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First and Second EOTO meeting

I have not posted to this brog before, so i’m going to write about my first and second EOTO meeting.

First meeting, we had a meeting in the cafe.  The main topic is Origami. So I showed them how to fold origami. First I taught how to create turu: a famous Japanese origami. I think a lot of Japanese people(not 100%) can fold turu.  My partner Iris and Marius can fold it very well! After we made flog, paper balloon, kabut(Japanese traditional hat), paper airplane, fox, butterfly and rikisi(a sumo wrestler). Also we learned about those name in Finnish and Japanese.



Second meeting, that is Tampere day so we went to pyynikki tower and enjoyed munkki <3 we learned some vocabulary we were interested in. After that, We went to Tallipiha and have smoked salmon <3 Not only eating but also i learned how to ask question for shopping  in finish and slovak. For example “Kuinka iso annos on?” (How big is the portion?), “Yksi annos savustettua lohta, kiitos” (One portion of smoked salmon, thank you) and “Voinko maksaa kortilla” (Can I pay with card?). And also I could practice how to count number and time  in Finnish.



I had a good time and It was very fun to learn language! I’m looking forward to the next lessons and I tried to practice more to be able to count number and time fluently!!

Origami meeting

As a place to meet during our first meeting, we choosed little bakery near the place where Yuki and Iris live. The main topic of our meeting was creating origami – important part
of japanese culture.. Yuki has brought origami paper and some examples, then she showed us how to create tsuru, famous origami bird, and some other shapes. That has brought some memories of my childhood, when I was creating origami as a birthday presents to my parents. So my personal homework is to remember how to create one origami shape, I used to know long ago…(already done! B-) )

During our creative time we were also talking about connected vocabulary, I learned
new finnish and japanese words, as well as some differences between hiragana and kanji.

Because I am also a teacher, I answered some questions girls had. We talked about
how different melody and word order can change meaning of slovak sentences. Afterwards Iris told us about similar issue in finnish language, where word order can slightly change meaning too.

At Leivon Leipomo

My and Yuki’s group got Marius as a third member. The more the merrier. 🙂

Our first meeting was placed in Leivon Leipomo at Kissanmaa. We did some origamis (crane birds, frogs and samurai hats) using proper japanese paper that Yuki brought with her. During folding (and me drinking breakfast tea) we wrote down some vocabulary.

paperi = a paper = kami
taittaa =  to fold = oru
kääntää ympäri = to turn around = uragaesu
sakset = a scissors = hasami
kurki = a crane bird = tsuru
sammakko = a frog = kaeru
kettu = a fox = kitsume
muki = a mug = koppu/yunomihunaja = honey = hachimitsu
mäki = a hill = oka
silmä = an eye = me

Hearing difference between a/ä and  r/l caused some problems. Also double consonant and vocal were difficult to hear.

Next time we will teach and learn some basic vocabulary at least in Finnish and Japanese. Our meeting place will be at the Pyynikki observation tower cafe.

Our sweet sensei of origami :3