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Yesterday (Wednesday 12.9) was my groups 1st meeting in Moro Skybar. My two chinese friends had bought another chinese friend Ruonan with them and I bought my classmate Meri and my boyfriend Toni. I was worried it would be awkward but mood  was very relaxed and easy with some hot beverages and juice.

My chinese friends were very impressed by the beautiful view we had. We changed a few words before moving onto learning part.

I taught them numbers from 1-10, weekdays, months and seasons. They asked some other questions like how to pronounce their home addresses here in Tampere and how to say I love you <3 and so on. It was very funny and delightfull to teach them and we concluded finnish R is hard to pronounce! I have to agree chinese isn’t easy either!

They are very intrested in finnish nature, so we agreed to go boat trip to Näsijärvi next spring/summer with my boyfriends boat and do some spring celebration on Spring.

Some of the things  I learned:


0 Líng
2 Èr
3 Sān
6 Liù
9 Jiǔ
10 Shí


一 月 yī yuè January
二 月 èr yuè February
三 月 sān yuè March
四 月 sì yuè April
五 月 wǔ yuè May
六 月 liù yuè June
七 月 qī yuè July
八 月 bā yuè August
九 月 jiǔ yuè September
十 月 shí yuè October
十一 月 shíyī yuè November
十二 月 shíèr yuè December

-I love you: 我爱你 =Wo ai ni

-How to write my name: 珍妮

Our next meeting will be in Sauna next week! I am anxiously waiting to see how that goes and learn more~~

#9 what a view

Hello everyone!

There has come the time where I can express myself about this Each One Teach one experience.
I was pretty happy to have as student my friend Ugo because we get along very well together. This class was a good opportunity for me and for us to discuss about our origins, country culture, language and we tried to share as much things as possible

I learned a lot about Ugo’s life in France, we spent a lot of time googling the places we live, and spend our time. He saw my city, my house and I saw his. Being able to exchange our culture differencies has been very interesting and I do believe that everybody part of the each one teach one experience will bring home a little piece of another culture.

My language skills has improved a lot and now I can even understand the meaning of some expressions directly related to the young generation. Basically if I decide to travel back in France I will be able to be understood and discuss very everybody. Most part of the time we were talking in French so I can improve my knowledge but Ugo is now able to chat a little bit in German. I think that could be helpful someday for him if he meets some German or Austrian people somewhere around the globe.

I do believe that everyone really enjoyed their experiences in this class. For us it was another good opportunity to meet, chat and share about life in English of course, but also in French and German.

The last meeting we had was in Sokos Sky Bar in Tampere, a wonderful place where I really invite you to go at least once before you leave. It is quite expensive to have a drink there but the view is priceless because the bar is located on the 25th floor of the hotel.


Our last meeting will be a good opportunity to test what we have learned so far, nothing will be too much complicated though! It will most likely be a final recap of everything we learned so far. We will post it in a few days and give you guys the grades 😉
Stay tuned !