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Our meeting has done so good! You can stay closer with the culture if you try it “inside”. I study Finnish in my class but language of traditional things open more for us.

Ranja is my guide in the cultural finnish world. In our 6th meeting we spoke a lot about education, jobs, travellings and so on. This isn’t so simple retell about every parts. But if tell in common it was nice.

At the beginning my study when I’ve gone to Tampere I wanna eat black sausages. And we wanted to try almost every time for the our meeting. And we have done it!

Tammelantori is the quiet place for local residents. There was people of all ages and families. In my opinion, this place is fine for weekend times and free time. You can explore the local outdoor living.


And the interesting links are below 😉

http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/eat-and-drink/4311-the-black-sausage-is-the-pride-of tampere