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CAMPUS ravita

Our third meeting took place on Friday previous week in the main campus. Me and Ethan took a lunch together and besides we had agreed to have E1T1 lesson even thought Ethan hadn´t had prepared so much because of being sick beforehand. But actually I did not mind so much, because after all, we spent nice time even without it.
We started with little chat about our holiday experiences- both of us spent almost the same period of time in Norway, but separately though. Ethan travelled to Oslo while I was visiting my old friends near Trondheim when I had such a nice time again after year.
Step by step we enter conversation related to this course. Ethan was ready to tell me more about main tourist attraction in China. As I was told it is Forbidden city situated in the capital Beijing. Ethan told me about it everything I guess :D, its history as a royal place, home of emperors.. how large is it, why is it called like that etc. In history emperor didn´t have only one wife but more “concubines” because of better chance to get a descendant. But there were also superior- inferior relations among them and it is just complicated. I find it very sick and terrible. I was besides also curios about Mao´c´ Tung- hero or bad guy.. well it is on every one´s own mind.. he did good things but sure had some flaws too.
After this I totally escaped this topic by asking Ethan about pollution troubles in China- especially huge cities.. For me it is really terrible to hear such things like no visible sun or blue clear sky during a day, wearing handkerchiefs, when I live so far away from there. It is totally big environmental issue and something must be done while it is not late! not only with China..worldwide!
At the end Ethan was translating me things I had on a plate into chinese…It was nice to learn that chinese doesn´t have plural form, so words doesn´t change, no matter if it is one piece or 29 pieces :).

Potatoes: Tu Dou /// 土豆
Carrots: Hu Luo Bo ///胡萝卜
Beans: Dou ///豆
Fish: Yu ///鱼
Water: Shui ///水
Juice: Guo Zhi ///果汁

Looking forward to next session 😉
PS. Next time we definitely need some photos!