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7th – Movies and TV

26th of April at Puisto café.

To change things a bit, today we focused on talking about movies and tv shows rather than vocabulary. The movie which stood out the most for me was the first one they mentioned, “Tuntematon sotilas”, so that is definitely on the To Watch pile. On my part it was actually hard to think of tv shows which weren’t soap operas, reality shows or late-night game shows since those are what pops into mind when I think of Portuguese series, Though I managed to think of two movies which one is relevant historically while the other is a comedy which looks into the emigration side of my country.

Seventh meeting: THE movies and TV-shows

Okay this time we thought that maybe we could take a topic that’s a little easier and maybe funnier. We (okay at least I) had had so much work to do so it was a great idea to do something like this. Sooo the topic of the meeting: the most finnish/portuguese movies and TV-shows we could come up with.  You know, those that you just must see. Even though we soon realised that we ourselves A. don’t know what are THE movies and TV-shows and B. after googling them realised we haven’t seem like half of them. But hey, it was still fun!

Okay on the top of our finnish list, I got to mention this. A true Finn has seen Tuntematon sotilas, which translates to Unknown soldier. A movie about a war against Russia, when Finland got its independence. And TV-shows, well the most iconic finnish TV-show has to be Salatut elämät, Secret lives in translation. Also learned that Portugal isn’t that big in the movie/TV-show industry. Not many big movies and the TV-shows were mostly soap operas (okay, what is finnish TV..). But very much reality shows! Thumbs up from me, love it.

8th Meeting – Черный кот

Hello! Getting tired of me yet? 😉

So 8th meeting already… This time we also met at Nadiia’s house. Like I had told her before it’s easy for me to learn a new language by listening music, so she played me this song (got to warn you, it’s quite catching):

It’s about how people think that when you see a black cat crossing the street it brings you bad luck, but in this song only the black is the one who becomes unhappy because of the people. It’s sad to see the cat so sad, I want to go and hug him!! (even if it’s “only a cartoon”). But because of the catchiness of this song, I now remember some Russian words better.

We also watched a clip of this movie буратино. It’s somewhat a Russian version of Pinocchio, or at least it I understood the movie that way. I have to say that, based on this movie, Russians have more expressive voice actors in children films than some of the Finnish ones.

This meeting we had more discussions about Finnish and Russia cultures and their differences than straight lectures about the language but it was nice for a change.


More Dutch basics!


Fourth meeting took again place at Y-campus. Bryan thought me more basic Dutch like numbers, colours, some verbs and personal pronouns. He had again made nice learning sheets for me. 🙂

We also talked about Belgian towns and cities, which ones I should visit when going to Amsterdam for exchange and of course travelling while in there. Seems like everything is right next to each other. So I will deffo visit those recommended places. I also told Bryan that I’m a big fan of films and rock music too, so he gave me few names to listen to as well as some films that he thought are good to watch.


I’ve had a go with the recommended music and I quite like this band called Gorki. I don’t really understand anything yet, obviously but at least my ears get used to Dutch language. 🙂

And here’s also nice video from them with subtitles:

#9 – How about German movies and films???

Soooo, I got another request from my students which was German movies or German films! 😀 Since watching a whole movie might be too much for them and trailers only are not very useful, I decided to go back to the children level again and picked out a short clip by a German television show for children after I failed downloading some German dubbed animation series for children XD

You can watch the video here:

>>> http://mediathek.daserste.de/Die-Sendung-mit-der-Maus/Sachgeschichte-Touchscreen/Das-Erste/Video?documentId=25133630&topRessort=tv&bcastId=1458

Make sure to turn on the subtitles for better understanding! 🙂 And that was exactly the reason why I picked this show/video out: they provide subtitles for their videos (even online!) and from my own experience with learning languages, it’s the best for movies when you have subtitles so you can be sure to at least undertand the context and then listen to what has been said.

I think that deciding on a short clip was a good idea because it seemed that a clip with much talking like in my example demands a lot of concentration already. I was told by Kaisa and Maija that the subtitles were very helpful, so a tip to all EOTO teachers out there:


I am glad my students liked it and found the film excercise helpful – next time will already be our last EOTO meeting, which saddens me a bit :’) EOTO is really a nice way of studying and studying how to teach language, culture and having fun with new people, I like this a lot! I am looking forward to our little Christmas party next time 😉

Meetings 9 & 10

Meeting 9

Meeting number 9 was a movie meeting. We watched movies from Holland and Finland. The finnish movie that we saw was Lapland odyssey. For a dutch movie we chose New Kids Turbo. Both are worth watching.

Finnish humour in movies is slightly darker than in dutch movies. Though in movies, and in general, dutch people dare to make fun of things that might be considered as taboos.

Meeting 10

Todays meeting was about making notes about everything that we have learned during these past meetings. First we wrote down the key subjects that we ended up teaching/learning and then started filling the paper with words we learned in finnish/dutch. We noticed that we had reached the learning/teaching goals that we set for each other at least to some extent. We didn’t really have any expectations for this course since it was a new way of learning for the both of us. But every new thing that we were able to teach each other was an achievement and we are pleased with what we have accomplished.

Watching German TV

During my vacation in Germany I saw many TV shows. These were for example The Simpsons, The Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and also some news at RTL. Usually it was very difficult to understand anything. Just when people were talking about numbers or very simple sentences I could understood. Only in Simpsons episode I understood more. But obviously it was because I know Simpsons very good in my own language. More useful was when I watched some DVD’s with English subtitles. Then I understood and I caught some new words.

I hope I will find some German movies on internet. I think this is good way to improve my pronunciation because people say I have really strong accent. Especially my sharp “r” is not good for learning German. It was only useful when I had course Basics of Finnish and my “r” was nearly same as Finnish one unlike pronunciation of students from some other countries.

Movie night!

Group meeting was held at city TOAS apartments where we decided to watch a German movie. I had trouble understanding a lot of it since it was completely in German and there were no subtitles in any language. Michel helped me with that and answered all the questions I had.

I discovered that I do actually understand some even without help but it takes about 15 minutes to get even used to the language. I would definitely recommend movies for anyone who’s interested in learning new languages. It helps a lot! You actually hear how people speak and not just learn the words that are in the books. =)