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Moomin Museum visit

This Friday we visited the Moomin Museum in Tampere-talo. This time we had decided that we would have a holiday and we wouldn’t study languages this time. Of course, the moomins are quite  big part of Finnish culture, so maybe some cultural education took place. We also had one extra friend with us in the museum, which was fun.

There was a statue of the Moomintroll outside the Tampere-talo where it is easy for visitors to take pictures of themselves with the statue.

The customer service in the museum was great. There is always free tickets on the last Friday of each month, and there were a ticket giver right at the main entrance. I was first to get there, so I got tickets for us all, but all others came right behind me and also received tickets, so I gave the extra tickets back to the ticket giver.

I play the flute, and there was this kind of stand right beside the entrance to the museum, so I just had to ask for them to take my picture.

In the museum there were a lot of moomin-scenes made by Pietilä, which were really cute. I tried my best to tell our group what each scene was about or tell some other information about them. I have read some of the Moomin books and watched some of the episodes from the Moomin TV-series, so I knew what I was talking about. After the museum visit we went to the Moomin shop in the Tampere-talo.

I forgot to tell our group about Tove Jansson, and I didn’t even come across much of information about her in the museum. I was so enchanted of the museums display. Next week (or this week) we are back to business to study languages, and I look forward to our next meeting!


A nostalgic day

With our third meeting we decided to visit the Moomin museum. I was really excited, because the Moomins were definitely a part of my childhood. I always watched the tv show when I was younger.

The museum was really nice. You could grab a book at the entrance and the book was basically your guide. This was a good way of exploring a museum in my opinion. Elisa grabbed a Finnish book and I grabbed an English one and together we explored the museum. Elisa knew a lot more then I did, because she has read all of the books and I haven’t read them. This was good for me, because she was my second guide.

Another thing I really liked about the museum was the fact that a lot of scenes out of the books where created in an exhibition piece. Because of the books really came to live. It was also fun to hear the stories and looking at the exhibition piece at the same time.

The best piece in my opinion was the Moominhouse. There was one really big exhibition piece and that was a replica of the Moominhouse. This piece is absolutely beautiful, and the details are amazing. It felt like exploring a giant doll house.

Elisa and I both grew up with the Moomins, that’s why we decided to teach each other  the names of the characters in our mother tongue. In the following picture you can most of the characters with their Finnish and Dutch name.



We also did both a test called: Which Moomin character are you? You can do the test over here: https://www.moomin.com/en/which-moomin-are-you/     


According to the test I’m Moomintroll.


It was a really nostalgic day for us! It was awesome. If you are in Tampere, I recommend you to definitely visit the Moomin museum!

6th meeting: A quick visit to Vapriikki

For our sixth meeting we decided to see each other in Vapriikki to go to the National History Museum, since we had been talking about moose and deer flies during our last meeting. So, why only to talk, since you are also able to see! As we decided to go on Friday after 17pm, we did not have to pay for the fee, which was very convenient.

As it was about the Finnish nature and animals, I tried to explain Fruzsi and Boti some interesting facts about them. However, during our conversations I realized that Hungary is rather similar to Finland, when it comes to nature and animals. Not so many differences there. However, Fruzsi and Boti told me about some flying insects that do glow while flying, and I don’t think we have such.

For me the biggest outcome of this meeting was to have a nice continuum for the last meeting. To take one thing from a level of words a step up to something concrete. I personally love it when one thing leads to another. Also, since I last time got so exited about the image of a rural Hungarian village with interesting traditional events, I would now very much like to visit one, especially, if they have flying and glowing insects.

The picture above is from a movie The Princess and the Frog by Disney.

Vapriikki Museum

It was a fresh, nearly cold Friday afternoon when I met the lovely Michelle in front of Vapriikki museum. Vaprikki is situated beside the Tammerkoski rapids, across the water from Finlayson. It is a museum centre which hosts many different exhibitions. We had time only to admire a few so we chose to visit the Natural History Museum and The Finnish Museum of Games.

In the Natural History Museum, there are Finnish plants, animals and fishes displayed. As we moved along, I told Michelle some things I knew about Finnish nature. We took a closer look at Finnish berries and concluded that we Finns love our berries: lingonberry for black sausage, cloudberry for squeaky cheese, other berries just as they are.

In the Museum of Games the best thing is, without a doubt, NES console and Super Mario Bros. It brings me back to my childhood when everything was carefree. After the exhibitions closed for the day, we enjoyed Karelian pies and coffee at the cafeteria downstairs.

Bis bald!


9th meeting at the Moomin Museum

Today we went to the Moomin Museum. I did not know anything about Moomins until I came here, but it was already my second time in the museum. I love them and they seem a very important part of the Finnish culture.


Lynn did not know them either before coming to Finland, but it’s because she did not have a TV when growing up, not because the show wasn’t aired in Germany. In fact, she told me some of her German friends know the Moomins from television. My Spanish friends, on the other hand, do not know them.

We also visited the part of the museum with paintings and we talked about art and how they approach art in education in both of our countries. She told me Germany does not encourage much creative paths in education but they have the opportunity to follow this careers if they want to. In my case, I should have gone to another town to study art in high school, even though my town is one of the biggest in the region.

Sad Moomin is sad
Sad Moomin is sad

We also discussed that Germany does not have many famous painters, whereas France, Spain and The Netherlands for example have plenty of them. But we agreed that there are many German music composers, a field where Spain does not excell.

But we did not just talk about art, we also created some at the museum. I painted a sad Moomin.

Mennään museoon!

The most recent (and the last meeting for me) took place in Vapriikki Museum last Tuesday (24/11). Despite having lived in Tampere for a little more than 2 years, it is a shame to say that I have not been to Vapriikki before. So, I’m glad that we chose it to be our meeting place to learn about Tampere and all things Finnish!

Photo from Museokompassi

Student price, 4€. Free entrance on Fridays from 3–6pm. You can also get a free entry coupon from Opiskelijan Tampere. (Found this with a google search, definitely not paid by anyone to promote it.)

Continue reading Mennään museoon!

Museum Center Vapriikki

On September 30th we had “double meeting”. First we were at our place learning some number stuff etc and after a little break we went to Vapriikki Museum Center with my tutoree and my kids.


I have been in Vapriikki for several times and it still had much to see. There were many different exhibitions:

  • Finnish Pilgrimages of the Middle Ages (was closed at the time)
  • Messengers (Post exhibition)
  • Masks (ice hockey goalie helmets)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mineral and stones
  • The Natural History
  • Toys
  • Innovations
  • Tammerkoski Rapids
  • Tampere 1918


I can highly recommend everyone to visit Vapriikki. Reserve enough time because the Museum Center is quite large.



  • Open Tue—sun 10–18

10€ adults, 4€ students/children

meetings 6-10


Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts! Totally got swamped with exams and assignments, bah. So I’ll just run through the rest of out meetings 🙂


6/11/14    Don’t Mention the War!/6

So myself and Tom decided to go to a bar in Finlayson.  Turned out to do a variety of beers (a substance which both Scots and Germans enjoy, so it is educational! :P) so course we tried some.



(apologies for them being on their side, no idea..)

Anyways, so I wanted to learn more about the history of Germany. Turns it it’s a rather new country (founded in 1871) but my partner didn’t really know the history. I Googled it, turns out there were a lot of civil wars which is very confusing to understand.

I told him about how Scotland was first a bunch of little tribes (each with different kilts) and they just merged together to form colonies.  Glasgow became a city because of the river Clyde that runs through it brought together people. When industrialisation came around it was used for steelworks and transporting them worldwide.

We, of course, ended up talking about the World Wars. Turns out Finland was with the Nazi’s and so was the Italians which I did not know about. We shared our knowledge over it. I don’t know why but I thought we’d have different knowledge over it, turns out we know really similar stuff.

We then ended up, don’t ask how, talking about school systems in Germany and Scotland. They turn out to be similar which I was not expecting at all. Even with colleges and universities.

It was a really insightful meeting, just how similar the cultures are.



12/11/14   Stores and Guns../7

So not really having a plan, we wandered up the main street naming the stores in English and German:

super market- supermarkt

department store- kaufhaus

shopping centre- einkaufszentrum

police station- polizeistation

town hall- rathaus

We ended up going to XXL Sport to see about sleeping bags and walking around we stumbled onto the guns, knives, bow and arrows and even crossbows!

I found this really strange because in the UK guns are illegal. Not sure about crossbows and bow and arrows but I’m pretty sure they’re banned as well.

Was eye opening and reminded myself that the rest of the EU isn’t like Britain. Was a great little hour 🙂


13/11/14 Festivities/8

So my partner decided it was time for me to try some German drinks which I must admit were fab! I don’t usually like gin but with cucumber, wow. Course I had to bring shortbread.

Since it’s the festive season we decided to talk about what we do in each country for Christmasnd new year.

I was incredibly surprised when Tom told me that in Germany they open their presents Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. And that the three days (eve, day and boxing day) they practically get together with family and eat/drink. Back in the UK it’s not uncommon but I don’t think I could stand my whole family for three days! I usually go see friends boxing day.

Merry Christmas- Frohe Weihnachten

I then explained to Tom that New years or Hogmanay is big in Scotland, not too sure why but we have a different word for it and we get to drink lots of whiskey and eat lots of shortbread and sing Robert Burns poems.

Happy New Year! – Prosit Neujahr!

New Year’s Day  –der Neujahrstag


We also talked about birthdays and the only difference was really in Britain we celebrate peoples 21st. In history it was when people were given “the key to the door” and it’s just never died down even though a legal adult is 16 years old… Any excuse to party really…

Apparently wishing a German happy birthday before their birthday is bad luck, just a pointer 🙂

Best wishes on your birthday- Viel Glück zum Geburtstag!


14/11/14   Hockey Match/9

So myself and Tom decided to go see a hockey match (Ilves vs Sport) as I’m now turning into a big Ilves fan and we can talk about sports while watching grown men beat each other! Always great fun 🙂


So Scotland and Germany are in the same boat when it comes to ice hockey, we have teams but it’s not as big a sport as football and so people usually forget we have teams.

Tom taught me some words in German as we were sitting in the break.

Goal- Tor

referee, umpire – Schiedsrichter

stadium(s)  –Stadion (die Stadien, plural.)

tackle   –fassen 

Icehockey- Eishockey

Ilves ended up winning that night so it was a really good meeting 🙂



29/11/14 Vapriikin Museum/10

So for one of our last meetings we ended up going to Vapriikin (really good museum! I totally recommend it for a wee day out)

So after getting lost and then finally finding the museum we went exploring.

I didn’t know post could be so interesting, but its possible!

Post Office- die Post / das Postamt

Parcel- das Paket

Stamp- die Briefmarke

I must admit it was a really fun way to learn words and phrases I will be able to use in Germany.

We moved on to wildlife, in the museum it was really cool to see all of Finland’s wildlife and it gave me and Tom the opportunity to talk about wildlife in our own countries.

For example:

squirrel- Eichhornchen

Deer- Reh/ Hirsch

Fox- Fuchs

bird- Vogel

Badger- Dachs

Butterfly- Falter

Beetle- Kafer

And many others!

There was also a 60/70’s fashion section were we just laughed at how ridiculous the fashion use to be. Seriously, if you can, go to this museum. It’s a great day out!

Really great way to learn a different language, fun and interactive.




5/12/14  Hot Wings and Goodbyes/11

So all things must come to an end. Least myself and Tom done it in style with some great hot wings and just so much chicken!

We just really talked over what we had learned together and if it helped in any way (between stuffing our faces with awesome food- Sticky Wings down the side of McDonalds, seriously go try them).

Turned out we both really benefited each other. This was a great starting point for learning German and I’ll hopefully carry it on when I get home and I was able to help Tom a little with English grammar and some English phrases, not that he needed much help!

But honestly it was a great opportunity and I’m really glad I partook in it 🙂





#5 A day at Vapriikki –

Hanna and me went to Vapriikki Museum yesterday.
The first exhibition was – according to the girl at the info – called northern lights and we expected the northern lights. But actually it was about fashion and the famous Revontuli brand. You can have a look at the textures and the sketchbooks there but also see the final dresses. All in all it was really colourful and nice to look at – but no northern lights. 😉

After that we went to the post museum. This museum was really amazing and interactive. In every part you can touch, read or watch something. Everything was in Swedish and English (also Finnish and Russian). So I tried to read it in Swedish first and if I didn’t understand it I switched to English – or asked Hanna. I learned the preposition ’till’ which has different meanings in English and ‘brev’ what means letter (la lettre in French).

When we went upstairs, we found the exhibition about ‘Tom of Finland’ and about ‘local Innovations‘. We saw for example plastic that is made of milk proteins and made light by spinning a crank. And of course there was something about Nokia – about the tires and the phones – you can even listen to the development of the Nokia ringtone throughout the years.

The natural history museum was also really great. There are many stuffed animals (mostly birds) but you can also smell different trees and plants or touch the fur of animals. You can also weight yourself and see what animal you are. And I learned the Swedish word for squirrel ‘ekorre’.

From there we went to the Ice-Hockey Hall of Fame, Shoe and Toy Museum. The Toy Museum was a throwback into our childhood, which contained Barbies and doll houses as well as the table Ice-Hockey  (a Finish Version of Tischkicker) and Ninja Turtles .

After exploring the museum shop we sat in the café to talk a bit and drink tea and coffee. We were at the museum for four but it felt like two hours.

So what do I remember from learning Swedish yesterday?!

Sometimes ‘k’ is pronounced like tj (or sch). So köpa (shopping) is pronounced as ‘tjöpa’ or ‘schöpa’ (sounds a bit like some Germans say shopping 😉 ).

Semester‘ or ‘lov‘ means holidays/vacation in Swedish. So when I go to Stockholm before leaving back to Germany, I can say: ‘Jag är här på semester’ (I am here on vacation).


9 in 1 – New record in visiting museums

On sunday I met with Laura to enjoy the benefits of Tampere birthday events. Many museums were for free or discounted, so we decided to do a museum-tour and get to know some finnish culture.

When it comes to finnish culture, the mommins shouldn´t be missed out, of course! So we started in the mommin museum. Actually, I have never heard of the mommins before I came to Finland, but at first sight I fell in love with this little neat figures. Laura explained a few characters of the mommins and the person constellation in the mommin world. In the meantime she explained it to me i also learned some words in finnish, like “meri” (sea) and the different seasons.

After that, we went to vapriikki, where we only had to pay 2 euros to visit all of the museums there, which were about 8 of them! Exactly: Aphrodite museum, Ice-hockey museum, Tampere Civil War museum, Tampere history museum, Innovations museum, Tom of Finland museum, another museum from a famous drawer whose name I don´t remember, and the posti museum.

As Laura is a big ice-hockey fan, she could tell me a lot about famous hockey-stars in Finland and some historical events. She also told me about the never-ending fight between the two hockey teams in Tampere, Tappara and Ilves and that I have to decide on which side I am.


I also get to know Tom of Finland in a museum, who is a famous drawer in the queer scene. I didn´t know him before, but Laura told me that he is very famous all over the world. There are even some stamps from him, which are very controverse and lead to a debate in Finland. They were also wondering, what will happen, when they send letters to Russia with a gay actor showing his back on the stamp. But apparently nothing serious happened.

All in all, I didn´t learn many new words in finnish on this day, but I learned a lot about the history of Finland. Especially in the museum about the civil war and the history of Tampere.

At the end of the day, I realized that we have spent almost 5 hours in museums and visited 9 different museums in one day! That is an absolute all-time record for me!