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Hola, donte esta la leche?

Our sixth meeting was in the supermarket. We made some common sentences what you need when you are looking for some products or if you want to know can you use cash.

Can I pay by cash = Puedo pagar con dinero?

Can I pay by card = Puedo pagar con tarjeta?

This is more cheaper = Esto es mas barato

better = mejor

healthier = saludable


After shopping we went to my house to study some products together. Here is some of them:










-Minttu <3


Session 3: Lets go shopping!

In our third each one teach one lesson last Friday we went shopping together in Tampere. The goal of this lesson was that Maria can ask for the price and is able to remember some clothing vocabulary. My goal was  to speak with her all the time in Spanish and try to repeat as much vocabulary as I can.

Our first stop was at the big shopping mall in Tampere Keskustori. In the mall, we went in different shops for example to H&M, the sport stores and some other fashion stores. After that we went to buy some food and discussed our next lessen what we are going to cook. Because our next topic is Austrian food.

For me this lesson was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. I could speak with Maria a lot in Spanish and I learned a lot of new skills. Every time when I made a mistake Maria corrected me and I tried to repeat the sentence again in the correct way at a different time. For me this was one of the most effective classes because I spoke the whole time in Spanish.

I think for Maria it was a bit harder. Maria learning style is different and she needs to write down the new vocabulary. Therefore, I think Maria didn’t gained so German languages skills from this meeting. Nevertheless, we repeated the numbers with the price tags and the introduction in German.



For the upcoming classes, we discussed that we are going to divide the two parts strict. Maria needs a table where she can write down the vocabulary and the grammar and for me we will make it more practical because than I can speak easier and learn more.

All the Best Christoph

The 3rd meeting: Fazer Cafe and Lukulaari book store

So, this time Ida and I decided to meet in the city centre, because she wanted to explore Lukulaari, as she’d heard about from a friend and wanted to take a look. I’d been to Lukulaari several times already, so I promised to take her there – even though a used books and disks store is a dangerous place for me and my purse 🙂

But first, we met at Fazer cafe and talked – wise choice, as it turned out, since there wasn’t much talking at the store, just searching through all those shelves 🙂 On the other hand, we did speak only Finnish that time, but decided to make the next meeting purely Swedish.

In our meetings, we don’t seriously study grammar or make word lists, but just talk and correct each other, because casual conversation practice is what we both need the most. However, we did have a chance to see how differently Finnish is taught in Russia and Finland (meaning, to Finnish Swedes). For, example, cases. In Russia – and, actually, in most language textbooks – there are terms such as yksikön partitiivi, monikon partitiivi etc. Ida was taught in her school that there are 1st, 2nd etc object forms. SO, we sometimes had a difficulty understanding each other’s explanations at first, before we realised what it was all about 🙂

And then, at Lukulaari, there was a lot of stuff to silently look through. I did not even dare approach the bookshelves – Ida went there. Instead, I looked through the dvds for some specific movies. The selection is huge, and they do not even have the time to place the arriving stuff in some kind of order, so one has to look through everything! It is exciting, but takes a lot of time. But, yes, Lukulaari is a place I would definitely recommend for someone who wants used books – they have books in Finnish, English, Swedish and other languages – and dvds and cds etc.

Prisma Supermarket – Italian and German girls’ diary pt.4

Today is Sunday and like all Italian people use to do, we went to the supermarket.

I really like do the Grocery shopping because is a good way to spend time with your family/friends. Today we learned a lot of food’s name and how to have a “shopping conversation”. At the beginning it was easy because more or less fruits’ names are similar (Banana is my favourite word because more or less is the same in all the world), but when we started to go through meat and other shelves, it was no longer so simple. In Italy there are a lot of kind of pasta and Anna was really interesting about it so we spend more than 15 minutes just to explain her all the pasta’s shapes that you can find in Italy (I really like to show people  typical italian food because is one of the most famous thing in Italy and also because i really like cook Italian food). I never imagined that a so easy and short word like PIG, could be so long and difficult if traslated in German: SCHWEINEFLEISCH. Anyway i really had fun today because it’s a very good and alternative option to learn food’s name having fun and in this way it’s also easier to remember because you can associate the name to the object. It was a very useful day also because we made our grocery shopping all togheter.

See you at the next meeting! Tschüss!

4th meeting with Ryoko / 07.11.2016

After over a month of no EOTO meeting, we finally could adjust our schedules to match on this Monday. 🙂 Ryoko and I met in the city center. We first had lunch at UTA and while eating discussed our next meeting which needed some preparation beforehand…!

Then we went to Tullintori where I showed Ryoko the East Asia Mart. That’s where I mostly buy my Japanese food items so I thought Ryoko might be interested as well. The store is not very big, but it’s packed with all kinds of food items from various Asian countries – mostly Japanese, Korean and Chinese though. They apparently also serve lunch, so I totally recommend checking it out if you like Asian food. 😀

Off topic but… Another great store in Tullintori is the small gift shop next to Arnold’s. Christmas season is coming up and I think you could find some nice gift ideas from there!

After strolling around the mall for a while, we sat down at Cafe Brander’s to study while enjoying a cup of coffee. I had brought my Japanese book in which I had marked words or kanji that I didn’t really know or understand and asked Ryoko to clarify those for me. Most kanjis have multiple readings which makes it kind of tough to remember them.

Here’s some words she taught me:

生きがい (ikigai) = purpose in life

だらしない (darashinai) = lazy

割合 (wariai) = comparatively

下取り (shitadori) = trade in

やかましい (yakamashii) = noisy

After that Ryoko showed me her Finnish homework and we went through the text and questions together. The text was about winning in the lottery and what you would do with the money.

Ryoko’s homework
Not a very great photo but.. Cafe Branders 😀



Kirppis – Flea market :)

Today we had our ninth meeting. Sora, Jaana, Christine and I went to Radiokirppis and Tarinakirppis. A little bit of finnish culture.

o_radiokirppis2 020

For those of you who doesn’t know what a kirppis is: it’s like a  mixture of secondhand shop and flea market. People rent a stand and put their staff which they want to sell there and then the kirppis sells them. After a rental period of normally one week the kirppis gives them their earned money. Usually there are cheap prices so it’s perfect for us poor students.

Inside a kirppis

After a shopping marathon of nearly 5 hours we found enough for us and our loved ones for christmas.  My output of today was very impressive. I bought shoes for 50 cents, sports trousers for 50 cents, a book for 1 euro, adidas sports shoes for 2 euro, a thermo mug for 80 cents, a curler for 50 cents and a shirt for 50 cents. For christmas, I found a beautiful picture for 2 euros, beautiful postcards with christmas wishes for 30 cents and a vacuum bottle for 3 euros. Then I found a pasta machine for actually 3 euros, but at the counter I got a discount of 50 %. What a nice surprice! 🙂

My outcome 🙂

It was really cool for us because we haven’t got something like this in Germany. We have only flea markets or second hand shops, but in second hand shops there are often things for older people. And on the fleamarkets you have to discuss with the salesperson to get a better price. The kirppis is much better! And it was really nice with our group! I’m looking forward for our two next and last meetings: We’ll go to the eishockey game between Tappara and Ilves and to Sauna!




The four “olla”-verbs

Hanna and I have met again today. She will get her degree soon, and with a very good grade 🙂 As for me, it’s still a very-very long time.

She came to visit me and my cats, and we drank coffee here. We were talking about summer and, since I didn’t manage to find a summer job, she had an idea for me: volunteer at the Red Cross or another non-profit organization to be a personal assistant to an elderly person. I may try it because the summer is very long, and it would be nice to do some work, even if it’s not paid. And it would also be nice to practice more Finnish 🙂

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Kaks kirpputoria

Hanna and I have met again today. We went to eat lunch at Ziberia first. We were a bit tired, so we didn’t talk as much as usually. Part of it was certainly the nasty, cold, wet weather….

Afterwards, we took a look at two new kirpputori shops, new only to me 🙂 Both are at the harbor, the first was called Kirpputori Tarina and the second, Radiokirppis. Kirpputori Tarina was very nice, there was even an area on the street level where it was possible to drink coffee and watch the street and the harbor. The cakes looked very good too, so I’ll have to return some time 🙂 The articles on sale were downstairs. I tried on a dress and a skirt but neither of them convinced me. I’m a difficult customer and won’t buy unless I really-really like the item. Somehow Hanna has a much better eye than I do, and she always finds something pretty and unique.

Radiokirppis was much bigger than Kirpputori Tarina and still, I wasn’t able to find anything for myself. I need a summer dress for my Andalucía trip since I left them in Budapest when I moved… but found nothing. Hanna, of course, did 🙂

Finally, to make the shopping tour complete, we made a quick visit to Sokos, and then we had to cycle home in the wet, cold, ugly weather… can’t wait for Andalucía!


Hanna and I met again last Thursday. What a beautiful day it was 🙂 This time we only practiced Finnish.

We met at school and went to eat to Medi-Heli, the student restaurant at Kuntokatu 4. I had never known it was called Medi-Heli until Hanna told me. Food is tastier there than at Kuntokatu 3, and the atmosphere is also friendlier. We talked about many topics; for example, literature. Hanna recommended me to read Sofi Oksanen. I showed her the book I am reading at the moment. It is a collection of Finnish novelettes translated into Hungarian. At Metso, they have several shelves of literature in Hungarian, which is very nice because I’m not able to read other than children’s books in Finnish yet. This is the cover page of my book.

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#5 – Talk to someone different! at Tallipiha

During our 5th meeting, I invited my friend Anna-Maria from Germany, who came to visit me in Finland, to our EOTO meeting. The goal of this was to let Maija and Kaisa talk to someone else than me. They could try to get to know a complete stranger by asking her questions in German and trying to understand her replies.

Maija’s idea was to show us around in the small district with shops and cafés called “Tallipiha”. I have been in Tampere for a while already but didn’t know that place. The café was really cute, I liked the interior style a lot.

I decided to try out Finnish lemonade and a kind of candy, omg, it was so strange but good. Both of them 😀

My lemonade tasted like forest haha
I had no idea what I was eating but I think it was a chocolate covered marshmallow with candy cane sprinkles (strange combo, right? XD)

Because we were all students it was easy for them to get along with my friend, we could talk a lot about the education system in Germany and about our hometown, Osnabrück.

Some words to remember about the education system that sound very similar to the English words:

Schule = school; pupil means: Schüler and has the same word-stem

Universität = university

Schulsystem = literally: school system; or rather: education system


Basically we practiced a lot of free talk on that day 🙂 After our meeting I had to leave to finish an assignment but my friend and Maija went for some shopping in Tampere and probably more talking together 😀 It’s great to see them getting along and I bet it was fun! 😉