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Spanish Class and Korean alphabet

Our second meeting was a Spanish/ Korean class with Haley.

First Haley and I went to dinner to the Italian restaurant, Napoli  in downtown of Tampere, in order to meet each other better. We were talking about our experience in Tampere, and also we decided the objectives that we will want to achieve in this Spanish lessons.

Went we finished the dinner we went to Haley’s resident, TOAS city, and there we started our Spanish class.

First of all, I tried to explain to Haley how to pronounce Spanish, I explained that my language only has 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and the pronunciation of each one is always the same. Then I wrote different and easy sentences like Cómo estas? (How are you), Hola, me llamo Haley (Hello, My name is Haley)…  And I taught how to read Spanish sentences, because the sounds in Spanish are always the same ones, and are really easy to read them.

The most difficult part to teach was the conjugation of the verbs, because in Spanish we change the verb according with the time tens  (Future, present…)  and the person (first , second or thirst person and singular or plural) , so is not the same say  I read a book ( Yo leo un libro) than You read a book (Tu lees un libro).

Moreover, I taught to Haley the different between the verbs Estar and Ser, because in English both verbs have the  same meaning, verb TO BE. For example the verb Estar is related with the feelings and particular situations like Yo estoy cansado (I’m tired) or Yo estoy en la cocina (I’m in the kitchen) and we use the verb Ser when we talk about general or permanent situations like You soy alto (I’m tall) or Tu eres guapa (You are pretty).

Finally I explained how to count in Spanish, but was a little bit difficult to understand for Haley so we decided to do the numbers again in the future.

When we finish the Spanish class we start our Korean Class, Haley explain me the Korean alphabet, she wrote me all the alphabet and explain how to combine them. And the beginning was hard because this alphabet is completely different with English one, but finally I was able to make easy works and sentences, like our names.


The First Meeting in Pizzeria Napoli*!


That was the first meeting I met Julia, Paapi and XiaoFeng, and surprisingly, there is another girl from China who name Mengmeng are my friend who stay in the same area with me! 🙂 So yeah, Julia and Paapi are Finnish and Xiao Feng and Mengmeng are from China and myself Voon, I am from Malaysia. 🙂

That was a raining and freaking cold night but the girls make me feel warm and sweet. They are friendly, talkative, nice and welcoming. We talked and laugh, eat and talk, talk and laugh again. That was a pretty night. We share our countries’ background, learned some new words from the menu (exchange in Finnish & Chinese), eg: Fish –> Kala –> 鱼 or Chicken –> Kana –> 鸡。This meeting wasn’t so formal and official but it’s more like the first meeting and get the chance to know each others.

We also had our discussion about our group ‘theme’ or some kind like ‘target’, instead of being like ‘lectures exchange’ but we are more to ‘culture exchange’ and based on Julia and Paapi words, they will prefer to let us experiences more about the real Finnish Culture, so yeah we plan to have meeting like movie, trips, shopping, sauna or some vacation to some where around Finland! x) Can’t wait for that!                            —Voon