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The last meeting: Site and Task Planning

This was our last meeting. The topic was the most professional we have had. We had one course together, Site and Task Planning. The course was held in Finnish and we had also few exchange students on the course with us. The teacher asked me to take care of few exchange students and translate the stuff in English. I accepted the challenge.


I felt it difficult because it was quite hard to understand the teaching even in Finnish. Teacher was speaking quite fast and of course I missed something every now and then.

After all, all the exercises and the final project became done.


Here are listed some words translated from Finnish to English to German:

ikkuna window Fenster
ovi door Tür
turvallisuus safety Sicherheit
sähkö electricity Elektrizität
puu wood Holz
maaperä soil Erde
korkea high Höhe
leveä width Breite
pitkä lenght Länge
tehtäväsuunnittelu task planning Planungsaufgabe
aluesuunnitelma site plan Lageplan
telinesuunnitelma scaffolding plan Gerüst Plan
turvallisuussuunnitelma safety plan Sicherheitsplan
määräluettelo bill of quantities Aufmaß