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On Friday the 9th of September we held our first meet at the iconic tower in Pyynikki.

Our group comprises of 4 people, 3 from the social Services degree group and I from the International Business degree program.

The group is quite diverse in the number of cultures and languages willing to be taught and learnt i.e Spanish, English, Swahili and Finnish.

In our first meeting, we met at the iconic tower in Pyynikki. I got to learn about the tower’s history as an observation point in the war of 1939 as it stands at a vantage point overlooking the whole city.

In the meeting, we got to sample (according to the local’s), the best doughnut (Munkki) in the whole city paired with a cup of coffee.

In our sit-down discussion, we got to know each other better, discussing our student lives and also our lives out of school. A discussion about the difference in education systems between our cultures also came up and as a point to note the Kenyan system came to light as a stricter and more British inclined compared to the Finnish one that stood out as pretty more relaxed.

We came to a consensus about subsequent meetings, places and times as ways to advance our language skill levels and showcase our cultures more.


Our final meeting


Our tenth (and unfortunately the last) meeting was only two days before Kurumi left from Tampere. We decided to go to Pyynikki’s sightseeing tower. We spent nice time in cafe and we enjoyed drinks and Pyynikki’s famous doughnuts.

That meeting was different from our previous meetings because at this time we hadn’t planned anything special for our meeting. But as our conversation flew I learnt that I can alwayl learn different things from the other countries and cultures and teach something about my country and culture. We talked for example Kurumi’s experiences during her exchange student year in Finland. She told which has been her favorite places and experiences in Finland. That helped me because now I know which places I should recommend for other exchange students in the future.

We also talked how did our course has went as a big picture. We really didn’t made to make all things I planned before course but I think I have learnt a lot of things of Japanese language and culture. Now I can speak a little Japanese and I can cook some Japanese foods all by myself. I know also many things of Japanese music culture, festivals and movies. I also taught many things of Finnish language and culture. As I taught I hope my poor English improved even a little (but I’m still fighting with it).

As we all were quite busy, we didn’t make to finish our course during one semester. It took a whole academic year. But I am very happy that I took part in this course. This has been one of my favorite courses in a university of applied sciences because studying experience has been totally different from the other courses.


We spent an autumn afternoon in Pyynikki tower and café. We had both visited there already before but not together. It was a bit cloudy and windy weather but the view was really nice anyway. And there was a tourist group at the same time which made it a bit crowded.  I think this place is really nice to visit because the doughnuts are great!



It was time to brush up my German vocabulary:

Observation tower = Aussichtisturm
Doughnut = Donut
Glögi = Glühwein

I’ve learned that they also have Glögi in Germany, which was a bit surprising to me because I thought people don’t really have it anywhere else than in Finland and Sweden. Last year I was in Australia on Christmas and nobody had ever heard of Glögi and I missed my Christmas drinks! Good to know I wouldn’t have the same problem in Germany;)


second meeting: Pyynikki – Tallipiha – shopping centre – sausage kiosk

Second meeting with of our EOTO group started at Pyynikki´s Tower.
Pyynikki observation tower

When I arrived, Iris and Yuki were already there, so I joined them and we were going through some vocabulary about accomodation and hotels. Yuki also created a chart for me so I can learn hiragana and katakana in home ^^ arigatou gozaimasu :3 When it was less misty outside, we went up to the top of the tower, enjoying view (for free, as it was during Tampere aniversary day B-) ) after that we went to Tallipiha, practising time expressions and discussing “typical finnish/slovak appearance” a bit. It seems that everyone knows I,m not from Finland from a first sight q.q. But the same goes for Yuki. HA!

In Tallipiha there were shops, ponnies and few more shops, so we were practising numbers and questions useful for shopping in finnish and little bit in slovak. “Paljonko maksaa yksi hervonen?” O.< But when it comes to chocolate, no one cares how much it is.

Suklaakaupassa Iris ja Yuki

Awesome Iris taught awesome me how to ask about amount of portions there, and then awesome Yuki get us some food. The amount was not so awesome, but it was tasty anyway. We stayed in Tallipiha for some more time, increasing dictionary and discussing friendly topics simultaneously.

Then we moved through small shops to shopping centre for some more practise of pricing, until 2pm, when me and Iris decided to go for “mustakmakkara”. Yuki still wanted to buy something in city centre, so we split. I ordered “mustamakkara kahdella eurolla” and was full of myself until the lady in kiosk asked me something in finnish. ._. well, it is nice to know how to ask for something, but I have still long way to go to actually be completely indepent customer 😀 After those tasty sausages were eaten (yall finnish guys really eat black sausage with jam only? o.o ) I had still some more vocabulary questions that Iris answered and corrected my pronunciation. But it was about time to say bye. So after more that 5 hour lasting meeting I headed home, enriched with lots of new words, bunch of phrase and one “jelito” (=mustamakkara=black sausage).
And also memories of pleasant time full of fun and learning at the same time.

Tampereen Päivä

We had planned to arrive Pyyniki’s tower 9 am, so I was forced to leave my nice and warm bed too early. I and Yuki escaped mist inside and enjoyed famous doughnuts at tower’s cafe while waiting Marius, who had some issues with buses. We started to go through grammar and vocabulary we were interested in. For me that was hotel and cafe vocabulary (most of them are written with katakana because being loanwords from english).

Secret recipe since 1980's
Secret recipe since 1980’s

Marius found his way to the tower and we lifted ourselves to the less misty top.

Happy folks so high :D
Happy folks so high 😀

While heading to Tallipiha we practised both left/right and expressing time in Japanese and Finnish. Tallipiha was nice on busy with pony-ride and open shops. We had such wonderful Finnish practising situations while buying chocolate and a portion of smoked salmon. I taught “Kuinka iso annos on?” (How big is the portion?), “Yksi annos savustettua lohta, kiitos” (One portion of smoked salmon, thank you) and “Voinko maksaa kortilla” (Can I pay with card?).

We all three share it. :D fishbone = kalanruoto = sakana no hone)
We all three shared it. 😀 fishbone = kalanruoto = sakana no hone)

Yuki decided to stay in city centre for shopping so I and Marius went together to get something to eat. We ended up eating black sausage (mustamakkara) and learning verbs in Finnish.

I think today’s meeting was a succes. We learned what we planned and even more. Nice places were visited, delicious food was eaten and we enjoyed ourselves. 🙂