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A catch-up

After a 2 week break Alex and I met again for coffee.  I have been away for my brothers wedding and had taken the opportunity that my trip home afforded me to introduce my friends here to some Scottish sweets.

I gave Alex some tablet to try which is made from sugar, condensed milk and butter it is then later infused with vanilla of whisky -in this case vanilla. As has been the common feedback with those that have tried it, it tastes a little like caramel.  Below is an example of what it looks like, this is not the actual one I brought back as that has all gone!


The conversation then moved to Alexs’ thesis work and the differences between Austrian and Scottish university education. The grading systems are different in Austria than to Scotland which are in turn different to Finland, needless to say upon my arrival here I was very confused as to the grading of my work.

Our next meeting will be meeting number 10 the minimum requirement for meetings. Hopefully we will have time to meet more often however between exams and thesis work I foresee this being difficult.

The Beginning of a Linguistic Adventure

The language and culture I am learning about is German. Alex Lang will be taking on this rather daunting task and in return I will help him consolidate his knowledge of the English language and share a little of my own culture with him.

During our first meeting we outlined our preliminary plan but our conversation took a turn down many different avenues as we discussed what we would each like to learn from the other. For myself it was to gain a basic understanding of the German language and be able to construct sentences and questions to be able to communicate conversationally.  We spoke of Scotland and its many myths and legends including that of the Loch Ness monster “Nessie”. I hope to learn about some German/ Austrian folk tales and maybe practice reading some German.

Many turns of phrase in English are due to the beliefs of our ancestors for example; when someone sneezes we say “bless you” this is because many years ago it was believed that when you sneezed it was part of your soul escaping and by saying bless you the soul was encouraged back into the body. From this discussion I learned that in German you say gesundheit.

For our next meeting we plan to go to an Italian restaurant and learn different foods. I am looking forward to learning more German.



Me and Jaimile met at the weekend, we have both been very busy especially with Jaimile travelling, to make up for it we spent a lot of time together the other day!

We first met to go have a look at the market joining onto sokos! Then we went to meet Jaimiles friends from university, it was so nice to meet them and we all went for lunch at the pizza buffet where we got a chance to go over some of the foods available and more that we could think of. We spoke a lot about cultures which I’m very interested in! Jaimile told me about all the folklores Brazil had and I told the ones about Scotland! We also had a look at Jaimiles blog and had a read through that.

Then we went for frozen yoghurt which was very good! It was really nice talking to her friends and getting to hear about their life’s and what not.

Then we went to prisma so Jaimile could get a hat, we went through the days of the week and months on the way and at prisma had a good look around talking about things and objects! Really enjoyed this meeting 🙂

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