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French – German: Listening to Music

Unfortunately, we could not meet now for some time. Therefore, it was all the happier that it finally worked out again today and we have seen or heard us once again.

Since we have already discussed many general topics and I have seen in the blog posts of others that they have listened to music, we have also decided to do so.

We listened to some different songs from various styles from France and Germany and tried to translate them.

Among others, Leonie showed us the song La vie en rose by Édith Piaf, which is known mainly from French films or films set in France. The song is about seeing life through rose-colored glasses. She also showed us two cool (pop) rap songs, Je m’en tape by OBOY and Toutes les couleurs by Ninho. As with the German rap songs, we had to realize that the lyrics in rap songs often don’t make sense. However, we liked the sound of the French rap songs much better than the common German ones.

We showed her Roller by Apache 207 a well-known German rap song, but it really makes no sense at all. We could only explain that it was about scooters.

We also let her hear Pocahontas by AnnenMayKantenreit. A song about a failed relationship, but it doesn’t sound as sad as the lyrics make it sound. Leonie even knew this song.

Of course, a typical German “Schlager” song could not be missing! We have chosen Atemlos by Helene Fischer, which is played especially at the Oktoberfest up and down.

Leonie showed us then finally Sous les sunlights des Tropiques by Gilbert Montagné what is a French hit song about dancing in the sun.

It was really very interesting to hear the French songs. I could imagine to include one or  other song of OBOY in my Spotify playlist, because I really liked the style of his song.

7th meeting !

We met in Pyynikkisali last Thursday. This time before the performance we studied languages about school, teacher, things like that. Laura taught us some grammar of Finnish. I learned some things such as some differences between English and Finnish. There are no articles and words have no grammatical gender in Finnish. By contrast, we have words for him/her but there also are no articles in Korean. And we use postpositions instead of prepositions

for example: in + the car / auto +ssa / 차+안에

and then I taught Laura some words, and tense about past, present, future in Korean.

After studying we enjoyed the concert for about an hour. They performed a lot of songs that are musical, film music. I haven’t seen a performance for a while. It was really good.

I was given this one by her. Thank you for the gift.  See you guys next meeting.

8th Meeting – Черный кот

Hello! Getting tired of me yet? 😉

So 8th meeting already… This time we also met at Nadiia’s house. Like I had told her before it’s easy for me to learn a new language by listening music, so she played me this song (got to warn you, it’s quite catching):

It’s about how people think that when you see a black cat crossing the street it brings you bad luck, but in this song only the black is the one who becomes unhappy because of the people. It’s sad to see the cat so sad, I want to go and hug him!! (even if it’s “only a cartoon”). But because of the catchiness of this song, I now remember some Russian words better.

We also watched a clip of this movie буратино. It’s somewhat a Russian version of Pinocchio, or at least it I understood the movie that way. I have to say that, based on this movie, Russians have more expressive voice actors in children films than some of the Finnish ones.

This meeting we had more discussions about Finnish and Russia cultures and their differences than straight lectures about the language but it was nice for a change.


German for Noobies

On 15th of September was the first meeting in EOTO. My tutoree teaches me German and I try to teach her some Finnish. As she has already passed the course Basics of Finnish we are focusing on German language at the beginning.

I have always wanted to learn German but I didn’t have a good chance for it. Everything I know about German language is from Rammstein’s lyrics. And many of you may know that Rammstein’s lyrics doesn’t contain good information J

We followed the Basics of Finnish teaching material because it started from the scratch. Basic greetings, family members, etc…

After studying “hard” we decided to relax and listen to some German music with translations. My tutoree introduced me and new German electro-metal band, Eisbrecher (“Icebreaker”). That is now my favorite band \,,/,

Volle Kraft Voraus, “Full Steam Ahead”

More Dutch basics!


Fourth meeting took again place at Y-campus. Bryan thought me more basic Dutch like numbers, colours, some verbs and personal pronouns. He had again made nice learning sheets for me. 🙂

We also talked about Belgian towns and cities, which ones I should visit when going to Amsterdam for exchange and of course travelling while in there. Seems like everything is right next to each other. So I will deffo visit those recommended places. I also told Bryan that I’m a big fan of films and rock music too, so he gave me few names to listen to as well as some films that he thought are good to watch.


I’ve had a go with the recommended music and I quite like this band called Gorki. I don’t really understand anything yet, obviously but at least my ears get used to Dutch language. 🙂

And here’s also nice video from them with subtitles:

#10 – Last meeting and Pre-Christmas Party

We’re nearing Christmas, holidays and me leaving Finland.

For our last meeting I invited my students Kaisa and Maija to my own place for having a small Christmas party 🙂 I still have some German Christmas candies, cookies and cakes from my visiting friends so I let them try out these snacks.

As a special treat, I had Glühwein from Germany. It’s flavoured red wine and super typical for Christmas in Germany, they sell it in every store/supermarket during Christmas season and at every Christmas market. It has to be heaten up in a pot since you only drink it warm ;D

While sitting around in the living room of my apartment we were listening to German Christmas songs, read the lyrics, sang along and talked about the meanings. Christmas songs have a wonderfully cozy touch to them, so we had a very relaxing evening with some sweets, wine and good music.

Here you can listen to a nice mix of the most popular German Christmas songs 🙂

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_-e9EWPjI

As a little Christmas gift I baked some cookies for Maija and Kaisa like I did for all my exchange study friends, the whole load looked like this 😀

When I asked for feedback they said that all in all, they were able to refresh and expand their German language very well and in a very funny way, which makes me feel glad that I was able to help them out. EOTO was a really new but positive experience to me. I am glad that I chose this course, EOTO is about more than just learning or teaching languages, it’s something that made my stay abroad more valuable.

I even received Christmas presents from my students, thanks a lot, Maija and Kaisa for the chocolate, it was sooo good! ♥ It was very, very fun with you, I could do it again any time! To have all the meetings, to talk and laugh about the German and Finnish language and just to hang out, talk with you about life and universty and walk around in Tampere. It has been a pleasure! I wish you all the best, let’s keep in touch! 😀

With this entry I want to finish my EOTO blogs, hope you enjoyed it, kiitos for reading! Hope we see each other again sometime, somewhere! 🙂

~~~ Theresa ♥

#7 – German music at Café Europa

At request of my students Kaisa and Maija, I turned our 7th session into a meeting that involves German music, to be more specific: German POPular music .(Including German lyrics of course :D)

To be honest, I am not a big fan of German music myself, not at all, but thanks to some German friends and mass media, I know that I definetely had to pick a song by Helene Fischer for this meeting 😀 She’s a famous and pretty good singer within the German “Schlager” genre.

I picked the song “Atemlos durch die Nacht” (means: breathless through the night) because it has been her most popular song and the most played Schlager song during Oktoberfest that year. We listened to her singing and read the lyrics that I printed out. It was a very cheesy and simple-minded song, so Kaisa and Maija could understand it very well with a few word translations by me. Of course lyrics use different words than spoken German to make it sound more artistic, beautiful etc. but with some simplifying, the content was pretty clear to them.

We found out that we don’t like these cheesy love songs that much haha XD Nevertheless, we talked about other German music which is mostly with English lyrics and about Finnish music and Finnish bands (or: How I didn’t know some of them were Finnish until I came here). This time, they showed me a new location: Café Europa 🙂 The interiors were fancy and cozy with furnitures fitting to the “Europe” theme a lot. I guess it was a little bit noisy in a lively and well-visited place like that and we had to wait a while until we could sit down but it was worth it! 😀 Definetely going to visit it again!


The last meeting

There was a gig of a Finnish band Voimaryhmä in Doris the other night. I had no clue this band exists but it’s always nice to get to know some new music! And this band is straight outta Tampere! It was a happy night since the audience in the bar was on a very good mood and we couldn’t avoid some beer showers and broken glass. The music itself was very energetic and easy to dance and jump around.

This was actually our last meeting because it was time for Markus to fly back to Germany. I really enjoyed the EOTO course and I’m happy I participated. My target in the beginning was to learn some German small talk as I can learn the grammar and rules at school. I reached my goal since now I’m more confident in speaking German and I’m able to make  a sentence without thinking about it for five minutes first. And I also got a nice friend 🙂

So danke schön EOTO und auf Wiedersehen!
Es war mir eine Freude!


Lets’s listen to MUSIC!

After watching movie the last time, for our seventh meeting Sanne and I decided to focus on our music!

I started with one song by many different italian artists, “Domani”. It has been played by those artists in 2009 in order to get founds to sustain people who were suffering for the earthquake of L’Aquila, a very nice city in the middle of Italy. The artists are probably the most important in the italian music panorama (from Jovanotti to Zucchero, from Giorgia to Carmen Consoli). I like a lot some of them and I really dislike some other but in this song I think everybody performed very well. I thought that in this way can have a general view of Italian singers.

Aftere that I asked her wether she already knows any italian singer, and her answer was… YES! Andrea Boccelli! So we listen to a very nice song by him and Giorgia, whose voice is really great (but not as Boccelli’s one of course), “Vivo per lei”

Then we listened to some othere song, by Jovanotti – the first Italian rapper- (“L’ombelico del mondo”), which video is played in the marvellous Palazzo Te in my hometown, Mantova. We finished listening “Ebano” by a band called Modena City Ramblers. I really love this song, which won several prizes by Amnesty international and by the Red Cross, for the gentle touch it has to speak about a very hard topic: immigration and the hope of young people coming from Africa to Italy “in search of new fortunes”.

Sanne made me listening some Dutch songs, they seemed to me quite country music and, surprisingly, they recall to my mind Latino/ south american atmosphere… it was weird!

They also have this particular type of song called “Levenslied“, meaning Song of/about life. I don’t like them very much, they seem to me quite “old style” but it was very interesting.  Of course Dutch has also quite a lot of Dj music and techno (like Tiësto, quite famous it seems) but we didn’t stress about it because we both don’t like this kind of music.

Learning German with music videos on youtube

This time we watched some youtube videos. Mostly it was music videos from German singers like Alligatoah, Casper, Bushido and so on. Later we choose one video and translate lyrics from German to English. We choose song from Alligatoah – Fick ihn doch.

First part of song with refrain has this lyrics:

Ich bin ein kleiner Spion in geheimer Mission
Tarnjacke, Fernglas, Schatz, ich weiß, wo du wohnst
Dass du gereizt von Verboten bist, beweise ich schon
Bist du alleine im Zoo, bin ich verkleidet als Cro
Ich hab Kostüme für alles, ich ermittle verdeckt
Stichprobentest, die Leute finden’s nicht so korrekt
Dass ich dein’ schwulen besten Freund zu einem Treffen auf Toilette ruf
Äh… Okay, der ist tatsächlich schwul
Deinen Bettbezug bring ich dir morgen rum
Ich warte immer noch auf den Laborbefund
Die sagen, du hast kein Gilette-Wachs benutzt
Kombiniere, kombiniere, da ist etwas im Busch

In Jalousie-bedeckter Wohnung amüsierst du dich alleine
Du hörst Iggy Pop – Dann fick ihn doch!
Durch zeugenlose Wald und Wiesen gehst du Gassi
Mit dem Hund in einem Minirock – Dann fick ihn doch!
An euphorieberaubten Tagen frequentierst du eine Kirche
Und du sprichst mit Gott – Dann fick ihn doch!
Alles tippitop, und das fickt mein’ Kopf
Dann fick ihn doch, fick ihn doch!