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#7 German-Finnish: Pub Quiz

Last Wednesday we went to the Bilingual Pub Quiz in O’Connels Bar. It is in english and finnish, so very recommendable for language learning interested people and foreigners 🙂 Some other friends joined me and my eoto-partner Paula and her partner Krystian (polish) as well. It was a good group and we had a funny time together although the questions were quite difficult to answer.

Pub Quiz in O'Connels Bar
Pub Quiz in O’Connels Bar

There were two rounds Ă  ten questions with topics like music, news, celebrities or general knowledge. We were a bit fighting at the question where we had to find out which island is searched by only knowing the shape of it – first we thought of Sumatra, then we wrote down “Borneo” and in the end it was Java!

Because of the questions I repeated the numbers in Finnish again which is always useful:

yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan, yhdeksän, kymmenen…

Istun ystäväni vieressä – I sit next to my friend.

onni – luck / Onnea! – Good luck! (btw: onnibus is lucky bus ;))

And I repeated the time what I already learned in my finnish course in university:

Kello on tasan seitsemän – The time is seven o’clock./ Es ist sieben Uhr.

Se on puoli kahdeksan. – It is half past seven/ Es ist halb acht.

And I had finnish glögi again which is really my favorite winter drink here!