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Italian dinner – Italian and German girls´diary pt.7

Hello to everyone!

Saturday evening Anna, Marta and me met in Lapinkaari (mine and Marta´s place) to make the most typical Italian dish……. PIZZA! First of all we bought all the ingredients: flour, yeast, water, salt, oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, oregano and sausages (obviously you can put what you want in your pizza, it depends from your taste); after we mixed them and we left the dough rest to rise for one hour and a half. When it was more or less the double of before, we started to give a shape to our pizza flattening it and we put all the ingredients on the top started from the tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausages, oregano, oil and salt; after we put it into the oven for more or less 30/40 minutes and finally we ate it! It was not perfect because it should rise a little bit more, but Anna liked it so this is the important thing for me.

Make pizza is not so difficult but is not also so easy because you have to know how to mix ingredients, how to flatten it and also how much ingredients put on the top, but I think that the most important thing is the love that you put doing it. For Italian people, pizza is like a religion and when you are going to make it, your mind has to be free from you problems and you have to concentrate only in doing your pizza, just in this way it will be good.

I think that Anna enjoyed a lot make pizza with us and we tried to teach her in the best way possible. Next time she will teach us how to make a typical German food, I am looking forward to do it!

See you soon 🙂
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Alphabet Pizza

For our second meeting Alex and I went to Pizza Napoli with a large group from our residence. I have started to write down all the German words I learn of course as I was doing this my Spanish friends insisted that I learn more Spanish words and I took this as an opportunity to revise my French.


As such I am able to easily see any similarities in the language. Although I have a reference for all the languages my primary focus will be on learning German.

We also took the time to revise the German I did know for example days of the week, numbers up to 5, please and thank you. Alex took this as an opportunity to communicate purely in English as there was such a mix of languages present it was the one common language. I feel he learned a lot of this and gained confidence in his use of the language as well as clarification on a few words he was unsure of.


At this point I feel i could recognise written words on a menu in German but I would struggle to remember and pronounce them without something to aid me.


EPISODE 8: Back to our childhood!

This time we met at my place, the plan was to order some pizzas, make some popcorns and stay all night long watching cartoons of our childhood. Irene and Rosalia came with us and we all had a lot of fun. Animated cartoons, fantastic stories, beautiful drawings are influencing our today work in terms of design and scripts that’s why we considered it a topic to include in our meetings. When we put together our childhood TV series, we realized that 3 of the most important were the same in Cataluña and in Madrid, but with a tiny big difference, his TV series were dubbed in Catalan.

Anyways, even if Doraemon, spoken in catalan or in French at this age what you wanted to see was just colors and funny cartoons but watching them that night we realized that this cartoons had a different meaning from a mature(?) point of view. Pablo showed me one of the most influential TV show in Catalan, it was such influential that nowadays nobody sings the happy birthday in Cataluña, they sing the theme song of this TV show!

Popcorns and pizzas apart, that night was full of laughs and memories. New perspectives appeared in our minds thanks to our maturity(?) and the discussions about the cartoons.

P.S.: Pablo can say whatever he wants, but Shin Chan opening is better in Spanish than in Catalan

Meeting #5

For our fifth meeting, we met up at my apartment and decided to make homemade pizza and chocolate cream cake. Both of those foods required an oven, so they were a new thing for the Korean students to try out. I had also prepared a vocabulary list beforehand, with words concentrating on places and traveling.

The pizza turned out very delicious, and everyone was looking forward to baking the cake afterwards. I let Haley and Yeaeun do most of the work on the cake, since they hadn’t made one before at home and were excited to try it out. Every step of the process was interesting to them. The baking process went really well, and the cake turned out delicious!

It’s really interesting for me to see how even such simple things (like an oven) can be a big deal to people who don’t have access to one. I cook food in an oven a lot, and take it for granted that I have one since I’ve had access to it all my life. Yet making the pizza and baking the cake really showed me how different cooking can be in another culture, and how their cuisine has evolved because of it. We ended up talking a lot about cakes, and how in Korea people buy them from the store and they’re an expensive delicacy there. In Finland, I could bake one every day if I wished, and the basic ingredients aren’t expensive at all.

With our hunger sated, we started going over the vocabulary. I had chosen words that had risen up in our earlier conversations, and which would be useful when going around Finland. In retrospect, it would’ve been better to have these words the first thing, so they would have time to use and practice them more. Traveling related words are usually the most important words in a new language, especially if you need to get around in that country. Anyway, we had a long discussion about transportation, and different kinds of stores and public facilities in both countries. Asking directions in another language was still a little tricky, so we just concentrated on the names of places and recognizing them when traveling.

Here is the document for the third lesson: finnishlesson3

8th meeting: Homemade Pizza!

The last time that we went to make Pulla in Essi’s house was fantastic! So we decided to go another day to make one of our favourites foods Pizza and also learn Korean and Finnish.

Firth, we made the pizza base, and as we had to wait around 1 hour until the base double in size, we started our learning.

First, as always, Essi printed to us different names of places in Finnish and how to ask where we can find these places. At the same time that Essi explained to us the name in Finnish of the words, Haley and Yeaeun said us the Korean names.

Some words that we lean are:

Finnish English Korea
Koulu School 학교
Koti Home
Kauppa Store 가게
Kirjasto Library 도서관
Ravintola Restaurant 식당
Juna Train 기차
Kahvila Café 커피
Lentoasema Airport 공항
Museo Museum 박물관
Poliisi Police 경찰

Also we learn how to ask for some places like Missä on___? (Where is___?) For example; Missä on Kahvila? (where is the Café?).

Once we finish was time to prepare the pizza, we started to prepared all the topics of our pizza like the tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, etc. We prepared two big pizza bases and then each one prepared their slice pizza, as they wanted.

IMG_1136 IMG_1142 IMG_1150 IMG_1159

When the pizza was ready was time to baking. And 20 min after the pizza was ready to eat!   After we ate the Pizza Essi gave us a traditional Finnish easter dessert called Mämmi, They use to put sweet cream in it , but our Mämmi had the Vanilla cream incorporated, so We didn’t need to put anything else.


Essi said that this food or you love it or you hate it, for me was the second choice… but I ate one traditional Finnish dessert and was a nice experience!


Spanish Class and Korean alphabet

Our second meeting was a Spanish/ Korean class with Haley.

First Haley and I went to dinner to the Italian restaurant, Napoli  in downtown of Tampere, in order to meet each other better. We were talking about our experience in Tampere, and also we decided the objectives that we will want to achieve in this Spanish lessons.

Went we finished the dinner we went to Haley’s resident, TOAS city, and there we started our Spanish class.

First of all, I tried to explain to Haley how to pronounce Spanish, I explained that my language only has 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and the pronunciation of each one is always the same. Then I wrote different and easy sentences like Cómo estas? (How are you), Hola, me llamo Haley (Hello, My name is Haley)…  And I taught how to read Spanish sentences, because the sounds in Spanish are always the same ones, and are really easy to read them.

The most difficult part to teach was the conjugation of the verbs, because in Spanish we change the verb according with the time tens  (Future, present…)  and the person (first , second or thirst person and singular or plural) , so is not the same say  I read a book ( Yo leo un libro) than You read a book (Tu lees un libro).

Moreover, I taught to Haley the different between the verbs Estar and Ser, because in English both verbs have the  same meaning, verb TO BE. For example the verb Estar is related with the feelings and particular situations like Yo estoy cansado (I’m tired) or Yo estoy en la cocina (I’m in the kitchen) and we use the verb Ser when we talk about general or permanent situations like You soy alto (I’m tall) or Tu eres guapa (You are pretty).

Finally I explained how to count in Spanish, but was a little bit difficult to understand for Haley so we decided to do the numbers again in the future.

When we finish the Spanish class we start our Korean Class, Haley explain me the Korean alphabet, she wrote me all the alphabet and explain how to combine them. And the beginning was hard because this alphabet is completely different with English one, but finally I was able to make easy works and sentences, like our names.



Me and Jaimile met at the weekend, we have both been very busy especially with Jaimile travelling, to make up for it we spent a lot of time together the other day!

We first met to go have a look at the market joining onto sokos! Then we went to meet Jaimiles friends from university, it was so nice to meet them and we all went for lunch at the pizza buffet where we got a chance to go over some of the foods available and more that we could think of. We spoke a lot about cultures which I’m very interested in! Jaimile told me about all the folklores Brazil had and I told the ones about Scotland! We also had a look at Jaimiles blog and had a read through that.

Then we went for frozen yoghurt which was very good! It was really nice talking to her friends and getting to hear about their life’s and what not.

Then we went to prisma so Jaimile could get a hat, we went through the days of the week and months on the way and at prisma had a good look around talking about things and objects! Really enjoyed this meeting 🙂

IMAG1794 Nessie Pipes cb2c9d566e6ddfea4aeb8d86e37202aa

Sharing pizza and cultural issues :)

For our first meeting me and Sami, my partner in the course, ate pizza at a restaurant in the city center.
While we were waiting our pizza we talked about what we want to learn in this course and the purpose of it.
Sami told me that he want to learn spanish because he wants to visit a Mexican beach in Yucatán to dive, he also shared that diving is one of his favorites hobbies so he would like to know a little bit the language for understand and talk when he have the opportunity to go.
In my case, I want to learn basic words in finnish because I would like to return to Finland to study a master or to do my practical semester and even almost everyone here speak english it’s important to understand finnish.
We both agree that learn about the culture and tradition is also an important thing in this course.
When the pizza finally arrived, we shared some topics about Mexico and its bad reputation that the media shows here about the insecurity. I also explained how is the life and weather there.
About Finland, we talked also about the weather, education, security and way of life.
In this first meeting we learn about both countries but specially we had a great time eating and talking.

First meeting

Some days ago (To be brutally honest, quite many days ago) we had our first meeting.

During the first meeting we didn’t focus on actually learning the language yet. Instead we further discussed the plan how we are going to execute the course. On top of the plan we spent a lot of time talking about our cultures, the images of our countries around the world and the prejudices related to our countries, Finland and Mexico. We also had a lot of catching up to do, since we hadn’t hanged out for a long time, so that took a big chunk of our time too.

We had good time talking and we had some pizza too. I forgot about taking photos until the very end, so here I will present you a gorgeous unfocused close up picture of Sofia’s last slice. Enjoy. (Looks delicious, right?)

Mmmm, pizza