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Meeting #5: Fajitas con carne favor!


Since Oscar was always telling us the whole time how great Mexican food is and some of us haven´t even tried it, we decided to go to pancho villa for our next meeting. I just catched myself thinking about Mexican food consists of nothing more than beans, tacos and tequila… but that is of course as wrong as Mexican wearing sombreros and riding donkeys whole the time.
In contrast Mexican food has a very great range of overly delicious meals and also a high variety of sauces and also drinks. Studying the menu, Oscar explained how these are traditionally made, because some of them weren´t presented and made in the original Mexican way. He also said that Mexican kitchen uses a lot of spices, some of them are really hot. In the end I decided to get some fajitas with beef. We tried to remember how to order something and built phrases with the meals we decided for. While we were eating we tasted the meals of each other and talked about our favorite meals at home and what we will eat first when we arrive back there in some months.

fajitasWe had a great time and the fajitas were very good! That will also be something we haven´t done for the last time!