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Fourth meeting

Today, we saw animation that is one-piece in german language and leared about the expression that are used in the animation.

And katri gave us some fruits. It is very delicous but i don’t know what name it.

It is like big and hard orange.

Understanding One-piece in german is very strange and hard for me but i could understand it very little. Because katri helped me understand it and i already knew about that. Watching animation in other language is so intersting.



WIE GEHTS DIR? (how are you?)

MIR GEHTS GUT (good) / SCHLECHT (bad) / BESSER (better)

ICH HABE HUNGER ( I have hungry)/ DURST (thirsty) / EINEN FREUND ( friend) / SCHNUPREN (running nose) / KOPFSCHMERZEN (head ache)

ICH BIN HUNGRIG (hungry) / DURSTIG(thirsty) / KRANK (sick)/ MUDE(tired)

MIR IST KALT(cold)/ WARM(warm) / HELST (hot)