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Kauppahalli & Pyynikki

We started our third meeting by tour in Kauppahalli with our friends. It was part of Jisoo’s “Finnish cuisine” course. We walked around store hall and got to taste some cheeses and cold smoked horse meat! Then we had good and cheap lunch in there. There was three Finnish, and two Korean students in our group so we talked a lot of our countries differences etc.. It was really nice and fun afternoon!


After tour we headed to Pyynikki observation tower by bus. We had some donuts and coffee in the cafe. Then we viewed landscape upstairs of the tower!


First meeting at Pyynikki Observation Tower

Today we had our first meeting. We met at Stockmann and took the bus to the Pyynikki Observation Tower. First we went upstairs to take some pictures and enjoy the view. After that we had coffee, tea and munkkis. During eating we fixed the dates for our next meetings and I started to write down some important words and phrases in German for introducing. Eunhye and Mi Hyeon tried to pronounce them and they did a really good job.

After that we changed and they decided that it’s the best to start teaching me the Korean alphabet. It was really hard for me to keep it in my mind but I’ll try to learn it until our next meeting so that we can continue with the first words. Next time we’ll go shopping groceries for the Austrian cooking session.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

#8 Finnish-German: Baking munkki!


For our eights meeting we had a super finnish and special idea: BAKING MUNKKIS ON OUR OWN! We went to Paula’s place with her other eoto-Partner from Poland, Krystian. I prepared the dough before, so it could grow in my way in the bus (because of the yeast) – for recipe scroll down. When I arrived at Paula’s nice home in Janka we cut out the donut forms in her kitchen.

Cutting out munkkis with glasses and cups
Cutting out munkkis with glasses and cups

For this we took cups and shot glasses to form nice round munkkis. We also formed some small balls out of the rest of the dough.

Meanwhile we repeated some Finnish:
jauhot – flour – Mehl
taikina – dough – Teig
leipoa – to bake – backen
laittaa ruokaa – to cook – kochen
syödä – to eat – essen
juoda – to drink – trinken

me teimme munkkeja – we bake munkkis
myöhemmin me söimme munkkeja – later we eat munkkis
me joimme teetä – we drink tea

Frying Munkkis in the pot with oil
Frying Munkkis in the pot with oil

Then the munkkis were ready! And they were soo yummy! Thanks guys!

Munkki selfie with krystian and paula

IMG-20151125-WA0006The exchange with Paula and Krystian is very good for me because I can repeat small things I learned in Finnish all the time and both of them profit from the German talking together.

You want the recipe for the munkkis?

Download here: Finnish Munkki Receipe.
You need:

  • 2 packages of dried active yeast (15g)
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 ½ cups milk
  • 50 g warm butter
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup marble syrup (or honey)
  • 2 teaspoon cardamom (spices which makes the black points in munkki)
  • 2 eggs
  • 6 cups of flour (1 cup = 140g, 6 cups = 840g)
  • ½ liter oil (depends on your pot or pan)
  • 50g of sugar
  • 1 egg for the glaze and sugar

It’s raining… where’s the snow?

On 11th of December, we met in Keskustori and then headed to the Christmas market. The weather was not on our side, since it was raining and windy. We walked around in the market are for a bit, but no one felt like buying anything or spending much time there since the weather was so horrible. We did manage to find a booth that was selling traditional eastern German pastries. They were a bit like the Finnish munkki, except they used quark in the doe and they were flavored with lemon. I was listening to Sebastian talking with the seller in German and was positively surprised how much I could understand

So after all of us were nice and cold, we ended up going to Munkkikahvila, which is also located at Keskustori. There we had some hot drinks and simply talked about things. This was probably our last meeting with the (almost) full group, but I’m hoping I could continue the course with some Skype meetings later on.

We also took a picture of us, although one member of our group was missing.

Waffles, munkki and the past tense

My third meeting with our group took place in a Waffle Cafe at 22nd of October.

We ate some delicious waffles and discussed some random things , for example about the German Carneval time and what special pastries they eat during that time. I also learned that a Berliner, which is easily mixed with the Finnish berliininmunkki, is actually just like the normal Finnish munkki.  I don’t know where the Finnish berliininmunkki, which always has that pink topping, actually get’s it’s name.


I had some of my papers with me from my German class. We have not yet moved into the past tense in my studies, but it is something I really wanted to learn, so Sebastian helped me with the papers and taught me how to use verbs in a past tense in German. Since a lot of conversations you carry out during the day are in past tense, I found this meeting very useful.

After that I taught Jaimile and Sebastian how to form numbers past the number 10 in Finnish, and also some basic sentenses like for example how to order coffee, tea or beer (the most important one) 😀

First and Second EOTO meeting

I have not posted to this brog before, so i’m going to write about my first and second EOTO meeting.

First meeting, we had a meeting in the cafe.  The main topic is Origami. So I showed them how to fold origami. First I taught how to create turu: a famous Japanese origami. I think a lot of Japanese people(not 100%) can fold turu.  My partner Iris and Marius can fold it very well! After we made flog, paper balloon, kabut(Japanese traditional hat), paper airplane, fox, butterfly and rikisi(a sumo wrestler). Also we learned about those name in Finnish and Japanese.



Second meeting, that is Tampere day so we went to pyynikki tower and enjoyed munkki <3 we learned some vocabulary we were interested in. After that, We went to Tallipiha and have smoked salmon <3 Not only eating but also i learned how to ask question for shopping  in finish and slovak. For example “Kuinka iso annos on?” (How big is the portion?), “Yksi annos savustettua lohta, kiitos” (One portion of smoked salmon, thank you) and “Voinko maksaa kortilla” (Can I pay with card?). And also I could practice how to count number and time  in Finnish.



I had a good time and It was very fun to learn language! I’m looking forward to the next lessons and I tried to practice more to be able to count number and time fluently!!