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La noche Mexicana

September 15th is the celebration for the Mexican Independence which took place in 1810. Since then, most mexicans organize a “Mexican night” in this party, traditional dishes and drinks are served with decorations and fun games.

At midnight we ring a big bell and scream a loudly “Viva México” together, for remembering the beginning of the Independence war.

Although we are so far away from home, we did our best to share this tradition with our new friends. On Tuesday 15th we met and prepared several dishes for our guests, explaining its ingredients and giving them a taste!

It feels good to share something about your home with other people, and see how different it can be from theirs, although it also makes you miss yours a little bit.

We also taught some hand mexican games and it was very exiting to see foreigners learning and playing them, it made the evening even more enjoyable!

Night tour in Tampere


On November 24, Mari and Joonas and I had a night short tour around city center at Tampere. It was very cold for me on that day’s night. We gathered in front of McDonald’s near keskstori at 18:00 and at first went to a big Christmas tree in center square. The Christmas tree was ornamented with illuminations. I watched such big Christmas tree for the first time, so I was extremely impressed!!! And also, I wondered how it has been carried here.

We took a photo all of us there and decided to go to a Finnish souvenir shop!


On our way to there, I learned Finnish from Mari and Joonas with some shop signs or advertisements. For example, I learned like

nyt = now” “ale = sale” “sata = hundred ” “tori = market or square” “jouloku = Christmas tree” “keskus = center” “saving = säästö” and so on.

Then, I could understand the meaning of “keskustori (= keskus + tori) is center square




Unfortunately some souvenir shops already closed. Therefore we went to KOSKIKESKUS. In there, we saw an interesting advertisement.



The advertisement was reflected to mist from a projector.


AINUTLAATUINEN MEDIAPINTA NYT MYYNNISSÄ!” means “unique media surface now on sale!

In there, we went to the Tiger and bookstore and then I learned words from a lot of stuff that is an eraser and diary, belt and so on


And we could see that some buildings was painted by light when we walked outside.


Particularly, the light painting of the place that Joonas recommended in the last was looked like being REALLY painted the building with. I was so excited!




Lastly, we went to the LidL and bought some foods with learning a vegetable’s name.

I usually bought eggplant without understanding the price, but could know the price because I understood the name on that day! I was very glad!!!

And I ate Finnish traditional bread and was over on that day. Though souvenir shop was closed, but we could see some light ups that we can see only at night and learn about a lot of words and culture! I spent so great night with awesome partners!! Kiitos, Mari and Joonas!


Kiitos 🙂