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5th Meeting – Walking Around the City Centre

Why should you always meet indoors when you can walk around and talk about what you see? That’s what Nadiia and I thought and so our fifth meeting was outside. We met at Keskustori and started walking from there.

What comes first to mind when you try to think of subject to talk about? The weather! At that time there was typical Finnish winter with rain and slush but I also taught some nicer weather words such as aurinkoinen and lämmin (in Finland those are quite rare phenomena, especially in autumn, winter and spring). I learned that “loska” (or some word that is pronounced like it) means something totally different in Polish. Of course when you don’t write these down instantly you forget them… But I assure you it was funny!

We walked past the Tammerkoski and I told Nadiia about students’ Vappu (Labor day) traditions. Then I taught here how to say different directions in Finnish:


(Isn’t this cute, I made it with paint)

After the walk we headed to the Living Room to get some snacks. There I repeated the words I had taught for her and we also talked about Russian language.

All in all, it was a nice day (except the weather).

International Pub Quizz

This week’s wednesday we decided to join our forces once again with Lisa and Krystian and meet at O’Connels for some Finnish-English pub quiz. It was a great chance for them to learn some extra (maybe challenging) Finnish since all of the questions and answers were presented in both of the languages. We also tried to speak together German again, but because of all the noise and due to the fact that in our group there were people not speaking German, this time it was not so much learning in this aspect.

After the quiz we moved the party to Mallashovi where I had a chat with Krystian in Polish about life and beyond… or at least that’s what I tried!! I noticed I still remember the words quite OK but I’m terribly lacking wide enough scale of words to actually talk about everything that is in my mind. Krystian also talks quite fast (like normal natives do!) so that creates an extra challenge! However, I hope next time we can also use more Polish like this. Oh yeah, one more nice thing was that he had a Polish friend joining us and I enjoyed listening to them speak, even though it was quite fast to actually understand everything!



Little cow Sonia

On today’s session (12th Nov) we went through some of Krystian’s Finnish homework. He had some questions about the correct answers so we discussed them a little.

Finnish homework

The main focus on this session was on Polish since last time we concentrated in Finnish and noticed this was more effective way to learn, given our different levels in these languages. I brought a children’s book that I once bought in Poland and had been trying to translate, but didn’t remember or know all the words/sayings in the book.

Krówka Sonia

I learnt some nice new words of animals, new verbs relating to ‘animal actions’ and it was also a good chance to rehearse my fading pronunciation. I think it was also a good chance for Krystian to learn about how to explain his language better to a foreigner. After this session I downloaded an app called ‘Memrise’ which also has a ‘Polish for foreigners (advanced level)’. It is really an addictive app and helps me to learn at least 5 min Polish each day. I didn’t feel like an ‘advanced level’ learner at the beginning but the app is quite good at teaching and really easy to follow and learn. Check it out! 

Some more basics of Finnish

This time (6th November) we concentrated mainly on Finnish with Krystian. I tried to explain the basics of verb conjugation and some question words. This is what we ended up with:

Learning Finnish

It seems to me that Krystian has already learnt the basics of Finnish and can have a small introduction about himself and change greetings. More than one month to go for his Erasmus so well done Krystian! Don’t forget everything when you return back to Poland! 🙂


Quality Finnish Forest time

On this session (14th October) we wandered together to the magnificent autumn colored Kauppi-forest. Theme was first to talk about the cultural/industrial meaning of forest in Finland and to get to know some Finnish basic words like;

  • forest = metsä = las
  • wood/tree = puu = drewno/drzewo
  • spruce = kuusi = świerk
  • pine = mänty = sosna
  • wet = märkä = mokry
  • autumn = syksy = jesień

I also terribly wanted to teach Krystian the meaning of ‘kuusi palaa’ but I’m afraid even I didn’t remember all the meanings!

Kuusi palaa. The 9 meanings of this in Finnish.

I also don’t know if it is true in Finnish since I’m a native, but I have heard comments about this (see the picture below found from Pinterest) This is also certainly how it feels like to me when I’m trying to learn a new hard Polish word!!


German-Finnish snacktime and how to rent a flat in Polish

The third German-Finnish meeting with Lisa on 7th October was at her place where we discussed the Aurora borealis and some general things that were in our minds, listened to German music and ate some sour cream dip (Sauerrahm) with veggies. I should learn from Lisa the way she always keeps writing everything down really effectively (like a prima student!) since I’m getting forgetful of what I learnt…. Some new words were:

  • Rührei = omelette
  • schlau = clever
  • Ich bevorzuge… = I prefer…
  • Wird getauft… = Will be baptized..

And a new word for both of us was: Igelwalze, which is a spike roller…. looks a bit like hedgehog though, which we were actually talking about. 😀


For our third meeting with Krystian and Finnish-Polish our topic was how to call someone to rent a flat in Polish. I could remember some of the words related to the theme, but this was a really good chance to actually go the situation through together and build proper sentences.

  • Dzwonię w sprawie pani/pana ogłoszenia. = I’m calling regarding Your advertisement.
  • Dzwonię ponieważ chciałbym wynająć mieszkanie. = I’m calling because I would like to rent the appartment. How much does it cost?
  • Czy można obejrzeć mieszkanie/pokój? = Could I see the appartment/room?
  • Ile kosztuje wynającie za dzień ?/za miesiąc? = How much is the rent per day/per month?
  • Czy jest ogrzewanie zawarte? = Is heating included?
  • Na którym pietrze? =  
  • Opłaty = expenses


Bardzo podoba mi się polski! 

Improtheater und gitterkartoffel

On 24th September we had our second German-Finnish meeting  with Lisa and to make it even more multicultural, we went to the Irish pub OConnell’s and enjoyed the improv show. Before the show we had some time to talk and go through words that I didn’t quite remember in German, for example:

  • sprichwort = proverb
  • der Entwurf = draft/first try
  • Kaffee schütten = pour coffee
  • Blumen gießen = water flowers
  • vergeben = to be taken (relationship)
  • Ich vergebe dir! = I forgive you!
OConnells getting ready for October
OConnells getting ready for October

In our second meeting with Krystian I taught him some basics of Finnish which was also good chance for me to bring back some forgotten Polish. In our short session in Solu with some hot beverages we talked about how to order a beer and also how to count in Finnish. Hopefully some of this will stuck and Krystian can use this knowledge also in real life… For the next time we discussed to have the lesson mainly in Polish to be better concentrated in one language at a time. (also because our levels are still different)

Some basic pub language…