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Munkkeja, kahveeta ja myrskyn silmässä oleskelua

On Saturday 22.9.2018 we were planning to go Pyynikin näkötorni but in fear of storm (which never came) Ilona, Yulia and I went to eat fresh dougnuts in cafe near Keskustori. I was late for few minutes but quickly foud place. They had already ordered dougnuts with cappuccinos and i desided do order same.

Eating and talking in english Ilona was curious about what some words were in russian and vice versa. It refreshed my own memory as well. Yulia quickly translated any word thrown at her. Dougnut: пончик. I almost had no change to think about it. Didn’t actually know half of the words she translated. Might be good idea to bring notebook with me next time and write those down 🙂

After cup of coffee, dougnut, sugar cover on lips and pictures we decided to go shopping in Sokos market in hope of learning more of everyday items like косметика, мыло и грибы (kosmetiikka, saippua ja sienet). Thought I might as well bought some stuff and learn new phraces.

We saw moomin-figures and talked about how they differ from each other and which ones we like best. I almost thought about buying few but then i remembered i don’t own cat or dog.

While having conversation Yulia got message she had to go a party in Union with her classmates. We wanted to go sit in pub so we go to see if bar Roska was open. It was not but i knew good place to go sit for a while so we entered Oluthuone: block away from Roska. We chat little bit about school, work, and travelling. Hockey and gang fighting. Russian and finnish culture. I show few pictures from my last journey to Moscow and City of Saransk and gave some opinions how to safely travel in Russia. Ilona had to leave with her friend to get ride home and I desided to take a bus also.

Overall very teachful experience. I learned many new words and we taught Yulia what word няяс (nääs) means and when and how to use it accordingly it. It worked out beautifully. Now she is at least half tamperelainen (тампереиский резидент). Спасибо!