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Sightseeing meeting Polish/Finnish

On Saturday 11th February our group met to sightseeing Tampere town. We visited Tampere Cathedral, which was made by stones, really impressive. There was a singing rehearsal inside and it was so nice to hear music like this. Compare to Poland, we don’t have churches made this way, ours are wooden or made of brick. We also visited The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas where is free entrance every day. Our Finnish teacher, Elisa told us everything that she knew about the history of Tampere, local war and workers, so we had our own guide there. Until these days is a really industrial city, as it was in the past. In the area called Pyynikki long time ago, there were houses for workers. We haven’t been there yet, but it’s in our future plans. We also have some industrial companies in our city in Poland, but not as much as here in one place! The industry here kept a focus on textiles and paper as well as in our country. For me, all of this factories are so impressive, especially in the city center where are huge clouds of smoke in the sky.

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Breaking ice

Hi everyone, we are already after the first meeting.

Me and Adam went to meet Elisa’s family in her house (koti). They live in Petsamo, the really nice neighborhood in Tampere covered by lovely wooden and colourful houses. Elisa’s hometown is Karvia, a countryside which is about 100 km far from Tampere. In front of her house, we found a brush shoes which make a lot of sense in a snowy country like Finland. Of course, we used it, and we entered into her house in clean shoes.

She welcomed us with the Finnish snacks! Karjalanpiirakka, the rye pie filled with porridge of rice and baked in an oven. We also tried ham (kinkku)  made from beef (nauta) and from wild pig (villisika)! It was so delicious smoked ham (palvikinkku). This experience was new for us and we enjoyed it so much.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Karjalanpiirakka

In the picture you can see Karjalanpiirakka, we ate it with the butter on the top.

We met her husband and two kids, who were watching Finnish cartoons. It was so funny because after we get to know how to count in Finnish language we could hear and recognize some numbers from the tv. We also tried to teach Elisa Polish numbers and she did it so well! Hope she will remember at least some of them at the next meeting!

  1. jeden/yksi
  2. dwa /kaksi
  3. trzy/kolme
  4. cztery/neljä
  5. pięć/viisi
  6. sześć/kuusi
  7. siedem/seitsemän
  8. osiem/kahdeksan
  9. dziewięć/yhdeksän
  10. dziesięć/kymmenen

We were sitting on Saturday’s evening, breaking the first ice,  enjoying a warm tea and talking about Poland and Finland which was a good experience! It has made me a lot to think about differences between our countries.

First meeting!

On Saturday 4.02 together with my girlfriend Joanna we had the first meeting with Elisa, our Finnish ‘Each one teach one’ partner in her house in Petsamo area. We did a walk from our apartment in Lapinkaari and we saw really lovely old style houses with many lights and people which were playing in ice hockey. At the beginning, she showed us around her apartment. Then she prepared some food to try something new. We tried Karjalanpiirakka rye pie filled with rice porridge and baked in the oven (you can find frozen, ready to bake-versions from food market also nowadays) and kinkku it was ham from (beef) and villisika (wild pig). We decided to not teach grammar things just words and phrases which we can use in our daily lives. We learned how to count 1-10 and teach her the same.

We want to see how Finnish people live and what they eat. We made a plan for our meetings which includes cooking together, watching Finnish and Polish movie, public sauna, cross country skiing, ice skating and shopping together.

It was really nice meeting and I look forward to the next one!