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Our next meeting was a continuation from last one. It’s nice to have a lot of comfortable places to work in university and use them. That’s way we consider to choose university library. We were repeating some material from our previous lectures. We conducted a conversation with using new words. This time was finish time. Leila taught me, introduced the world of the Finnish language. I learned how to say the day of week, months how to say on Monday and also vocabulary connect with this type of situation. That day, an interesting situation occurred. At the university there was a fire alarm, we had to evacuate. By the way, I learned a word related to the fire. Our plans change and we continued studies during a successful walk.

January   Tammikuu

February  Helmikuu
April            Huhtikuu
May              Toukokuu
June           Kesäkuu
July             Heinäkuu
September Syyskuu
October        Lokakuu
November Marraskuu

Maanantai      Monday

Tiistai             Tuesday

Keskiviikko   Wednsday

Torstai           Thursday

Perjantai         Friday

Lauantai         Saturday

Sunnuntai       Sunday

Maanantaina on Monday
Tiistaina on  Tuesday
Keskiviikkona on  Wednsday
Torstaina on Thursday
Perjantaina on Friday
Lauantana  on Saturday