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# 9. In comfort and peace…

Hi people! I cannot believe that it’s already November. Time slips by… I look back and I see that proudly saying both me and my student Sebastjan made a very good progress. We both opened up in speaking and learning. It is the main purpose of EOTO, isn’t it?!


Lecture # 9 was super relaxing and comfortable. We discovered a hidden magic room with sofas, coffee machine and a beautiful view from the window. During our last lecture I realized that underestimation of my student’s abilities led to the feeling of long-windedness. Simply speaking, Sebastjan was so quick to grasp that eventually I saw his bored face. Advice for all teachers: never think that your exercises are too difficult for a learner, some of them have hidden talents. Just like Sebastjan, who memorized personal pronouns of nominative case already during the lecture. So I prepared a bunch of practical exercises for my gifted student which were based on personal suffix and gender. Talking about gender, throughout EOTO program I figured out that Russian language is much more complicated than the Finnish or English even though I’m supposed to be called a native speaker. Just compare:

My (English) – Minun (Finnish) – Мой, Моя, Моё, Мои (Russian).

And who is the Boss right now?!

Comparing to many other languages in the world, Russian has its major complication in terms of grammatical gender of verbs, nouns, pronouns and even adjectives. Moreover, mixing up the gender/ending might be very offensive. So don’t get slapped, use the proper ending!

As for Finnish part of the lecture, we checked some questions which I prepared at home. I conscientiously analyzed every single link Sebastjan gave me last time. I did lots of tasks, reading and even listening; the last one was slightly annoying. 🙂 After all we’ve been caught by a teacher who was actually making coffee in that secret classroom. But as they say, always take an opportunity. So I asked that guy what is the difference between Finnish uncle Eno and Setä. Apparently, eno is a mother’s side and setä is a father’s brother. It was a good sign that teacher had over the barrel!

P. S. This’s a really good website for those who is practicing Russian personal pronouns. This link is a perfect database for Russian language essentials. 


Cheers! Yuliya.