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Some shopping


We had our second lesson in Sokos. Our teacher had made for us a list of useful shopping phrases. We learned how to answer in German that I am just looking around and do not need any help and also how to ask help.

We walked trough the different shopping departments and pointed items asking what’s this in German. Our teacher said the word first and we repeated after her. I learned that it doesn’t
matter so much if I don’t remember the correct article of the word. People will understand me anyway.

I think it was important to learn also that German word ‘Bio’ means organic. I thought first that it is the shortening of something or it means something totally different (like cinema, but that is Swedish). I learned that if I want to ask in a store where is the organic food I should use that word.

We trained pronunciation with the word ‘anprobieren’ which means to try on clothes. I have a little troubles with the letter R because the German way to say it it’s a bit different than in Finnish. It just sounds funny when I say it :). Just have to practice more.