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7/ Fazer Coffee

For our 7 meeting, we decide to go to the Fazer Coffee. I never went to this coffee shop before and I wanted to try. It’s a part of our meeting : discover a new place in Finland to talk about cultures.

So it’s with a coffee – or tea – that we start our topic : prejudices.

This subject was in our preliminary plan and I think that is a subject that we couldn’t avoid.

We make a board with three column – one for each country – and one by one we filled the board.


I think this meeting is one of my favorite because prejudices are something important that everyone has in mind and with this conversation we can discover the prejudices but after explain the realty or the reason why. During this meeting, I think they learned more about French people that the other because the other prejudicies are not that bad.


I am happy but surprised that my english allows me to talk about thar without difficulties to explain and to understand.