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Moomins in Proakatemia

Yesterday our meeting started off with lunch in Siperia. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, since Michelle was travelling in Lapland the past week, so we had some catching up to do. The main plan for the meeting was to read a German Moomin book in Proakatemia so that’s where we headed next.

Proakatemia is situated in the old Finlayson factory area and it’s more of an office than uni. We have the complete 5th floor with a view over Tammerkoski and Tampere. It’s such an inspiring place to work and the scenery is one of my absolute favourites in Tampere. After giving Michelle a tour of the office and introducing her to some of my team members we settled ourselves in a nice quiet corner.16833501_10211935948536792_1915209152_oIn this cozy atmosphere I started reading out loud a book called “Geschichten aus dem Mumintal”. After I had finished reading a sentence, I translated it with the help of Michelle. Some sentences were pretty difficult since the language used in the book is a bit old-fashioned and some words are not used anymore. But understanding the context was more important than knowing each word anyway. I scribbled notes and words to my book, here’s a list of them:

etw schaffen = to finish sth
beinahe = almost
geschehen = to happen
wagen = to dare
an/fassen = to touch (intentionally)
berühren= to touch (accidentally)
sehnen sich nach etw = to reminisce
so gut wie (fertig) = almost ready

Our next meeting will take place after winter holiday when Michelle has come back from celebrating the carnival in Germany. Perhaps we will continue with reading the Moomin book as I want to know how the story continues. Bis bald!