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5. Meeting: Plevna, Oktoberfest and Estonian Brassband

Yesterday, Pauliina and I went to Plevnan Oktoberfest to show Pauliina one of the most famous German traditions. Or at least, have a little pretaste.

The waiters were dressed in the original traditional costumes. While I wanted to explain some of the meenings of these costumes to her, I realized that I myself did not really know much about it.

I just know, that the bavarian “Tracht” is the “Lederhose” for the man and the “Dirndl” for the woman. It was the rope that the workers in the countryside wore. But beginning of the 19th century, it became very famous among the cities as well. Nowadays, the Tracht is a symbol for the bavarian cultural identity.


I explained to Pauliina, that if she wants to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, she needs to be careful with binding her skirt ;-). If you have the ribbon on the left, it means your single (well, at least not married…) and maybe someone comes to flirt with you. The ribbon on the right side means you are taken. If you wear the ribbon in the middle, you are a virgin, whereas the ribbon on the back means you are a widow.

Especially in this southern part of Germany called “Bayern”, tradition and customs have a very high value. When it comes to Oktoberfest, everyone seems to link it to whole Germany. But I really see it as a part and a tradition of Bavaria. Personally, I have never been to the Oktoberfest in Munich yet, but since part of my family comes from Munich, I really want to go there next year.

It was nice to have some beers and food and also listen to an estonian brassband that played some songs. We also sang along the famous short “Prosit” song.

“Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit,
ein Prosit, ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit.”

1. Meeting: Plevna, local food and getting to know each other

Hello everyone! 🙂

My name is Helena, I am 23 and I am from Germany. Like some others here, I am in Tampere until December for an exchange. I am so lucky I get the chance to stay here with you all and that I met Pauliina! Pauliina is from Finland and we are a pair at the Each One Teach One course.

For the first meeting, Pauliina and I just wanted to get to know each other. But while doing that – Not missing the chance to taste some local food already!

So we went to Plevna – A very nice restaurant in the Finlayson area. It is a brewery and a restaurant and they have many different beers from tap as well as a large selection of german and finnish food. And – what a surprise – There was a finnish and a german menue!

Perfect for our purpose and we enjoyed a craft beer and Pauliina had some very tipical german Currywurst. I had a finnish dish called “Plevnan Pyttipannu”. A very delicious mix of potatoes, sausage and a cream sauce. While enjoying these big portions of nice food, we thought about all the different things we could do while taking part in this course and we came up with many ideas. If you follow this blog, you will definitely get some more impressions ;-).

It is so nice to meet Pauliina. She told me a lot about different Finnish food. About different eating habits, about food she likes to cook and food she does not like. And some different drinking habits in Finland. What different beers and types of liqueur there is. And so did I. I tried to give her some ideas about dishes in Germany. All these little talks and hints just showed me that there is so much to discover and eat and drink and do in Finland – And I am happy to get to know this with her.

#7 Eating out at Plevna

[7] 12.4 Wed, 19:00-22:00 Eating out at Plevna


We met to have dinner to feel the Finnish restaurant. We got together a month after the last class so we talked about many things of our daily life. Guillaume’s family had come and he gave us madeleine(French desserts) which he had asked his parents for us. It was really delicious and I appreciated his kindness. And France and Korea would have an election to get a president each so we had a chat about it. Whereas Korea’s election is held only once for one president, France has a special form of election. In France, they have two-time of election. If they have a candidate getting more than half of votes, he or she would be a president. However if not, they have one more election between the two most supported candidates and one of them would be a president. It sounded like a survival. Anyway we had some foods that had potatoes, hams and eggs with some sauce. Surely with some beers except me who don’t like drinking that much. Each dish was much and heavy so we couldn’t make them finished and kept having a conversation for more hours.

Seventh Meeting – Reviews and Beer

Reviews and Beer
time & place :
12th April, 19:00-22:00, plevna ravintola

It was a shame that we couldn’t meet about a month. We also traveld so many time, and I and Daye were so busy with our courses. Actually, it was time for me to prepare presentations, however I couldn’t do that because of demola project and exams. Thus, we decided to meet for dinner on a whim.

Reviews and Cheers!
Although we met for beers and dinner, we had to do something for each one teach one learning diary! Thus, we reviewed about our learns. Like I again recalled the funny dialogue, and a small city that Guillaume’s mother wants to live after retirement. Also, Guillaume and I talked a lot this time, we talked about politics of each country as we had to vote in Helsinki! France was about to vote, and Korean ex-president got impeachment and went to the jail 🙂 We had a huge victory!!  We talked about French election, and after the conversation he sent us a summary video of their candidates. I hope they could vote for the right person, not.. that woman!! I also said about our candidates but it was difficult as the words are quite jargons. Then he gave us something. His parents came here last week with madeleine and he gave it to us as a gift that I wanted! It was super delicious and we enjoyed it in the restaurant.We arranged our cooking meeting on this Sunday in my house, so it would be fun! I can’t wait.

Meeting #6: O´Zapft is! HANA ON AUKI! Grifo está abierto!

After some very excellent Mexican food the week before, it was now our turn to introduce Oscar to the magnificent german (mostly bavarian) world of meals!

We tried to explain him how important fairs like the Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wasen, are for our social and cultural life, but also how much they influence our image in the world. So as we have pre-estimated stereotypes of Mexicans, they also have them for us. The most typical might be the one of Lederhosen wearing and Sauerkraut eating, too thick guys that have mostly no sense of humor. But I think we already busted that myth during the several meetings before… at least we hoped so 😀

DSC_0086 DSC_0087
So to experience our very own little Oktoberfest we were going to Plevna restaurant next to Fynlaison, ate some typical German meals and of course enjoyed some very good beer. This time we talked a lot about German culture and tradition, which was really nice since we all had something different from our own areas that we could talk about. I think it was also very interesting for Oscar to see how variable German culture is and I guess it also helped him to decide which places he really should visit during his (almost) planned trip to Germany.

# 10. Is it the End or just the Beginning?!

Dear EOTO family,

Sadly and happily speaking, this is my last blog post because we taught the last lesson to each other. Personally for me, the End of something big is usually the Beginning of something enormous.

We had a really great time with Sebastjan! I can open you small secret we’ve been keeping outside this blog for about a year. We’re soul mates. Meaning that these lectures are just one possibility among many others to learn from each other. Moreover, we’re planning to continue our Finnish-Russian cooperation as long as we need it. Frankly speaking, we’ve been critically busy for a while that’s the reason why we officially complete EOTO requirements and unofficially continue to share knowledge with each other! The End is just the Beginning. It was a good start on the way to a bigger journey! We both laid the foundation of language ground.


Our last lecture happened to be outside of TAMK or Demola. We decided to mix business with pleasure. We scheduled the meeting and I needed to buy shoes. Being creative, we found a solution – shoe store! We’ve visited several boutique in Koskikeskus. Meanwhile we both practiced numbers reading the price tags. I tried to say quite a few Finnish expressions regarding size, color, price etc. It’s been fun! This nonbinding to learning lecture gave us much more than banal desk-to-chair type of lesson.
After shopping we kept the tradition which is named Plevna. We love Plevna. Couple of beers, nice talk, some cultural dialogues and languages practice was the best ending of EOTO you could ever imagine.

I also prepared some small surprise for my student. With a help and creativity of Babbel language web platform, I created a list of specific vocabulary for Sebastjan which is fun to learn and easy to remember. I hope this small gift will motivate him to continue learning without my supervision! (www.babbel.com)

EOTO is more than a known abbreviation for me. It’s:

Each One Teach One

Each One Inspire One

Each One Encourage One

Each One Elevate One

Thank you an opportunity to experience cultural and knowledge exchange! Positive vibes are in the air! P. S. My next blog is dedicated to a short gallery (some picture went missing due to problems with storage space). I hope you’ll be able to feel our great atmosphere! Good luck with the rest of your EOTO meetings!

Cheers. Yuliya!

#6. Outside-TAMK meeting.

Hello, learners! How’s it going? I hope you found an interesting way to amuse yourselves during the autumn break! I definitely did, moreover, it was more like an “intensive work my socks off” week rather than “beer, sofa and movies” type of entertainment.

This time me and Sebastjan met in Demola premises. The keystone in every learning process is a change. New surrounding refreshes, I can say. It was a relatively short meeting but I had fun, as usual with Sebastjan!

At the beginning of lecture 6, my teacher gave me materials concerning Negative Past Simple Tense or Imperfekti Kielteinen. When I saw only one-side A4 page of rules, something inside me exploded with joy! There’s only 4 types of ending-formats which depend on type of the verb. Surprisingly, negative past tense is generated from infinitive form of the verb which makes my life so much easier! At the same time we repeated Imperfekti positive and compared it with the negative form with a help of some examples. At the end Sebastjan gave me the last portion of perfect morning mood – homework! Different people have different ways to perceive and learn information. Advice for all students: don’t hesitate to express your interests to your teacher. It might help both! So I mentioned once to Sebastjan that the best way I analyze and remember is writing. Visual memory is the best for me. So he decided to heed the request and to prepared a massive homework for me! It made me day and two evenings after!


As for Russian part of our lecture, I brought 4 pages of new vocabulary in picture. However, Sebastjan lost his energy or he was saving it for other daily adventures. We covered only a half of that in a fast and effective way. It was simple phrasing for proper introduction and some vocabulary expressing family, places and greetings. Sebastjan did very good! It seems that Russian language is getting more and more natural for my brilliant student.


Good lecture is a set a gained skills which are willingly used outside the classroom by independent leaning. That’s exactly what we did. Plevna, good beer, and Finnish style made me speak. We spent a decent amount of time actually building conversation in Finnish. Or at least for me it seemed like I produce Finnish sentences from my mouth! It was a good day!

 Terveisin Yuliya.