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9 in 1 – New record in visiting museums

On sunday I met with Laura to enjoy the benefits of Tampere birthday events. Many museums were for free or discounted, so we decided to do a museum-tour and get to know some finnish culture.

When it comes to finnish culture, the mommins shouldn´t be missed out, of course! So we started in the mommin museum. Actually, I have never heard of the mommins before I came to Finland, but at first sight I fell in love with this little neat figures. Laura explained a few characters of the mommins and the person constellation in the mommin world. In the meantime she explained it to me i also learned some words in finnish, like “meri” (sea) and the different seasons.

After that, we went to vapriikki, where we only had to pay 2 euros to visit all of the museums there, which were about 8 of them! Exactly: Aphrodite museum, Ice-hockey museum, Tampere Civil War museum, Tampere history museum, Innovations museum, Tom of Finland museum, another museum from a famous drawer whose name I don´t remember, and the posti museum.

As Laura is a big ice-hockey fan, she could tell me a lot about famous hockey-stars in Finland and some historical events. She also told me about the never-ending fight between the two hockey teams in Tampere, Tappara and Ilves and that I have to decide on which side I am.


I also get to know Tom of Finland in a museum, who is a famous drawer in the queer scene. I didn´t know him before, but Laura told me that he is very famous all over the world. There are even some stamps from him, which are very controverse and lead to a debate in Finland. They were also wondering, what will happen, when they send letters to Russia with a gay actor showing his back on the stamp. But apparently nothing serious happened.

All in all, I didn´t learn many new words in finnish on this day, but I learned a lot about the history of Finland. Especially in the museum about the civil war and the history of Tampere.

At the end of the day, I realized that we have spent almost 5 hours in museums and visited 9 different museums in one day! That is an absolute all-time record for me!