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First meeting, second hand and cafe

Our first meeting started with second hand shop tour in Kyttälän Kirppis. We didn’t find anything that we could buy, but it was nice to look around. After that we went to Café Runo, to have some coffee and tea. I learned a lot of Korean alphabets, how to write it and also about pronunciation, now I just need to try to keep it in my mind! I also learned some words and sentences. For an example:

An nyeong ha se yo = Hello (polite way)
An nyeong = Hello (to your friend)
An nyeong he gae se yo = Bye (if somebody leaves and you stay)
An nyeong hi ga se yo = Bye (if you leave and somebody stays)
Jal jinetso? = How are you?
Jal jinetso. = I’m good.
Ani = No
Ne = Yes
에미나 = Emmiina
김 지 수 = Kim Ji Soo

My task was to try write Jisoo’s name in Korean alphabets, and I found all the right letters, but adjusted them in wrong order. This picture explains how to adjust letters in right way. Not that simple, right? 😀
2016-02-06 12.42.08 1

I taught some words, sentences and pronunciation of our alphabets to Jisoo. We had lot of fun and three hours went really fast, we stayed at the café till it was closed! On our way home we decided that on the next meeting, we are going to cook some Korean food, kimbap and kimchi! Can’t wait for that!

7th Meeting : Second hand shop & Asian market


Tuija and I planned to go second hand shop!  I think Finland second hand shops are more familiarer to people than Korea’s. Actually I don’t used to second hand shop like selling and buying used ones, so it is really funny and exciting to me. In second hand shop, we can find and buy everything what we want with cheap price although it is hard to find what we want exactly.


We went 3 second hand shops near to Tammela. First one name is ‘Bonus second hand shop’.  You can borrow table for 6 days by paying about 40 euro and sell your stuff that you want to sell. Second one is ‘Fida’. I felt Fida is more arranged than Bonus shop and also cleaner and more expensive. Last shop is ‘Kaunotar ja Kulkuri’. They normally sell woman clothes.  Visiting second hand shops was really good experience for me, even if I didn’t buy any stuff.

After then, we went Asian market and tokmanni in Tullintori. Even if I am asian, it was the first time to visit there. It was Newww world for me! They sell many Korean food and ingredients. Tuija wanted to know how to make Korean seaweed soup. I showed seaweed in Asian market. You guys also can buy it!

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How to make seaweed soup.

  1. Soak seaweed in water until it becomes bigger.
  2. Fry seaweed, beef, crushed garlic with sesami oil
  3. Pour water into a pot
  4.  Put soi sauce little into a pot
  5. Boil soup enough
  6. Let’s eat!

And We went to Klubi! It sounds like club.(It’s true) but they sell kahvi and tea during day time. Kahvi is only 1 euro and their mood was quiet nice! It would be really nice if you visit there. Band played music there normally. So if you want to enjoy music (little noisy) and drink coffee with cheap price, don’t hesitate to go there!

10814155_10152863531378442_1312143857_n 10816002_1512452682337957_1194008646_n

We did many things in one day meeting, but really fun and good! Thank you Tuija:D





Meeting 19.11.2014

We met in front of Bonus -second hand shop in Tammela. I wanted to show Hui how people sell their clothes etc. There are second hand shops in Korean too, but they are not quite like the same than in Finland. Here you have to rent a table, normally for 6 days at once. Then you can bring almost anything what you want, as long as they can fit in the table and are not forbidden (like pirate products). You give a price for your products and attach the price tag. But often the tags get lost. Like now, when we saw one nice jacket and there weas no price, we couldn’t buy that. The staff doesn’t know the prices of the products, because many different people are selling them and they name the prices.

After Bonus we went to” Fida” and “Kaunotar ja Kulkuri”. They all are second hand shops, but little different, e.g. Fida does charity. We didn’t find anything special to buy now, but if you need winter clothes for cheap price, I recommend you to visit those places!

Then we went to Tullintori. There is one Asian market. It was so great idea to go there! I asked permission for taking photos and the staff allowed us to do that. Hui showed me some of her favorite products and told me how I can cook Korean food. I liked the seaweed soup what Hui cooked us few weeks ago and now I know how to make it and what is the perfect product for that.

We also went to other shops, Seppälä and Tokmanni. There is Seppälä Outlet and it was a nice surprise for us, cause the prices are lower. At Tokmanni they have clearance sale and really cheap things. We searched a long time for the right candy, cause there wasn’t so much left anymore =) I noticed that actually many candy bags are full of salmiakki. And if you don’t like that, it’s difficult to find the right thing to buy. Huge problems 😉

Finally we went to drink some coffee to Klubi. Like Hui said, it doesn’t look like a coffee place from the outside. But when you go in, you’ll be amazed. The atmosphere and decoration is really nice. While drinking coffee Hui showed me her finnish homework’s and I explained her few things. I’m not the best person to teach finnish, maybe cause the things are obvious for me and I cannot explain why something is like that, cause it just is. For example, in english you say “This is coffee” and “I drink coffee”. But in finnish you say “ Tämä on kahvi” and “Minä juon kahvia. That is something which might be difficult to understand and even to explain.

There was one band doing their sound check for evenings gig. It was getting to be too loud and we had drunk our coffee, so it was time to leave home. During these couple of hours we visited many places and had really nice time together =)

@ Klubis ladies room