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The Pyynikki observation tower (FIN – RUS)

Hyvää päivää 🙂
Our meeting has done in the traditional place it was the Pyynikki observation tower is a 26-meter observation tower in Tampere. There was the double adventure for the first , it was the Cafe which has its own historic donut recipe which has remained unchanged for 80 years.

And then we went up to the Top. The open top offers a clear view of the city of Tampere as Lake Näsijärvi on the north and Lake Pyhäjärvi in the south. We had luck with the weather the sky was so clear! There was an amazing view of the whole city.
Then we walked around the close area and told about cultural but it was about modern topics from our daily life.



Observatory and doughnuts

On Thursday we had our 8th meeting (time is going fast!). We agreed to meet at Pyynikintori, and we did, but the traffic was crazy that day, so we were all late. From there we walked a short trip to Pyynikki observatory, which we all had visited before. The view was beautiful at that time of the evening, because it was getting dark.


After visiting the tower we went to the cafe and (of course) ate doughnuts and studied.

This time Gayeon introduced me to Korean music and culture around that. It was really nice, because I mainly only know about K-pop, so it was good to hear different music styles and recommendations. I listen to K-pop, so I think Junhyeok and Gayeon were a bit surprised that I knew things about that. The material that Gayeon had prepared was done well.

After that we learned colors and weekdays in both languages, and it was funny that both me and Junhyeok had prepared the same words, but it was nice that we could look on both papers at the same time and search the words. Junhyeok had also prepared his teaching material well. This time I also taught how you use negative form in sentences, or, how to form it.

It is good that we also have sentences to teach to one another, so we can figure a bit how the language works. I always forget to have a rising intonations when saying Korean questions. Additionally I like that in both Korean and Finnish you can shorten sentences so much (when compared to for example how sentences work in English).

Altogether, we had a really good meeting, I really enjoyed it. It is fun to teach and learn languages with them. See you next time!

Have a sightseeing!

Last time we went to the Pyynikki Observation Tower(1.10.2018) and it was surrounded with forest.I didn’t know this beautiful palace if Jenny didn’t told me.And it was a tower which has a long time history,we can choose to climb the stairs or use the lift to the peak.At first time ,we chose the former way,but we chose the latter way when we got to the tower again.Of course,you can see the whole sightseeing of Tampere which was the same as the tower in Tampere amusement park.

We also went around the tower in the forest and some places had many rocks .And we can see the see the scenery in the distance when stood on that rocks.By the way,we took the photo at one of the places of rocks.We also found some mushrooms whether we didn’t they was poisonous or not. We picked them by bags not by hand.Jenny said that this season was suitable to pick mushrooms in the forest but we can’t distinguish them between good and bad.

At the end of our meeting,Jenny taught us some words in Finnish  which were often used in autumn ,such as fallen leaves,tree,trunk and so on.We decided to meet at Sokos next time to learn something new.

Up in the tower

Our 4th meeting took place in Pyynikki Observation Tower on offical Tampere day. It was also China’s National day which was very nice coincindence.

With Li and Cui we walked in Pyynikki’s surroundings, talked about nature and our past week. They were really impressed about Finlands nature and sights we had over Pyhäjärvi. Then we went to Tower and then to have tea/cocoa to towers cafe. We talked about China’s National day which seems very grand.

Later on Sisi and Huang joined us and we went to tower for a second time. Li was very brave to come all the way up for a second time even thought he doesn’t like high places <3.

I taught them some very basic nature words like kivi, puu, maa and käpy. We agreed to meet next Saturday and go shopping in the grocery store so I can teach them names of vegetables, fruits and so on ^.^

Kauppahalli & Pyynikki

We started our third meeting by tour in Kauppahalli with our friends. It was part of Jisoo’s “Finnish cuisine” course. We walked around store hall and got to taste some cheeses and cold smoked horse meat! Then we had good and cheap lunch in there. There was three Finnish, and two Korean students in our group so we talked a lot of our countries differences etc.. It was really nice and fun afternoon!


After tour we headed to Pyynikki observation tower by bus. We had some donuts and coffee in the cafe. Then we viewed landscape upstairs of the tower!


First meeting at Pyynikki Observation Tower

Today we had our first meeting. We met at Stockmann and took the bus to the Pyynikki Observation Tower. First we went upstairs to take some pictures and enjoy the view. After that we had coffee, tea and munkkis. During eating we fixed the dates for our next meetings and I started to write down some important words and phrases in German for introducing. Eunhye and Mi Hyeon tried to pronounce them and they did a really good job.

After that we changed and they decided that it’s the best to start teaching me the Korean alphabet. It was really hard for me to keep it in my mind but I’ll try to learn it until our next meeting so that we can continue with the first words. Next time we’ll go shopping groceries for the Austrian cooking session.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

City Sightseeing

We visit Pyynikki Observation Tower on 15th October. The weather was cold and cloudy. We managed to reach there despite of  the cold weather. We decided to have a rest from studies and visit there. We were walking together and chatting about the day, music and culture on our way to Pyynikki Observaton Tower.  Looking from the top of the tower the view was amazing. You can almost see the whole Tampere city from the top of that.







We talked about grammer rules and its difficulties. In Finnish language we have a lot of  rank terminals ” sijapääte”. The  rank terminals are very hard for foreigner student who want to study it. I think we should borrow  some teaching materials from a library. The materials would  help to clarify the rank terminals better.