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Raclette and Aurora – 1st meeting

On a chilly night October 8th our first EOTO meeting took place in Rauhaniemi, Tampere. Two of our group Fabian, from Switzerland, and Chen, from South-Korea, share an apartment so we decided to meet at their place.

The atmosphere was relaxed and free flowing conversation was at full throttle although our group had met only once at the kick-off at a TAMK auditorium. Fabian had saved original Swiss cheese for that night to make raclette, a Swiss dish. Originally raclette is served by melting the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part. Fabian’s version was made of boiled potatoes with a tons of cheese on top, heated up in the oven. The dish was served with sides such as pickles, asparagus and olives. After dinner it was time to check the Aurora light forecast online and what the magnitude was at the moment. Despite of the nearly freezing weather we headed to the shore of Pyhäjärvi among other Aurora observers to get a glimpse of the beautiful northern lights. Aurora was barely visible that night but the beautiful view at the shore with lights shining across the lake and starry sky made the trip worth making.

Our first meeting was a night of culinary experiences and culture exchange. I learned a lot about Swiss and South-Korean cuisine and we taught each other names of different dishes and foods in our own language. In addition our diverse conversation gave each other insight about culture and especially technology in our home countries.