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Third meeting

I met Laura, Gayeon at the Moomin museum in Tampere-talo last Friday. We got to get in the museum because it is free on the last Friday of every month.

There were a lot of things about Moomin such as books, statues and so on. Everything was very cute and well-made. So I was pretty happy with the museum for the most part. But it was a shame that we were not supposed to take pictures insides. Moomin is not that famous in Korea. So I didn’t know Moomin in detail, but I am familiar with the name Moomin. I got to know about Moomin because Laura told us about Moomin’s story. In there, everything was written in many languages except for Korean. But I could found the name of Moomin in Korean which is 무민 on a column and some souvenirs. It was very interesting.

We had a good time at the museum. Although we learn about languages this time, we could experience about Moomin in Finnish culture.

Moomin Museum visit

This Friday we visited the Moomin Museum in Tampere-talo. This time we had decided that we would have a holiday and we wouldn’t study languages this time. Of course, the moomins are quite  big part of Finnish culture, so maybe some cultural education took place. We also had one extra friend with us in the museum, which was fun.

There was a statue of the Moomintroll outside the Tampere-talo where it is easy for visitors to take pictures of themselves with the statue.

The customer service in the museum was great. There is always free tickets on the last Friday of each month, and there were a ticket giver right at the main entrance. I was first to get there, so I got tickets for us all, but all others came right behind me and also received tickets, so I gave the extra tickets back to the ticket giver.

I play the flute, and there was this kind of stand right beside the entrance to the museum, so I just had to ask for them to take my picture.

In the museum there were a lot of moomin-scenes made by Pietilä, which were really cute. I tried my best to tell our group what each scene was about or tell some other information about them. I have read some of the Moomin books and watched some of the episodes from the Moomin TV-series, so I knew what I was talking about. After the museum visit we went to the Moomin shop in the Tampere-talo.

I forgot to tell our group about Tove Jansson, and I didn’t even come across much of information about her in the museum. I was so enchanted of the museums display. Next week (or this week) we are back to business to study languages, and I look forward to our next meeting!


A nostalgic day

With our third meeting we decided to visit the Moomin museum. I was really excited, because the Moomins were definitely a part of my childhood. I always watched the tv show when I was younger.

The museum was really nice. You could grab a book at the entrance and the book was basically your guide. This was a good way of exploring a museum in my opinion. Elisa grabbed a Finnish book and I grabbed an English one and together we explored the museum. Elisa knew a lot more then I did, because she has read all of the books and I haven’t read them. This was good for me, because she was my second guide.

Another thing I really liked about the museum was the fact that a lot of scenes out of the books where created in an exhibition piece. Because of the books really came to live. It was also fun to hear the stories and looking at the exhibition piece at the same time.

The best piece in my opinion was the Moominhouse. There was one really big exhibition piece and that was a replica of the Moominhouse. This piece is absolutely beautiful, and the details are amazing. It felt like exploring a giant doll house.

Elisa and I both grew up with the Moomins, that’s why we decided to teach each other  the names of the characters in our mother tongue. In the following picture you can most of the characters with their Finnish and Dutch name.



We also did both a test called: Which Moomin character are you? You can do the test over here: https://www.moomin.com/en/which-moomin-are-you/     


According to the test I’m Moomintroll.


It was a really nostalgic day for us! It was awesome. If you are in Tampere, I recommend you to definitely visit the Moomin museum!

Moomins in Proakatemia

Yesterday our meeting started off with lunch in Siperia. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, since Michelle was travelling in Lapland the past week, so we had some catching up to do. The main plan for the meeting was to read a German Moomin book in Proakatemia so that’s where we headed next.

Proakatemia is situated in the old Finlayson factory area and it’s more of an office than uni. We have the complete 5th floor with a view over Tammerkoski and Tampere. It’s such an inspiring place to work and the scenery is one of my absolute favourites in Tampere. After giving Michelle a tour of the office and introducing her to some of my team members we settled ourselves in a nice quiet corner.16833501_10211935948536792_1915209152_oIn this cozy atmosphere I started reading out loud a book called “Geschichten aus dem Mumintal”. After I had finished reading a sentence, I translated it with the help of Michelle. Some sentences were pretty difficult since the language used in the book is a bit old-fashioned and some words are not used anymore. But understanding the context was more important than knowing each word anyway. I scribbled notes and words to my book, here’s a list of them:

etw schaffen = to finish sth
beinahe = almost
geschehen = to happen
wagen = to dare
an/fassen = to touch (intentionally)
berühren= to touch (accidentally)
sehnen sich nach etw = to reminisce
so gut wie (fertig) = almost ready

Our next meeting will take place after winter holiday when Michelle has come back from celebrating the carnival in Germany. Perhaps we will continue with reading the Moomin book as I want to know how the story continues. Bis bald!


9th meeting at the Moomin Museum

Today we went to the Moomin Museum. I did not know anything about Moomins until I came here, but it was already my second time in the museum. I love them and they seem a very important part of the Finnish culture.


Lynn did not know them either before coming to Finland, but it’s because she did not have a TV when growing up, not because the show wasn’t aired in Germany. In fact, she told me some of her German friends know the Moomins from television. My Spanish friends, on the other hand, do not know them.

We also visited the part of the museum with paintings and we talked about art and how they approach art in education in both of our countries. She told me Germany does not encourage much creative paths in education but they have the opportunity to follow this careers if they want to. In my case, I should have gone to another town to study art in high school, even though my town is one of the biggest in the region.

Sad Moomin is sad
Sad Moomin is sad

We also discussed that Germany does not have many famous painters, whereas France, Spain and The Netherlands for example have plenty of them. But we agreed that there are many German music composers, a field where Spain does not excell.

But we did not just talk about art, we also created some at the museum. I painted a sad Moomin.