spoiler the whole movie now, but I highly recommend to watch it! So after the movie we had a lot to talk about on our way home and one of the main points was
– Día de los Muertos. Oscar explained us what Mexicans are doing on this special day and what it means to them. Basically it is said that on this day the souls of the dead return back to their families. But this is no day of sorrow. It is much more a celebration of live, to honor the commemoration of the Dead.

Meeting #7: MIAMI – We are coming!

Today wasn´t the first party we were going together, since we all made very good friends in the time we have been to Finland so far, but it was the first time we did it with some kind of educational purpose. As usual we started with some pre drinking and playing some beerpong, before we head to Miami club.


So our educational aim today was it to talk a bit more about ordering different drinks and do little smalltalks… Maybe also to learn some simple pickup lines 😀 We had a really great time, laughed and also drank a lot.

For everyone who wants to know some more about famous Mexican drinks, here is a little list:

Tequila – the most famous liquor

Tequila Sunrise – 8 cl Tequila / 8 Ice cubes / 5 cl Grenadine syrup / some fresh citron juice / 20 cl Orange juice

Michelada – Beer mix with lime and tabasco, famous as hangover killer

Cervezas – Mexican beer, most famous ones are Corona, Sol and Dos Equis

Meeting #6: O´Zapft is! HANA ON AUKI! Grifo está abierto!

After some very excellent Mexican food the week before, it was now our turn to introduce Oscar to the magnificent german (mostly bavarian) world of meals!

We tried to explain him how important fairs like the Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wasen, are for our social and cultural life, but also how much they influence our image in the world. So as we have pre-estimated stereotypes of Mexicans, they also have them for us. The most typical might be the one of Lederhosen wearing and Sauerkraut eating, too thick guys that have mostly no sense of humor. But I think we already busted that myth during the several meetings before… at least we hoped so 😀

DSC_0086 DSC_0087
So to experience our very own little Oktoberfest we were going to Plevna restaurant next to Fynlaison, ate some typical German meals and of course enjoyed some very good beer. This time we talked a lot about German culture and tradition, which was really nice since we all had something different from our own areas that we could talk about. I think it was also very interesting for Oscar to see how variable German culture is and I guess it also helped him to decide which places he really should visit during his (almost) planned trip to Germany.

Meeting #5: Fajitas con carne favor!


Since Oscar was always telling us the whole time how great Mexican food is and some of us haven´t even tried it, we decided to go to pancho villa for our next meeting. I just catched myself thinking about Mexican food consists of nothing more than beans, tacos and tequila… but that is of course as wrong as Mexican wearing sombreros and riding donkeys whole the time.
In contrast Mexican food has a very great range of overly delicious meals and also a high variety of sauces and also drinks. Studying the menu, Oscar explained how these are traditionally made, because some of them weren´t presented and made in the original Mexican way. He also said that Mexican kitchen uses a lot of spices, some of them are really hot. In the end I decided to get some fajitas with beef. We tried to remember how to order something and built phrases with the meals we decided for. While we were eating we tasted the meals of each other and talked about our favorite meals at home and what we will eat first when we arrive back there in some months.

fajitasWe had a great time and the fajitas were very good! That will also be something we haven´t done for the last time!

Meeting #4: Icehockey – Ilves vs. Kalpa


Today was our 4th meeting and finally it was time for us to watch a game of Finland’s’ national sport – Icehockey! I was really looking forward to this day, since I am also a quite big icehockey fan. Although I am coming from a very small village in Germany, we have our own icehockey team which plays in the third league. So today we went with a much greater bunch of people to the game not just only our EOTO group, nethertheless we were able to talk a lot about winter here in Europe, but also in Mexico and also learned some new Mexican expressions.

To sum it up, winter in Mexico is more or less comparable to our spring we have in Europe, with the difference that these months are very dry. Despite of that it can also get quite cold    sometimes in some areas, especially if they are located in higher sealevels above 1000m. In the mountains it can also be snowy.

winter = invierno
summer = el verano
night = noche
day = día
snow = nieve
mountain = montañapenalty = pena
foul = falta
referee = árbitro
to cheer = para animar


The game itself was very interesting, very fast and also very tense. In the end of the official playtime there was a tie, so the game got into an extension. During this Ilves was able to score a penalty goal with that they won the game. This was our first but surely not our last icehockey game here in Finland!

Meeting #3: The famous Deathburger

For our third meeting it was time to experience one of the legendary burgers from Jack the Rooster here in Tampere. So as we tried to do the difficult decision to choose the perfect burger from the menu, we taught us each other how to order different things in German and in Spanish. So here are some phrases:

I would like to have a cheeseburger please = Me gustaría una hamburguesa con queso por favor

One bear please = Una cerveza por favor

Garlic = ajo

Ketchup  = salsa de tomate

I would like to pay = Me gustaría que pagar As we ordered our meals and also tried to repeat the phrases it was Oscars turn to order his meal. As a Mexican he felt like it was his duty to order the Deathburger, which was made with an extremely hot sauce. But the waiter convinced him that it would be really, really, really… hot – so Oscar changed his mind and took a normal one instead.

But the whole way home he was complaining about why he hadn´t took the Deathburger, cause he felt a bit hurt in his honor as Mexican. So we decided to get back to Roosters someday and try it 🙂

Meeting #1: Ilves vs. Marienhamn (Football)


We are now almost quite a month here in Tampere and had today our first each one teach one meeting. Instead of just sitting somewhere inside we decided to profit from the still warm weather and watch the football game of Ilves against Marienham.

It was a really nice experience since I am not that often in stadiums to watch football. But also because it was a good possibility to get to know each other better and do some first vocabulary. We talked a lot about sports, of course especially football and its importance for us german guys as the most of you will probably know. Furthermore we were quite astonished that besides football, baseball, basketball and also bullfighting are quite common in Mexico.